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Friday, April 22, 2011


got the pictures from the paper for the West news post and finally got the pictures that Kathy and Jamie took at the TAKE ME OUT TO THE BALL GAME party. that will be in another post.
The Bullfest tickets are on sale and looks like it could be a good time for you rodeo types..Which I'm not...West KC is still having their fish fry every Friday. Don't know if they are just doing it for Lent or will be a every Friday thing. Library will be closed tomorrow for Easter. Miss Nancy got back from the Book Fair in Austin where she gave a speech about her work here and with the Tale Tellers. We're so proud of her. She has done such a remarkable job with the library and the books read have almost doubled since she took over. She's aces.
Main Street will have a street dance on April 29th..called Main Street Rocks and will be from 7 p.m. till 1 a.m. Mad Edison, Classie Ballou, Mac Abernathy Band and the Wayward Sons are all scheduled to preform. It's a kick off to the CBR (Championship Bull Riding) even the following day. The will have the area roped off . Will be on Main Street between Columbus and Oak Street. The price is $10 per person and no beverages will be allowed as you'll be able to buy stuff at the dance. Teh money will go to help in beautifying downtown, purchasing park benches and up grade electricity in the Main Street area of downtown. I joke about when you move to West to set your watch back 50 years, well, I'm not kidding. The electricity and phones were last revamped in the 50's and every time it rains the lights or phones or both go out. I'm not sure I want to pay $10 to go this..but I'll consider it..
There will be an Easter Egg hunt tomorrow given by the West Junior Catholic Daughters. Starts at 10am at the West Community Center(right down from me by the Library). The Easter Bunny will be available so kids can have their pictures taken with him. The proceeds will benefit the West Ministerial Alliance.
We elected out new Miss West..she's Katelynn Kaska and she's another beautiful Czech daughter of West. We have such beautiful kids..really.
We also got us a new athletic director/football coach/teacher etc. Sam Gilispie. He was one of the coaches for Forney High School when our teams met in the state semifinal game in 1999 and they lost to the Trojans. We'll probably mention that a lot..But not the part where his team went on to beat Liberty in the championship game to claim the state 3A title that year. Hope he can do as well for our football team. We're the best in baseball and softball, track, weights, tennis, etc. But pretty much suck at basketball and football. So we expect a lot from him.
West Middle School One Act Play cast will be performing their award winning production of the Wizard of Oz at 6:30 am. on Monday, May 2 in the West High School Auditorium. They performed the play in Glen Rose and received first place.
Czech American Restaurant was chosen the Chamber's Business of the year.
The annual Burnt Offerings Barbeque Cookoff and Lunch is scheduled for May 7 in the parking lot at the First Baptist Church in West. Barbeque brisket, chicken and ribs categories are to be judged. and No....I will not be judging.
The West KJZT will be making buchtas on May 6. If you have never had a buchta ..you don't know what your missing..Czechalicious.The money raised will got to help the KJZT Juniors to attend camp.
Molly Faith Lucas was born April 5 weighing in at 7 pounds and was 19 inches long. She's so pretty.hmm. I'm kin to the Lucas's ..wonder if I'm kin to them.????
Eddie Van turned 40, Lexi Maler turned 14. I know I'm kin to her. I'm kin to all the Malers, just ask Anissa.
Saturday at the West Station Marketplace starting at 10a.m. they're having a SUPER SPRING SIDEWALK SALE. Come on down..
James 'Slim' Hand will be playing at Out West Bar and Grill on April 28th from 8-10..I'll have to play some of his music for you again so you can hear how great he is.
Ross Country Store is having their 10th Annual Fish Tank Tournament and Biggest Bass Competition. cash prizes..
West Trojans and Lady Trojans are number 2 in the playoffs. The girls were number one but they got screwed out of their first place rating. Long story, but it's another story of them jerking the West Kids around. I hope the girls go all the way and win State this year. They had it last year, but they got it stole from them. Not sour grapes, I watched the game and it was a robbery..really.!!
Saint Mary's Church of the Assumption CCE students put on their annual Drive Through Stations of the Cross last Sunday.One of these day's I'm going to drive through, just to see it. Baseball season has started at West and we have a kabillion teams from t-ball to high school age teams..
We have some new listings on some nice houses..3 bd room, 2.5 bath brick home with 2,200sq. ft. on corner lot with pecan trees, garage and built in hutch. Builders home.$149,000.
Here's a great starter home or a great retire your ass to West, by Goddess, Texas home.
2bdroom with 1 bath with siding. Large rooms,very nice kitchen, central heat and air with large shaded lot. $74,900.
Well...I have to catch some rest..Babs and I went to Pizza House of West and had their new lunch special and had BA's Burger. The bread is home made at the bakery with 3 kinds of cheese and jalapenos. So fecking good. We had just sat down and Jamie and her boyfriend came in so we had lunch with them too. It was great..when we got our order, the waitress brought over 2 pink champagne scoop cakes on a stick. oh my Goddess...they were incredible..so moist and full of a cream filling. It's like the best pink ding dong you ever ate on steroids.. Jeanne the boss was in the kitchen cooking and saw me and Babs and had the cook go next door and bring us over 2 of them from Gerik's bakery, for our desserts..Man are we spoiled.Jamie's jealous..haha..All I know is...I feel sorry for all you folks that don't live here and get to partake in all the great foods West has to offer..nana nana boo boo stick your head in doo doo..we have the Pizza House and you don't.


Jan said...

Every time i read news from West i think, Damn i miss the 50s. And then i get really hungry for stuff i've never tasted.

Charlene said...

It sounds like though West Texas is in the west of Texas it's gettkng some rain and it not on fire! That's good news.

Nit Wit said...

I don't care how good they are, I am not going to go watch a play at 6:30 AM. I have a reputation to protect.
Now I'm hungry again.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

They love you at the Pizza House! Special desserts just for you and Babs! Sounds like there's lots of fun outdoor events now that winter's over. Glad your Ball Game Party got featured in the newspaper -- must feel darn good!

MarkD60 said...

Sometimes I just look at the pictures!

Grandma K said...

I think there is absolutely nothing wrong with turning the watches back 50 years - well except for the services like internet, lights, and the like!

My name WAS Female, I shit you not! said...

THX for the nostalgia Jackie. :0)
Happy Easter to you and yours.

Intense Guy said...

You done good at the old fart's home. Too bad I don't see ya in the pichures. You is Aces...

What happened to the one lady's leg?? My thanks to the folks that lent the peanut warmer too - I'd like to see one of them.


What is a Fish Tank Tournament?? They fish in fish tanks?


I love my little town..and the tanks they fish out of are huge..and I think Ella lost her leg from diabetes..Loretta lost both of hers from it.which is why I try and take care of my footsies..
post to come about take me out to the ball game.