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Thursday, December 21, 2017

ok...I have enough memes for one more..so ? basically I lied.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

You lied? I forgive you! LOLs make everything all better and there's a buncha them in this post. But of all of them, those Bloom County cartoons of Opus and Charlie Brown are the BEST!

Winter solstice blessings to you, YDG!

Adam said...

I would like a vest as well

jadedj said...

This may have been a throw away post, but there were some damned good hard-hitting ones in it. The Net Neutrality one, for example. You're a jewel!

Commander Zaius said...

Concerning the Middle Age Riot meme about the possibility of 2018 being an even bigger asshole than 2017. Exposing one of my darkest fears here but deep down there is no guarantee that Trump will allow the 2018 midterms will happen. I'm hearing disturbing scuttlebutt that National Guard troops are being deployed to South Korea, with arrival in the early to mid 2018 months.

There was a poll of republicans several months back and they were cool with the 2020 election being "delayed" to ensure only citizens voted, and not the evil illegal aliens they believe cheated Trump from his popular vote victory.

yellowdoggranny said...

winter solstice to you Debra and I too loved the Opus and Charlie Brown ones..
I'll see what I can do Adam.
thanks so much Jadedj..that was very sweet and very appreciated.
Beach Bum your fear is my fear..I think we are in the middle of a take over of the rich and starving out of the poor and weak..I fear for my granddaughters and their daughters...their world is going to be nothing like ours.