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Thursday, March 13, 2008


It's been a while since I did a recap of the hap's in West, Texas....the most exciting news is last week the Bold Springs Baptist Church made their hamburgers and I had one..sigh*....

West is having all sorts of benefits..The West Knights of Columbus have scheduled a fish fry from 5-8 p.m. on Friday at the KC Hall in West. $7 will get you fish, hush puppies and all the trimmings.
My old boyfriend James Hand is playing from 8 to midnight and they are charging $8 and proceeds go to Father Anthony Odiong's home parish in Nigeria.
KJZT is having a bake sale from 10a.m. to noon on Saturday.They will have your basic bake sale goodies along with Kolaches and sausage stuffed kolaches ..All proceeds are to go to Father Anthony Odiong's Education Fund. The West Brethren Church has scheduled a community-wide service celebrating the Feast of Passover linking the Ancient Festival of Redemption with Christ as the Lamb of God. The service, titled Jews for Jesus, is set for 7p.m. in the West church.(Can I hear an amen and an oy vey).
JCDA #829 of West will sponsor its free community wide Easter Egg Hunt on March 22 at the West Community Center from 10a.m. to noon. There will be 4 different age categories and you can have your picture taken with the Easter Bunny. (I want my picture taken with the Easter Bunny). There will be a bake sale and children games. All proceeds will be donated to the West Ambulance Association.
St. Mary's Church of the Assumption CCE students have scheduled their annual drive-through presentation of the Stations of the Cross from 7-8p.m. this Sunday in the church's parking lot. This year's event is presented in loving memory of Edwina Deiterman. In case of rain, the stations will be canceled..(I swear I am not making this shit up..St. Mary's is where I go to light candles and say prayers for my friends and their families..I always pray out loud..and after the first few times..when the little Czech ladies see me come in you can hear them shuffle to the back of the church..beads a rattling...They think I'm crazy cause I pray out loud and speak to Mary and ask her to speak to her son for me as he and I aren't exactly on speaking terms..I also pray to the Goddess and that really freaks them out...Father comes out takes a look at me and just goes back to where ever he came from...One of these days I'm going to ask him what he's going to be doing for the next 4-6 hours as I need to make a confession....hahahahah...
ok..back to the hap's in West..
We are having our annual BBQ cook off this Saturday. So far we have 85 teams. Last year we had 101 teams, but I don't think we will have so many...Lot of people aren't making the long time to come here for the Cook-off because of the gas prices..Our cook-off is sanctioned by the International Barbecue Cookers Association(IBCA) and will be judged by their rules. The fire department will be selling BBQ for $8 a lb. The Cook off is held at the West Rodeo grounds which is about 1/4 of a mile from the apartment's and when you go out side the smell of BBQ hits you smack in the face and is the MOST wonderful aroma..They will also have a drawing for a $300 charcoal grill which is donated by the West True Value Hardware Store. They also have several categories for kids to join in and be in the cook off too..Kids Barbecue Pork Chop Cook off for ages 5-10 and 11-15.
Garbage pickup prices are going up from $9.94 to $10.38 plus sales tax for a month...Jeez...when I moved her 13 years ago it was $5.
Jeanette Karlic is celebrating her birthday..Josephine Bezdek Makovy is celebrating her 82nd birthday, Some Daddy is turning 40. Albert Frank Miller is turning 82 on March 24th. Coy Klish is celebrating his first birthday. His grandma is my load officer and I got to see him the last time I was in the bank, and damn he's cute..Hannah is turning 11 years old and her parents took out an ad in the paper that must have cost $100.Dang! Mrs Zahirniak ran an ad in the paper to wish her husband Joe a happy birthday...Joe died September 28, 2007.
Katy Middlebrook is engaged to Kyle Frazier.
Eight people croaked...all in their 80's or 90's..
50 years ago in the paper they had a cake recipe ran under the title of "Easter is a Gay Season."....I'm sure that is true..
West Democratic Caucus sets turnout record..The total vote for the primary was just over 900, just below the turnout record, however the Democratic turnout may have set a record. Over 130 voters attended. This contrasted with precinct convention attendance in recent years which ranged in the 2-8 voter range. (yes, the Dem's are pissed.)
The Convention Caucus elected 34 delegates to the McLennan County Convention.5(including moi) were Obama supporters with 29 for Clinton.
Oh man...I just noticed..Ross Country Store has a new owner...wonder who bought it?...
The Lady Trojans open their District 12-AAA schedule Friday as they host the Kennedale Lady Wildcats in a 6 p.m. game at Kiwanis Field in West. We are 9-2 in the no-district portion of their schedule. The West Trojans evened their season record at 6-6 after wins over Gatesville, Connally and Fairfield last week.
Allison Andrews receives a scholarship to Hill College for volleyball.
West Food Mart has butt roast on sale for .99 lb. Community Grocery has Hormel Cooked Ham for $1.99 lb.
Jack and Diane's has a ladies amateur night and they will be awarding prizes...I'm tempted to call up there and ask ..Amateur what?...Amateur hookers, strippers, pool players, singers?...WTF?...
If you're interested in buying a nice home in central Texas you can buy a nice 2-3 bedroom on a large lot with trees for $65,000. Or a large 3 bd.in town with many extras for $72,000.Last but not least nice brick home, and extra lot. 2-bedroom, 1 bath, wood floors and antique french double doors, dining room and breakfast room, old fashioned cellar, fenced back yard for $159,900.
Friday Wild West Steakhouse and Saloon is having a half off on fried pickle o's and buffalo bites this Friday with $1.50 draft beer.. The Village Bakery is still for sale. We have lots of cna, lvn and other nursing help at the West Rest Home. Come on down we stay open till 8 during the week..
Babs and I made our trip to West Lumber Co. to get material to make shelves for her closet over her water heater. I was fixing to put em up when I had a drop in my blood sugar..I got up at 7a.m. so I could take Margaret to see Dr. E and so I ate early and then forgot to eat lunch...we was shopping...shopping shopping from a to z...Then when I came home to eat I had a phone call from T. at Family Dollar and Sara decided not to come in on her last day and I had to go in and work..So that's 4 days in a row for me now..But today was easier than the last time..but don't know how I'm going to feel after the 4th day. The last time we were in the Lumber Co. I mentioned that we were interested in herbs, veggies etc. and by cracky the guy ordered every one of the herbs and veggies I asked for..Chocolate Mint, Lavender, Rosemary, big girl Tomatoes, cayenne peppers, bell peppers, etc..Lots of great stuff..I'd going to have a garden this year if it harelips the governor..
Ok...that's it..my ass is draggin..it's 11:23 p.m. and I need to take a bath, and Tabu my ass. Fuckme till the powder flies.


Elizabeth said...

Y'all have some good eatin' out there, that's for sure. Hush puppies, bar-be-que. I love all that artery clogging food.

Thanks for the candles and the good words at St. Mary's. If that priest gives you any trouble, well honey, I pity him. xoxo

Nit Wit said...

Every time that I read St. Mary's Church of the Assumption I wonder what they are assuming. I also remember that old chestnut, if you assume you make an ass out of you and me.
You gave me my best laugh of the day with that confession line.
So nobody was born in west this week?
I wanna find all the Easter eggs so I can sell them to the parents so their kids won't go home empty handed.

You had to take a job. Now we don't get the benefit of your wisdom and wit. So I take it you haven't run all the customers off yet.
So the Lumber Co. is now your herb supplier. You better check those seeds real close.

sageweb said...

Oh I need to go to Jack and Diane's to see the amateur women..that makes me happy. I have no idea why. West actually sounds happening. Oh and chocolate mint....that sounds so good. I might have to plant some of that...how do they get the chocolate in the seeds?

billy pilgrim said...

the house deals sound excellent.

are there many mosquitoes in west texas?

Anonymous said...

Turnout this year for the Democratic primary was huge. I was reading on one of the blogs that they had nearly as many people show up to vote in the primary as voted for Kerry during the general election last time around.

At my caucus they were kind of overwhelmed by the turnout - we had three precincts meeting in the same building, about 400 or so altogether and 111 in my precinct. They said that last time they only had like 4 people show up for my precinct!

We really have a very good chance of taking Texas this November. As it stands right now, Obama is polling just one point behind McCain, and Hillary is pretty close too.

Anonymous said...

Forgot to add - have you heard anything from the Obama campaign yet about the district conventions? I think they're going to try and have training sessions so people are prepared and know what to expect. I've heard they have a few scehduled up here, but you might want to check and see if they have anything planned in your neck of the woods. I wouldn't doubt it if they do, Obama's campaign has been very organized and detail-oriented.

Jan said...

I love your blogs on west texas doings. I wish more newspapers would carry stories like this instead of the depressing ones.


elizabeth;we have the best food..we have a new bbq resturant that is getting rave reviews...and old father ed..has figured out it's better to stay in his office when i start praying out loud to the goddess...which i will do again today when i go light some candles...you'll always be in my prayers..
nitwit:can you imagine the look of fright, bewilderment,and horror after a 4-5 hour confession of mine..he'd have to go on a retreat..ha
im telling you..my ass is draggin..got up this morning and wanted nothing better than to go back to bed and sleep till 20 minutes before i had to go to work...feck! i have already gotten alot of fun out of west lumber co being my herb supplier...
sage:me too..I think I call jack and dianes and ask exactly what the amateur part covers.i dont know how they do the chocolate mint..but i absolutely love it..kind of tangy chocolately...nummy good.bet it will be great in my tea this summer..
billy:we have some great homes for sale at a more than reasonable price..we don't have many skeeters..but we make up for it in the size of them..
Hey cuz:yup..we're going to spank that creepy old bastards ass...lot of republicans either switched..or just said fuckit and didn't vote..
jan:i love my little town and it's paper..and the fact that all the fish fry's, bbq plates, fried chicken plates, pancake suppers, etc..are all used to raise money for either someone or some organization..

apositivepessimist said...

The local paper has a column of “news” from 25, 50, 75 and sometimes 100 years ago. I get a kick out of what was deemed news fit to print.

Took the LittleFatBastid out shopping yesterday…he got some tomato, rosemary and thyme seeds. He is a happy little vegemiter itching to start planting.

This working jig WILL get easier.

Rox said...

You can't buy anything for those prices here. An empty lot will run you about 60,000 here. It's retarded.

Kalibitch said...

Heyya JS, came by with a platter of FD to munch on with you while I check out the happenings in West.
I even brought some pickled JD for a side. ~waggling eyebrows~

Nit Wit said...

Here comes last night’s sausage.

Janis Bland said...

Oooh, love it! I'll have to do the same with my local paper.

When I worked in DC, a colleague & I would always attend Ash Wednesday noon service at the Episcopal Church of the Epiphany. Marc called it the Church of the Good Idea.

Heidi said...

Maybe you can get another part-time gig at Jack and Diane's. :)

old enough to moan said...

If I read out stuff from our local paper you would wonder how any of us dare leave the house with all the crime that gets reported in there. It aint all bad [ he says, looking over shoulder].

Maybe I should look for journalistic snippets.

Yours is just like the movies.


apos:ours does too, and sometimes 90-100 years ago..i love them..ahhh farmer fat bastid..ahah
rox:and for people that want to live in waco and live here..it's the best..can't buy cheaper houses or get better schools..it does help if your last name ends in a vowel..
kalibitch:yup..i could go for a plate of fried dick right about now...could be czech or jewish...just fry me up some of them suckers..
nitwit:careful i'll batter it up and deep fry it..
janice:ohh i like that ..yeah, do it..small town news is fun..
ccmom's:that's a thought..i can do amateur pretty good..batting my eyelashes...'I've never done this before...'
oetm:some times they bust a kid with dope, or selling..or some illegal alien will get drunk and pee in his front yard..kids will knock over the mail boxes...not much in the way of crime..kids breaking into a car..joy riding..
i've been telling evryone for years it's 1957 here..not always a good thing if your mexican or black...but the 'white folk' seem to enjoy it...

old enough to moan said...

We live in the 21st Century over here and for some it is very scary. Our kids are portrayed as being out of control, neighbours [our spelling] don’t speak to one another much and it’s all about ‘me, me, me’. [We have taught our kids otherwise thankfully] And you would think the 'white folk' are in the minority to hear the media talk.

The West you describe at times sounds very romantic, a bygone era.

BBC said...

I'm just thankful that I don't live in West Texas. And that I don't have a water or garbage bill.

Allan said...

Have a garden if it does what to the who?

Prairie Gothic said...

Obviously things are hoppin there in West, Texas. Not so much here.

Anonymous said...

I never made it past "kolaches."

Mmmmmmmmmm... kolaaaaaaaachessssssssss!!!!


Anonymous said...

Father Ed is a really nice guy. I think there's very little that phases him at this point.

Oh, and I'm glad that BBC person doesn't live in my West, Texas as well. We don't like idiot douchebags around these parts.


~ B

mckait said...

sounds like a nice little place, and a good place to move if you want to live to be old!

how are you? i just read this one.. have to go back and see if i missed anything in the last few days.... but wanted to say a quick hello

Mouthy Girl said...

Those house prices are killing me. Are they looking for any experienced English teachers? Sheesh.

The garden? Good times. I did a walk-through at the farmers market the other day and saw the chocolate mint. I stole a leaf and rubbed it between two fingers. Delicious stuff, I tell ya!

Gadfly said...

OK, we, the million ++ people from West Texas... (consider that Abilene portrays itself as West Texas, so that's everything from Abilene to El Paso, and then there's those who debate all of the Panhandle :o)


We would really appreciate if you people from West, would say "West, TX" in print.

'Cuz "West COMMA Texas" is nowhere near "West Texas"

You know that, I know that.

But nobody from anywhere else knows that *chuckle*

Granted I live in the Dallas/Fort Worth area now. But I've walked through too many sandstorms, dodged too many tumbleweeds, disturbed too many angry diamondbacks -- to consider myself anything but West Texas -- where the men are men, and the livestock are nervous ;-)

PS: But I'm still dying to get down there to West and have you show me how Czech sausage is so much better than what the Germans make over in New Braunfels.

Texas is SO much weirder than other people realize. *chuckle*

Big Pissy said...

West, Texas is a happenin' place! :)


oetm:i love my little town..was working today and saw so many old friends i hadn't seen for so long..all so glad to see me and happy for me..yup..life is good here in west,by goddess, texas..
bbc:trust me..everyone in west, texas is glad you don't live here too...we're not partial to assholes..'
allan:harelips the governor..one of my favorite expressions..
christi:oh there is lots going on...and the bbq was a roaring success and i even got some..bbq that is..
rebecca:im telling you we have some killer kolaches..
bratprince:i knew you wouldn't let bbc get away with that..he doesn't like me cause i keep calling him an asshole..but hey...when im right..im right..
yeah, i like father ed..but still don't think he would be able to handle my confession..ha which reminds me..do you want to go to work at $ store?....I'll call you..
kath;it really is a great little place..and wouldn't live any place else but here..
buddhagirl:im sure you could get a job here in a nycity second...I'll check..ha..pay may not be the best but the price of houses, utilites,etc. makes it worth it..babs and i are going to get old overalls and start calling each other farmer jackie and farmer babs..ha
gaddy:i always say west, by goddess, texas so they will know i don't mean west texas..that comes from when i went to las vegas and they kept asking me where i was from, and i'd say west, texas and they would say where in west texas and i would say..
west, texas...finally is said..west, by god texas...and it stuck..but since im a pagan i say by goddess texas now..and it really is different from west texas...we have trees...and grass..ha
you aren't that far from us if your in the dallas ft. worth area..about 90 miles..you'll have to come down on labor day when we have our westfest...i am having about 6 people from blogger world that are coming down this labor day for westfest..come on down..we'll throw a pallet on the floor for ya..
our sausage is pretty good, but those germans may have us beat..but our kolaches are killer...
the motto for the city of austin, is keeping it weird..austin, texas...ha

Gadfly said...

Ha! That could be fun. Been a long time since I partied all day and slept on the floor LOL!

Anonymous said...

All I know is your post made me very very hungry!!!!!! Now I want to go home and eat everything in my fridge!!!

Anonymous said...

I Cannot believe you put yourself under St. Mary's site! You are terrible and like the rest of the world! Many ppl may enjoy your low class in puts, but you are sorry and a disgrace to the town, the country and the world. God hears what you say, and you will have to FACE HIM!