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Saturday, March 17, 2012


 The guy in orange is the Mayor of West...a great mayor and an even better guy. The guy he's talking to is a Republican Schmuck running for office...ptttttt! 

 I love this t-shirt..and he has a nice ass too.

 West, Texas clouds of course..was a little overcast and pretty breezy but other wise a beautiful day. 

 I judged the ribs and briskets..mostly were terrific..but the last brisket I tasted had soo much salt on it I couldn't even swallow it..was awful..ruined all the great brisket and ribs before it and it's been 3 hours and still can't get that crappy taste out of my mouth..I gave one brisket a 10..it totally rocked..was right up there with Inky's..
Speaking of Schmuck's..I got Babs a BBQ sandwich and said I wasn't having one cause I had given up meat for Shazam Day...she said your not eating meat for Shazam Day but your judging ribs and brisket..fuck..Never occurred to me that judging a BBQ cookoff would be eating meat..sigh*...hire the handicapped..we're fun to watch.
I sat at a table with the same people I sat with last year..except one sister couldn't make it but she had another one stand in for her..2 sisters and their dad..really really nice people.
And I think I found a guy about a pig..he hunts wild boars and he gets the baby's too..He an get one the right age and raise it till it's the right size and then we can kill it and eat it..hahahah..BAAAAACON... So need to get with Kathy, get a date and then find him and see what he can do for us..Having a luau...a Hawaiian luau...♫...wish I could get some poi. It tastes like library paste but they can say they had it ..
I'm so excited..that would just be so cool...ok..I'm off..Dexter is giving me the you got 2 minutes to get me some tuna hooman or it's ass biting time.


Mr. Charleston said...

Now this is one serious cook off Granny. Dang, can I be a judge? How do you get to be a judge anyway?

My name WAS Female, I shit you not! said...

Luv Pit BBQ. Always get some when I head South of the Border. :0)
Your social life....tires me out.
I'd fizzle out long before you do.
Get some R & R ....you deserve it. (((hugs)))Pat

Nit Wit said...

I noticed you were so busy violating your Shazam pledge that you didn't take any pictures of food. I got to wondering what Dexter would do if you got a pet pig. They say they make loving companions. :P

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Looks like a great time!

FoxyMoron said...

Yes but tasting brisket is like tasting wine, you spit it out right? So it doesn't count as eating meat. ;)

Rox said...

So jealous of your beautiful weather...we got snow last night. Again. Insert expletive here.

And yeah, you are one busy broad! I couldn't keep up to you.

Kulkuri said...

Must be one helluva BBQ when you have to have fire trucks standing by!!!

MarkD60 said...

I love the pics of the Bar B Que trailers. You could just do a post about them. I'd love a big Bar B Que sandwich right now... Even if it is morning.

THe first cloud look like a little pig humping a big butt. I though that's why you posted it, but you didn't say anything...

Anonymous said...

Before I saw your comment about his ass.....I thought the same thing.


you just sign up..we had 30 judges..and 14 entries..of each..I didnt' do chicken..last year I got bloody chicken..no more.ick!
the grand prize is $15,000.
ah, going to the rodeo grounds is less than 3 minutes from my apt. so not a big deal..plus I get to visit with people I haven't seen for a while.some since last year.
nope I swallowed every bite..but it's just one small bite..one I actually spit out..it had so much salt on it I was afraid to swallow it.. ghastly.
we're supposed to get some rain..we still need it.but it's been over cast all day with nothing to show for it.
the reason the fire trucks are there is to show the people what the money goes for..it's for the west volunteer fire dept. been doing it for 20 years. we buy everything our ownself, with the bbq cook off..with fund raisers all year long.
I swear I never noticed the cloud..and it does look like a pig humping ..cracked me up when I noticed. it..thanks for pointing it out to me.
yup..I may be old, but I can still appreciate a fine ass.

Unknown said...

It sounds like a fun day I love bbq, wow you are a busy woman!

McRaven said...

I am at work. And now I am hungry. Thanks. =P I really really want to plan a visit to hang out with you for a few days. I love u. =)