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Sunday, December 17, 2017

this is what you helped do...

I was able to buy $10 gift certificate for everyone on both routes for meals on wheels, for the people that come in and eat their lunch at the center and all the volunteer drivers, most of them have been doing this for 20 years and are older than me..I delivered my certificates along with their lunches to the people on my route friday with Abby as my helper..she gave them the christmas card with the certificate and said Merry Christmas Miss Willie or Miss Lillian. Then she gave them a hug and told them she loved them..damn that kid is amazing..there were many thank you's and tears and  they were so grateful and appreciative..you cannot know the joy you brought to  them. I was also able to get Ernest H. and Adolph Z , (who were my table buddies at the center and have moved on to the West Rest Haven nursing home).2 very very nice plush blankets...they both say they are cold all the time..not any more..they loved the blankets and said thank you very much..I also was able to get Eddie his pint of Seagram's 7..he said 'hell yea'...and thanks..Also able to buy a huge bag of personal items for Frankie and Callie M. who are my friends of over 40 years and are on the route..also able to buy some smaller gifts so that we could have gift exchange at our Christmas party..also bought some aloe vera socks for Margaret, Betty,and Kathy who are our helpers every day. Alo got a real nice pair of fuzzy slippers for Donna the director of the center. We are having 2 turkeys, mashed potatoes and gravy, veggies, stuffing and lots of kolaches and  cake and ice cream. One of the turkeys was donated by Mark who owns our local West Food Mart..he is kind beyond words and always donates a couple of certificates and food to us..so thanks to your kindness and generosity you have once again helped put the merry in merry Christmas for some lovely citizens of West by Goddess Texas..
 we are working on a giant thank you card to send to everyone of you that donated to Jackie's Cause..Goddess bless your sweet hearts. 


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Wonderful! Knowing that Jackie's Cause was so successful this year warms my heart!

yellowdoggranny said...

one lady was in tears..and kissed me on the mouth..haha..and Abby's hugs did a lot to make it great too..

Teacats said...

Wonderful to read about your Yule Blessings!
Lighting candles for the Solstice!
Blessings to All for 2018!

Cheers! Jan