I'm a liberal pagan living in West,Texas..yes that West,Texas

Saturday, June 25, 2011


Hot...really hot...very very hot..sigh* been at least 100-106...we had a cold front move in and lowered the temperature to 97 and less than an inch of rain..Hot.
West Library needs volunteers to make confetti eggs. It's one of the ways the library raises money each year. The kids we used to depend on them are out of school and moved on, so we need new blood. I'm thinking about asking Kathy if maybe the volunteers at West Rest Haven might be able to help. I might help too.
West Fraternal is having a 2 day garage sale. Anissa and I went today and I got a bunch of stuff for the Tale Tellers to use when they tell their stories and one lady was so nice she bagged up all of the scarves and men's ties and let me have them for a dollar. I also got a book on stories to be read that they might be able to use. I also found me some books, of course. But it was so hot in there. It's a huge place and was packed with tables and people selling stuff, but guess they didn't figure it was worth turning the a/c on ..all the money they'd make would go on the electric bill. Anyhow Anissa and I had fun.

Next Sunday we're having the Czech-splosion. I'm going for sure. Although my ass will be wore out as it's the day I do my shopping and also am going to Wakko and get my new diabetic shoes.
And Monday we're having Jackie's Kitchen combined with the regular bingo. We'll have strawberry and blueberry shortcakes with vanilla ice cream and whipped cream. Just be me and Jamie as it's a holiday and only one person works on holidays.

WWII veteran is getting his medal for helping liberate Czechoslovakia . He will receive the Cross of Merit of the Minister of Defense of the Czech Republic (the country's highest defense award)
from Deputy Prime Minister Karel Schwarzenberg and Czech Republic Military Attache Brig. Gen. Premysl Skacha.

There is going to be a re-dedication ceremony for the Crash At Crush state historical marker on September 15, to coincide with 115th anniversary of the event. Anyone that has any pictures or artifacts from the crash are asked to contact Mimi Montgomery Irwin at the West News. If your interested in what the Crash at Crush is..google it.

Looks like it's not just me that is in love with my fair city. There is a letter to the editor from a family that had been stranded in West when their car pulling a 31-foot trailer broke down. Along with their daughter and 3 dogs. Seems like everyone stopped to help them. Got their car fixed pulled their trailer to KOA Grounds and really just showed them the generosity that West citizens are known for. Lovely letter and they were so amazed at the level of caring and help they received. Made me proud.
West also has Zumba Fitness classes $5 per class. I thought about taking them..but think I can get the same results shaking my ass to alansgoldenoldies.com on the weekend when I listen to it.

West educational group awards $11,000 in grants for Grow Green with Us and an educational field trip to Space Caverns, 4 whiteboards, 2 lap top computers, 16 kindles for the reading program and for Math Tutorial Help software.

The 16th annual Girard family reunion will be held on June 25, 2011 at Cottonwood Hall.
1971 WHS graduates plan a Oct. 22 reunion.

Here we are having the worse drought in 10 years and 50 years ago we set a record high for 9.5 inches of rain in 5 days. Texas...gotta love it.
Marissa made AB honor roll again. Hmm, she usually makes A honor roll. She's coming to the house not this weekend but next and we're having a slumber party. Should be fun.

West has an ad in the paper for Correctional Officers for Jack Harwell Detention. Anyone wanna job?..Get a job as a correctional officer and then buy a 1915 built home, wonderful woodwork, hardwoods, butler pantry needs updating and remodeling . Priced to sell at $34,900.
Or you could buy a city lot with large pecan trees for only $15,000 and just build one. Or you could buy the Village Bakery or Ray's Electric and Plumbing business. Lots of opportunities here in West. All that and Pizza House of West too..and Gerik's Bakery..Life's good here folks..well except for the 102 temperature..but we do have good A/C's and me. Y'all come back and see me..ya'hea?


Jan said...

I was set to pack up and then i heard about a five foot snake on somebody's front porch.

I'm not afraid of snakes as long as they're behind glass or something.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

That's a helluva cold spell when it's still 97 degrees outside!

Nit Wit said...

Told Rose about the Prison add and she said she has a friend who lives in Texas and said they have a terrible prison system to work in. I got an add from the Realtor there about a house that sounds a lot like that one with pictures but it was priced at $24,500 and is at 705 N Marable. Don't know if I want to move to a place where they explode Czech people for fun. :P

FoxyMoron said...

Yikes that is hot, your climate sounds a lot like Australia (in places).
And wow how cheap are houses there? If I hadn't just signed a lease on this place I'd be packing to come live in West, Texas!

My name WAS Female, I shit you not! said...

Chuckling at the visual of me shaking my ass to alansgoldenoldies along side of you. ;0)
THX for the current events.
No need to say " Keep Cool ", but I will. " Keep Cool " orrrrrrrrrr Have a Hot Time in that old town tonight.
You are My Idol Jackie!

jadedj said...

I have to say, I had never heard of the "crash" until I read about it here. I Googled it. What a clusterfuck that was.

Btw, the town of West needs to hire you on as a spokesperson. You do make me smile, kid.

Rox said...

My girlfriend lost like 30 pounds doing Zumba! I don't get what it is, quite frankly. Anyway. Sorry it's so effing hot there. I'll send y'all my raindrops""""""""""""""""""""". There. :)

Intense Guy said...

Confetti Eggs? like bits of paper in a plastic egg? Sounds like something even I could do...

That Crash At Crush sounds "Waco" to me... I think I might have gone to see it if I had been around back then! LOL!

Take is easy YDG.. don't over do it in the heat ya'hea?