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Thursday, December 07, 2017

YOU CAN CALL ME AL... so call him..


Adam said...

He's doing it for the good of the party. Drayton will apoint a dem, and they'll be a new election with someone hopefully not as vunlerable as Franken.

Beach Bum said...

Al Franken was railroaded because a group of seriously naïve democrats thinks by pushing one of their own under the bus they can claim the moral high ground.

I just hope Senator Gillibrand and the others welcome Roy Moore when he arrives in DC.


I know adam..but it fucking sucks bites and blows.
I agree with you Beach Bum...and hope that was sarcasm you were voicing about Moore..ha

Beach Bum said...

Sarcasm? A little, but honestly I have little faith Doug Jones will win. If the situation was here in South Carolina as opposed to Alabama, I know Moore would win.

I have a low opinion of the average South Carolina voter. For Alabama voters, I think even less.


I'm sick to my stomach to think that any state would elect someone like Moore over anyone. I live in Texas and I would love to think that wouldn't happen..but they elected Abbott and Cruz so who knows.