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Friday, April 08, 2011


Tuesday I had a appointment to see a new Foot Doctor and get a mammogram.(not at the same place) I am glad to tell you that for being a diabetic I have great feet. No sores, no lesions. I do have a fungus that is clearing up with the help of vinegar and Listerine. But he said that my leg cramps and feet cramps are caused by the 4 back surgeries and the pinched nerve..That my diabetes so far is not effecting my feet..Hot damn. I had my boobies smashed. They will send me a letter and let me know how they are. That picture is sorta like my boobs, except my boob hung off the back of the machine. I wear a 48long in a bra.
When I was giving them the information (last mammogram, etc.) she said do you have a religious
preference?..I couldn't exactly figure out why they would need to know that but I told her Pagan. She sorta laughed and said what?..I said Pagan. She said I never heard of that before. Says me...don't get out much do you.?
I said I believe in a Goddess, not a God. She never said another word to me about much of anything after that.
But I'm pretty sure I was the topic of conversation for the rest of the day.
I went to the ball park and talked to both the coaches and the lady Trojan coach already had 2 softballs autographed for me and she and all the seniors and the Trojan seniors and their coach will come to the 'TAKE ME OUT TO THE BALL GAME"...on the 14th. I am fixing home made(some of them..no way I can make 60 of them by hand) corn dogs, we have a popcorn machine, and I'm going to the hardware store and ask if I can borrow their peanut warmer machine for the peanuts and I'm making home made cracker jacks.I down loaded a bunch of music for them. Take me out to the ball game, wild thing and a bunch of other songs. Anyone has any ideas for songs let me know. So after I got through I went to West Rest haven to take the balls and tell Kathy that we would have the teams there. It was like 1 minute till 5 which is when they get out and Jamie was having a fit because I was keeping her from going home on time. Kathy got on the phone and was talking to the West News about having the photographer there, and Jamie was stroking out..So finally we leave and I get in truck and drive by and Jamie waves at me when I passed her, then I took a second look and realized she wasn't waving at me she was giving me the finger. I love that girl.
I laughed all the way to the home and picked up books to take to the library and was still laughing when I walked in the library. Nancy wanted to know what I was laughing at and I told her and she said 'Well, she is your granddaughter.'

Yesterday was a full day too. I went to old farts home and helped them pass out cakes and juice for the birthday party for all the people that had birthdays for this month. Everyone was there, and they had about 9 cakes. Really cool. They had the polka band that usually plays on Thursday playing music. Everyone was getting down. Those Czech's really know how to party. While I was there Jamie gave me an invitation to the luncheon for the volunteers. This will be my first one. I think they sort of forgot about me and I mentioned it to Jamie..So I'm sure she mentioned it to her mom..so I get to go to the luncheon..cool! I wore my bohemian head hunter tshirt and it has something on the back in Czech and I never knew what it meant..But all the Czech's told me it meant No Fear. I like that..
Then I read on facebook it was Merle's birthday and were having a get together at Strickly's (which is now Autley's) Went in and all my favorites were there. Merle who has lost weight and looks good..(I told him if he decides to play for the other team to give me a call...he laughed so hard.) Patsy Patsy Patsy was there with Andy, Cheryl and Dennis were there(I love Dennis..he gives a fuck less than I do.) and their son and wife. Who I adore..they are just the sweetest ...Clyde was there too, (I have great stories to tell about Clyde) and had a nice visit. But we had to leave early as Anissa has quit smoking and after a week, being around all the people smoking was getting to her. Not wanting to smoke, it was making her sick. The new How to quit smoking book I gave her is working ..she hasn't had a smoke in over a week, and doesn't have any desire to. So we get back to the apt. and she wants to go to the new Cafe Vin so off we go..She had a great sandwich...I on the other hand..didn't ..won't go into details..but cold refried beans and warm chicken enchiladas is not my idea of good fare. Now I've eaten there and now I can go back to Pizza House of West, where the food is always wonderful.
Then I came home and helped Michael take a test. He's coming over Saturday and help me with the book case and maybe I can con him into putting the mirror on the dresser too.
I started this yesterday but had to stop as I decided to bake 4 loaves of whole wheat bread..Don't ask me...it sounded like a great idea..It took me almost 6 hours before the 4 loaves came out of the oven. I made one for babs and took brown sugar and cinnamon and put it in the center and folded the dough around it..I didn't taste it as I knew I was going to go nuts on the fresh whole wheat..oh man..it was so good..I used to bake like this all the time, baked bread every week, made my own pasta, sewed and made our own clothes..I was fucking Martha Stewart and didn't know it. I made absolutely every thing from scratch. Cakes, cookies, pies, I canned fruit, veggies etc. Damn..no wonder I divorced that asshole.
I cut my hair and no one noticed it till yesterday and then everyone was 'you cut your hair it looks so good.'...same hair cut when they saw me 3 days ago..maybe it took 3 days for it to grow out enough to look good..will take picture and show you..
I think summer is here..going to be in the 80's and 90's all this week..and no fucking rain...none..I know Oklahoma is having the worse drought in over 100 years..we're not that bad yet. but it's not looking good.
I'm finding out more and more about Dexter's activities when he's out and about. Seems he goes to everyone's apts and if they have their door open he stands on his hind legs and peeps in over the bottom of their screen door and mews and they let him in..he wanders around scoping everything out smelling everything and then he leaves..If they have dogs he just stays on the porch fucking with them. He still goes to Charlotte's office and if she doesn't pay attention to him, he jumps on her desk and knocks everything in the floor.
I was coming back yesterday from delivering Babs her bread and Mary Ann flagged me down. She was crying and wanted to know what I knew about cervical cancer..her 30 year old daughter has it. So we talked and she was hysterical. Ifinally told her :"you have to get your shit together, this isn't about you, this is about her, and she's going to need you to be strong and to be there for her. Not in the corner sobbing your heart out. So, go in your apt. and get in the shower, turn on the water and cry until the water runs cold, then get out, dry off and put your Wonder Woman underwear on and take care of your daughter. " she started laughing and said 'I didn't a good laugh and you always do that for me."...I put my truck in gear and said "My work here is done." and drove off. ....so my work here is done for today...see ya...


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Wow, you have had a busy week! I think a baseball-themed party at the Old Farts is a super idea! And why the hell do they need to know your religious affiliation for a mammogram???? And my final comment is: that Dexter is a real character!

Nit Wit said...

I think that the religion question became required of anyone who gets Medicare/Medicaid or Federal funding during the Bush Administration. You know, when he gave all the Government money to the churches and called it Faith Based charity. Wonder who got helped?

The Future Was Yesterday said...

WTF is a 48 Long bra????? They's 34-6-8 etc., and C-D-E cups.etc. 38 Long?

Long's dey be hooked on ya, we coo foo!:)


busy busy..today I'm 'laxing...cool!
you might be onto something nitty..
and my boobs are 'long'...so I say they are measured like a suit..48 long..

My name WAS Female, I shit you not! said...

There is a name for people like you and i think they are called an ANGEL! :0)

rainywalker said...

Glad to hear your feet are fine. Two of my sisters can't even feel any thing to almost their knees. I don't see how you have time for this blog. Your into more things than I am. But one day when I'm setting in the rocker smiling I'll know I had some fun.

Kulkuri said...

my boobs are 'long'
What did one tit say to the other tit?? Don't hang so low, they think we're nuts!!

Daisy Deadhead said...

I haven't had my boobs smashed in a good long while and keep putting it off. :( Cause damn, I hate that!

Glad you are okay and gave them all something to talk about! I would love to have seen the look on their faces...


get your boobs smashed...then go get the rest of you smashed too.
hahaha ray..

billy pilgrim said...

my work is done here, sounds biblical.


I thought about making the sign of the cross, but afraid she wouldn't see the humor in it.

rox said...

I don't know where you find all your energy! You're always on the go. I hope you're taking good care of yourself, as good as you care for everyone else at least. :)


Oh man I have the energy to do it all and then I sit on my ass for a week whining about how tired I am and my back hurts..Babs has no sympathy and makes fun of me.
will have a nice post to do about the volunteer luncheon and JACKIE'S KITCHEN...I am making the crackerjacks today..should be exciting.

Intense Guy said...

I would have answered the religious question, "None of your business" because it has nothing at all to do with the procedure.

I'm glad your feet are good to go! Thats always great news for diabetics like us.

You've done some good work recently, with the Old Farts and "put your Wonder Woman underwear on..." advise. :)