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Sunday, December 24, 2017

Christmas party at senior center.

 my christmas present from Mrs Z.
 we had soo much food..we expected a lot more but everyone's sick with something..we were going to go get Ernest and Adolph but West Rest Haven was on lock down because of illness...too many sick people go in to visit their family and make everyone sick.

 we had so much food left over..everyone took togo bags of food.

 every month Patsy of Patsy's Cakes makes us a free birthday cake..they are always half chocolate and half white. and delicious..and beautifully decorated. 
 our scrawny little tree..I kept going to dollar store and getting more christmas decoration. and to the thrift store where I could buy a bag of pretty decorations for 50 cents..ha
 we started out with 2 trays of kolaches..they always go first.

 I baked a turkey, Donna baked a turkey and Mr Z made a ham..I also baked 24 potatoes.. 
 the turkey and ham and one of the containers of dressing.
 Marvin in his overalls...he is the sweetest man..he helps in kitchen for the Kiwanis meeting on Wed.and works for the local funeral home ..he does everything from body pickup, to ushering to helping people park cars for the funeral procession car line ..very sweet. the guy in plaid is one of the Doobie Brothers..I don't know what their last names is..One is Joe one is Marvin I can never remember which so I just call them the Doobie Brothers..I tried to explain to them that it was the name of a music group and the name was a nickname? for marijuana cigarette..I explained it to several people and they still have no clue what I was talking about..which is just as well.
 Betty  Malata and Mr Z. Malata is the one who used to make cracks about me being pagan..I finally had it out with her ..I don't make fun of your religion you don't make fun of mine. 
 the guy in front is the other half of the Doobie Brothers...and the one in plaid is Fred, the one I was supposedly 'trying to take away' from his wife Carol...yeah, I don't think so.
 Malata Mr Z and Charlie..I love Charlie...nothing I say fazes him..
 the leader of our pack..Donna.
 Woody..who 25-30 years ago we used to get drunk together at the Capital. showing his love.
 Mrs Z and Chris who is another driver..Mrs Z is the hopper for her husband Mr. Z..Chris is her son in law.
 red head is Wanda who lives behind me..lady next to her is Kathy who lives directly behind me..the lady in tie dye is Evelyn who works at the Czech Stop on I-35(world famous)and one of the chicken foot players and helps a lot at the center. the lady in red is Carol Fred's wife..who along with me think it's hysterical that I would want her husband..he voted for trump..nuff said..and the lovely lady in the neck brace is Margaret..the heart and soul of the center..I tease her all the time that before I croak I'm going to hear her say the f word..she waves her hands around and says 'giiiiiirl'...Charlie has strict  rule that if she's going to say it we should call him so he can come down and hear it with his own ears..
 when I took this picture I said say 'SEX'..they really laughed..lady on far left name I can't remember but very sweet.lady in red sweater is Betty and my favorite ...she is so sweet and funny and always helps as much as she can..the lady in black works at our local Village Shoppe which is going out of business and makes me sad..Her house was destroyed in the explosion and had to move to Waco, but she's moved back..she loves my Granddaughter Jamie ...she used to volunteer at the nursing home and she and another small group just loved her and babied her when she was pregnant with Abby....when I showed her a picture of Abby now she was amazed..last time she saw her she was tiny baby. the lady in white I think is? Vi..I don't know here really well, she usually calls bingo.
and the lovely Olivia..who was my helper.. her daddy brought her over early that morning so I tried to dress her and this is what she wanted to wear..her house slippers and her Indiana Jones hat. I packed a bag of stuff to keep her entertained and she played games on my phone. she was really good and everyone bragged on her..
when I explained to everyone how I acquired the money to buy everyone a $10 gift card they were shocked to think that total strangers cared about them..we are going to make a thank you card and they will all sign it and then I'll make copies and send it to each and everyone that send money...plus I gave the Goddess something shiny for you all..you are in my heart and I will forever be grateful to your generosity and goodness..love you with all my heart and part of my liver if I had you in my mouth I'd spit you in the river..ydg...........aka jackiesue


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Man, what a FEAST! It's great to see photos of all your guests and your little helper too. And I love the wrapping paper on your gift from Mrs Z -- SO perfect for you!

yellowdoggranny said...

hahah..that's not wrapping paper.that's napkins..hahha

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Ooops! Still perfect for you though!