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Thursday, March 20, 2008


Tuesday:2-8:6 hours
Wed. Off
Thursday:3-8=5 hours
Friday:2-8=6 hours
Saturday:2-8=6 hours
Monday:2-8=6 hours
Tuesday:off...oops..sorry about that:4-8=4 hours
Wed:2-8=6 hours
Thursday:2-8=6 hours
Friday:3-8=5 hours
Saturday:2-8=6 hours
Easter Sunday:store closed....yeah, fucking yeah!
total 56 hours...fuckme I'll never stand up straight again.

Today on the phone Thom must have asked Inky how things were going and Inky said "I don't know..I just agree with everything she says...I'm not looking for any trouble."


Nit Wit said...

You quit working for so long that you forgot that work sucks.
In my experience if work doesn't suck your doing it wrong.

Nit Wit said...

I see you have Inky trained right already. I have the feeling that Thom will be toeing the line soon too.

texlahoma said...

I'm glad looking like shit is finally in style.
You worky too much but think of all the dead presidents they will give you.

billy pilgrim said...

remember what maxwell smart use to say:

and loving it...

sageweb said...

I love Inky, and I hope looking like shit becomes the style cuz I wanna be in style.

Rox said...

Eyes down, mouth shut Inky! woohoo!


nitwit:actually the job is a snap and working with inky is a lot of fun...it's the standing on my feet for 6 hrs a day that sucks..and Inky has known me since he was 14 years old(he's 40+) so he knows what to expect with me..and thom's learning..
tex:yeah, i can use all those dead presidents to dress me up nice for the funeral..
pillybilgrim:what did he say?..
would you believe ....?
sage:inky is just the best..and i've looked like shit for ages...style or not..
rox:every since the ATM incident inky and i have a new signal when something happens..we point both fingers to our face a couple of times and then laugh our asses off..which is what i did when he told me the could see and hear me on the cameras...Pointed at my face and said 'does this look like a face that gives a fuck?'...so now all we do is point at our face...we're funny

Mouthy Girl said...

Did you get those damn Birks I told you about? They're called Super Birkis. You can get them CHEAP on eBay!

And Inky? He's no fool! That's for sure!

5T - yes. I know he's 2 1/2 yet wears a 5T. Nothing I can do about the size of my husband. Nothing.

Anonymous said...

Girl! You must be rolling in the dough!


bg:no i am looking at some other shoes that are made for people with diabetes..and have to get some special socks too..my toe nails are dying..eek!
5-t..cool...i keep seeing things 'i have to get for obert'want to put together a west,texas box for him...ha
hglg:yeah, right not at $6 an hour..got my pay check and thom informed me it was short 2 days as some how 2 days(12 hours) got put on inky's paycheck..ha...which didn't make me a happy camper..dipshits

Jan said...

Inky has the attitude that all co-workers should have. Treasure him.

Anonymous said...

Enjoy your day off!


jan:he was freaking out this afternoon and when i kept stocking and putting things up he called thom and told him im sending her home..he's my sweety..
mimi:plan on sleeping..and eating and sleeping some more..

apositivepessimist said...

haha...Inky knows whats good for him.