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Friday, June 03, 2011


between the Lady Trojans of West, by Goddess, Texas and the Celina, Texas Lady Cats. Game will he held in Austin, by Goddess keeping em weird, Texas at 1:30..

be there or be square..the game is telecast online...to listen click on:


and if you would like to interact with the announcers/fans and me...

send emails to:


Chuck and BJ call the game..they do a great great job..Last night Debra and Nitty sent in emails and were mentioned on air. I heard all about it every where I went this morning..Trying to explain to people in West why people in Canada and Ohio were rooting for West and how did they find out about them...sigh*
I'm afraid I might have been found out..the more people that find out about the blog the less I'm going to have to say about them..ha..name changing will be in order.

Ok..I'm off to nap ..I think there is a Baylor Lady Bears game on, but so far can't figure out when ..play Alabama..go girls..
Babs and I will go to the farmers market tomorrow morning and the I'm going to be mildly sedated to listen to the game..I don't know which is going to be worse on my health..if they win or lose.nah..no chance of them losing..this year..is the year...

I'm so nervous..hope you all listen to the game..call in and tell me howdy..js


Nit Wit said...

Only mildly sedated? I'm gonna tell the Goddess! You said the "L" word!
Go Lady Trojans! :)

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Oh dear! We're "outing" your blog? I don't want you to start censoring yourself, YDG! Sorry!

Intense Guy said...

:) must of been cool to see and hear - the support from all over like that...