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Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Not a lot of news, but haven't done a West News in a while so thought I'd let you see what's going on ...
The West Public Library's Tale Tellers have planned a special story time for 10:30 a.m. this coming Saturday to identify and celebrate some of the traditions of the Chinese New Year. Besides reading The Dancing Dragon by Marcia Vaughan, crafts and snacks will be enjoyed by those attending. Children will even be able to learn a few words and phrases in Chinese. Story time is free for all area children. for more information call 826-3070 or visit westpl.org.
The School Board is to check into new track and ball fields.
Plans for a new baseball and softball complex, along with a track, on the West High School campus were discussed during the West Independent School District's Jan.11th board meeting. As most of you know by now..Baseball and softball is king here in West. We have an excellent 4-field baseball/softball complex over by where I live. It's amazing. But when we have the girls softball team in playoffs and the boys baseball team in playoffs at the same time that all the other kids are playing their regular season and playoff games..it gets pretty crowded. So I think this is a good idea. Just don't know why they didn't include all this when they built the new High School to begin with.
The replica of the Vietnam Memorial Wall is coming to West on Memorial Day Weekend. West VFW began raising money to pay for the Wall's appearance in January 2011 and has reached much of their $10,000 goal through monthly breakfast at the West VFW post and generous donations.
This will be a great thing for West..as people from all over will come to see the Wall bringing people to also buy some local goods.I also can't wait to see it..I actually got to see it in person when they had the 10 year Anniversary. I was working at Manassas at the book store. I drove from Texas to Manassas, unloaded the van and drove to Washington D.C. to see the wall..Waved at Clinton and went back to the motel. I bought a ton of souvenirs and did a pencil etching of one of the names for a guy I knew in Waco. It was his son and had never seen it and at his age, never would. So I'm really excited about it going to be here. Wonder what else they have planned?
West Fair and Rodeo Association is bringing back the Bullfest on June 2. This even is part of the DBR Horizon series. They had it last year on April 30, but moved it hoping we'd have a better chance of having better weather.
I-35 is still having temporary lane closures. So far it hasn't screwed anything up..it's usually only been for 4-5 days. But Barbara and I are not looking forward to when they make the frontage roads one way cause it's going to make it a pain in the ass to get off I-35 to her apts. and for me to go visit. feck!
West has 9 churches. First Baptist, First Assembly of God, First United Methodist Church, West Brethren Church,Bold Springs Baptist church, First United Church, Church of Christ, Log Cabin Fellowship and St. Mary's Church of The Assumption. Tours has St. Martin's, Leroy has James Chapel Church and The Leroy Church and Tokio has the Tokio Baptist Church.
Wonder why... the Churches are all First United? I suppose I should google.
The Trojans and Lady Trojans are doing great in basketball. The Lady Trojans are 2-1 in division, and the Trojans are 3-0.
Last week we lost 7 residents from West Rest Haven. Some very big losses and I for one are going to miss them..But then..everyone will.
Blue Bell Ice cream is $4.99 a gallon...sigh*..that's a sale price.
Just a few more reasons why you should pack up and haul your ass to West, By Goddess, Texas: Tastefully updated 3BR/2BA home on 2 acres. Open floor plan, over-sized laundry room, crown molding. Huge kitchen island, carport, covered patio, storage building and fenced yard. On Brickyard Road(country) for $129,900.
4 BD/3BA home with office. Nice, open floor plan, WBFP, built-in appliances, tile and wood floors. Large utility room, large storage utility closet, carport, detached garage with A/C bonus room. Within 2 blocks to 3 schools. $185,000.
If your a nurse, they are hiring RN/LVN full time at West Rest Haven. Czech stop is hiring and experienced secretary in construction and payroll is needed, plus Out West Bar needs a cook.
There is a cute letter to the editor where a dog was found following the mail man on his route. By going through one of the local vets they managed to find the owner.. His job? He's a mailman in Waco. I guess the dog figured our mailman would take him to his mailman.
Girl Scout cookies on sale.Get thee behind my fat thighs Satan.
WHS Baseball is having their 5th Annual Long-Ball Hitting fundraiser on Jan 28 at Veterans Field in West. There will be caps, hoodies, and Texas Rangers baseball tickets for sale. Also grilled hamburgers will be for sale. the public will again be able to take their swings during their portion of the long-ball hitting contest.
And....compounding my love for West..last Sunday West had a benefit for Feryn Schulte . The came from all over ..by the thousands. It was held at the KC Hall, and there was a band, drawing, and all sorts of food. By 10:30 a.m. people were already lined up for food and the line never dwindled down to anything less than 50. (I'm quoting Jeanette Karlik who writes an article for the paper and was there) She said it was packed..the parking lot was full and she said to get from one end to the other because of the crowd would take about 10 minutes.There were t-shirts for sale. They were blue was written, "Faith Enriches Recovery in you now." The first letter in each word spells out Feryn. She said the hall was just a sea of blue. Things were being auctioned off for thousands of dollars. Some of the items were a metal porch swing, a home made meal, picnic table, a huge wooden windmill. Bags of noodles and buchtas went for over $200 each. the auction lasted 5 hours. Feryn is 9 years old and has a rare cancer. Anyone wanting to donate can send a check to Feryn Schulte c/o Carol and Robert Mynarcik
4012 Tokio Road
West, Texas 76601
Well...that's all the news...We may not have beautiful valleys, or rolling hills, or majestic views...but we do have the biggest hearts in Texas..


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Hey, that really is a big deal that the Vietnam Memorial Wall replica is coming to West. Good for everyone for raising the money!

MarkD60 said...

What's the story of the street webcam in your sidebar? Not to change the subject?

yellowdoggranny said...

I'm not sure why it's there..but the view is from on top of Jupe Mill's..the building on the right is our West Hardware..the big building on the left is Food Mart Grocery.The corner of the red building on the left is Wolf's Sports Bar and on the opposite corner is Payrea's Liquor Store.

Kulkuri said...

In other countries if you get sick, you don't have to worry about paying for medical treatment as it is your right. Here even if you have insurance, you have to hope you have friends and/or family to have a spaghetti dinner to raise money to pay for medical treatment. Tell me, HOW IN THE HELL IS THAT THE BEST HEALTHCARE IN THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Grandma K said...

Thanks for the update.

FoxyMoron said...

I really enjoy West news, thanks YDG.

My name WAS Female, I shit you not! said...

Me too, me too!
THX for all the effort you put into your blog Jackie.

Rox said...

I'd love to buy a house in West, then I could have a warm place to go when it's cold as fuck here! (Like now!)

So sad that the Rest Home lost seven. Uh, not to be an ass, but it didn't have anything to do with Jackie's Kitchen, did it? ;)

yellowdoggranny said...

well it was almost a month since the last kitchen..but Loretta did pass away the next morning after eating my whole wheat bread lids..

Ol'Buzzard said...

three comments:
1) the wife and I look forward to your hump day and Friday post - please keep it up.
2) Callista Gingrich has to be a plastic blow-up doll.
3) I know you love West Texas. I landed in West Texas on a flight when I was in the Navy and my only memory was that you could look further and see less than any place I had ever been, and that included the arctic. And for me, nine churches would trump $129,000 house. But different strokes and diversity...
3.a) fried pickles: really?

take care
the Ol'Buzzard

Ol'Buzzard said...

Granny, I stand corrected on West, Texas, I thought it was in west Texas; I drove through Alberta four years ago and thought I was in west Texas - its a big state.
the Ol'Buzzard