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Sunday, March 02, 2008


This is from my new favorite blog...from the lovely Betty Bower blog
I laugh so hard I hurt myself....

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Being actors — in other words, narcissists — politicians need continuous approval. Like Sally Field, they really, really want you to like them — even after they’ve won. President Bush protests a bit too much about not reading unflattering polls, a declaration as plausible as the ones he makes about what he does read, such as books by Albert Camus.
But our President’s disinterest in his likability is belied in the ardor with which he tries to work a crowd with his feckless, smart-alecky approximation of wit. He may have optimistically thrown his currently tattered legacy to the nimble, revisionist powers of history, but he still wants today to see him as a fun, likable guy. This impulse is why presidents agree each year to participate in that unseemly spectacle called the White House Correspondents Dinner.
It is also what drove Hillary Clinton, someone who polls notoriously low on being a giddy cutup, to appear on Saturday Night Live last night. (Of course, it could have simply been another excuse to procrastinate spending an evening on TurboTax, undergoing the onerous task of hitting the “print” button.) Meanwhile Barrack Obama did what was unthinkable back when John McCain came of age: He danced with a white woman on national TV.
As it turns out, at the end of the day, especially one they’ve filled with sniping, hurtful comments or threats of nuclear annihilation, the people who thirst for the power to blow up the world really just want to be regarded as lighthearted, even silly. And what better venues for pretending to be “nice” and “fun” than the unrelenting SNL and the unrepenting Ellen DeGeneres Show? SNL, now well into its bland dotage (you have to wonder what effect a writers’ strike had on a show that opens the last two weeks with basically the same skit), churns out comfortably tepid political satire, never more biting than the most languid Jay Leno monologue, and provides an ideal venue for a candidate to seem edgy without being cut on any edges. SNL allows a candidate to appear newly “fun” and as cozy and affable as the clawless, politically-neutered Ellen.
This is all done in hopes of putting the popular in popular vote. The concept of a popular vote (though, as it turns out, oddly irrelevant in actually seating a leader) is taken rather literally in this country. Americans vote for the popular personality, not the best candidate. And the touchy-feely American voters, so enamored with the nebulous contrivances of the public persona, are more prone to vote on an instantaneous gut-reaction than the more laborious, tedious process of thinking it through. Emotions beat analysis every election.
This is when our nation’s ADD and superficiality become less amusingly ditzy and more dangerous. You can always trash an American Idol CD, burn your J-Lo for Macy’s tube top, but you’re stuck with a President for four long years. President Bush was elected because voters thought, “I’d like to drink a beer with that guy!” Eight years later, that seems a supremely unsuitable criterion when electing a raging alcoholic. But that’s America: only thinking about the first beer. Never thinking it through to the point someone lingers long past closing and winds up vomiting all over everything he touches.

Ok, I'll get serious and actually do a real post but I'm having so much fun learning how to do new shit on my computer....and thanks to NitWit, I have discovered .......stumbleon or stumbleup...or what ever the name of it is...your right Kev...I'm a retard...


Josh said...

He has rather much vomited on the world, hasn't he?

Sling said...

I remember thinking of GW,'Now,here's a guy that can do no harm!'
I need another beer..

BBC said...

Hey, don't you know how to make a proper link? It's not http://bettybowers.com/betty4president/


I'm not slighting you, just pointing that out is all. In a comment box anytime there is a link be sure to right click on it and select to open it in a new tab or window.


josh;yup, he's a real puke..
sling:yeah, who woulda thunk such a benign asshole could do such damage..

Unknown said...

I already burned my JLo for Macy's tube top because it let me down. It allowed my boobs to sag and my love handles to roll out the sides!

Nit Wit said...

I remember thinking I don't want him to win. He's sure to steal all my beer and anything else he can get his hands on.

I don't look too good in a tube top, or tube bottom for that matter.

billy pilgrim said...

"...he tries to work a crowd with his FECKLESS, smart-alecky approximation of wit."

i must take issue, gw is not feck worthy!!


lily:can't even imagine my tits in a tube top...would look like 2 muffins overfilling a muffin tin..
nitwit:oh, i think you'd look cute in a muffin tin...everyone knoooows i didn't want him to win..i saw what he did to texas...now he's done it to the rest of the country..eek!
billy:feckless indeeed..not feck worthy at all..

Rox said...

I didn't want him to win the first time and the SECOND time, I figured for sure he'd be out of there. As screwy as the US voting system seems to me, it wouldn's shock me if he won a third time and I know he's not even running.

Y'all need changes in your voting system so that your votes are actually counted and mean something.

What the hell do I know? I'm Canadian.

joy said...

If McCain wins, it'll be a third Bush term. Iraq -- the New Hundred Years War.

Gadfly said...

It's gotten to where anybody who would run for the office is by definition mentally and emotionally unsuited for the position.

Prairie Gothic said...

Gaddy is probably right. But there's unsuitable and theres GW UNSUITABLE. I'm at least hoping for someone who speaks English well this time.

sageweb said...

Well I come over here and people are complaining about Bush...I am shocked...He is our President of the United States. Oh that is funny....how did we let this happen. I need to go have a drink with Sling...I am surprised if in the last 8 years alcohol has doubled in sales.


rox;to me a sign that someone is clinically insane is someone that voted for bush twice and still thinks he did a good job...jeez
if they elect another republican can i move to canada?
joy:ain't that the truth?
gadfly:yah, im sort of suspect of anyone who would want the job in the first place..what an ego you must have...
christy:they should have to pass a standardized test..name the states, and capitals, do algebra(just to get even with people that can do it),pronounce nuclear,and terrorist,know the leaders of all countries we do business with, know what the gnp is,know the prices of staples,like milk, bread, eggs, meat, and be able to make change...none of which bush can do...
sage: he's not my president..i didnt vote for him and he hasn't done jackshit for me..