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Friday, April 29, 2011


eatcha fecking hearts out.
behold...the amazing and wonderful....
Skunk Egg Burger...all the spices and flavor of a skunk egg in the bun, with a fried chicken breast generously covered with mozzarella cheese with ranch dressing.

the sizes of our fabulous pizzas. And the window of the kitchen, where all the magic happens.
the menu for lunch specials..
Babs and I have tried all of them. Actually we both tested the BA burger which just was fantastic as I really like spicy stuff and it's mucho spicy. Babs had the KK burger and I had the Cole Train burger and we tasted each others breads as that is what's the kicker on all of them. Then we had the Skunk Egg burger because Babs said to Jeanne ..'you should make a skunk egg burger'...and she had the buns coming out of the oven that evening. We went yesterday and tried them and all you could hear was:"mmmm, mmmm, and yup...yup.."..ha
because my blood test were really really bad this time I kept saying I was going to be strict and watch what I ate..But thanks to Jeanne that went out of the window. Now that we got to taste all of them..I'm back on my low low no carb diet..and no more trips to Gerik's Bakery for Jeanne's scoop cakes, Pink Champagne pops and kolaches or Sharla's..sigh*..
A West News Post is coming up, but wanted to brag about all the good eats that come out of that magical kitchen.
I also found out that I can send skunk eggs and any of the stuff on the menu to you over night for an added $12. So if the skunk egg is $4 it's that plus $12 and you get it over night..I have some people wanting them so if you do..let me know so I can give Jeanne enough time to make sure she has enough made up...
Today is my not doing nuffin' day..Having back troubles and heart troubles(not medical) just broken heart type troubles..so I'm sitting at home in the recliner in my night shirt and drawers reading my book and licking my wounds..love to you all.


Grandma K said...

When I saw that it was the Pizza House - I wasn't expecting those great burgers!

More over I want your back troubles and broken heart out of there!

PS - I am really thinking of that Skunk Burger, but I think the weight I have lost (yea - and it's a mere drop in the bucket) would find friends and come back to find me! Love you Granny!

Jan said...

Broken heart? What have I missed? Who broke your heart? I'll get a contract out on them.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

May the Great Goddess Freya send you peace and blessings, YDG. So sorry to hear that you have heartaches right now.

My name WAS Female, I shit you not! said...

UR Killing me Jackie!
My saliva is working OVER TIME looking at those pictures and scoop cakes and kolatches to boot.
Oh my. I could not resist that temptation. sigh!

FoxyMoron said...

Hope you feel better soon Jackie.

billy pilgrim said...

how about a picture of you and babs eating skunk eggs?

Random Thinker said...

Skunk eggs? No thanks.

rainywalker said...

I'm coming down sometime around the end of May. I'll send you an e-mail on the time. Save me one.

Intense Guy said...

:( I wish you were feeling better - Broken heart? Did Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin get married this weekend? or were you pining after Prince Whichever it was?

If I didn't die from watching folks run around having outdoor sex - I could die just as happy eating a skunk egg. Gosh that place looks rough on the diet but oh-so-yummy!