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Sunday, December 24, 2017

my Dallas Cowboy Christmas Tree.

 Cowboys tree wrap..all the presents are in the car waiting for me to get dressed and drive to my sons.

my one of a kind tree topper.


Jan said...

I love it, must have taken a long time to collect all that.

Leanna said...

My husband is pissed. i think he said something about Dallas losing today.
Okay, the Diclofenac works for inflammation. It stops it in its tracks. But I still have to take my hydrocodone for pain from pinched nerves. I have degenerative disc syndrome which means the discs in my spine are dissolving. Which causes 95% of the pain in my back. The other 5% is from inflammation.
Make sure you have a strong heart for this and are in no way a potential stroke victim. You also have to have good kidneys and no stomach ulcers. This diclofenac will eat your stomach up bad. So take it with meals. also, make sure your doctor monitors your kidney and liver function every 3 months. It does work great during the bad weather.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

You're a true blue fan, YDG! I shared the photo of your tree topper with My Rare One and she loves it too!

Adam said...

I'm guessing the last one is because of the playoffs. But remember, no matter how bad anyone's teams does, just be glad you're not a C Browns fan

yellowdoggranny said...

yeah Jan, I was getting one about every year from friends for christmas..love my little tree.
Leeanna they damn near ruined my christmas...ha..Ok, I won't be able to take it then cause I have diabetes which will fuck with my kidneys and already have stomach trouble.and to top it off I'm allergic to all narcotics so can't take that..but been using Thera-gesic rub for my back and leg cramps and it helps pretty good..along with 2 aleve...thanks for the information.
I think I put that tree topper up 3 years ago..it embarrasses my grands..hahah
oh man Adam..are you a dog pound fan? bless your heart.

Adam said...

I actually pull for the Panthers, I just always feel pity of Cleveland. Awful uniforms and their best years are about as successful as bad years for good teams. The last time they won a game, Obama was a president.