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Saturday, September 05, 2015


 stem fell off my glasses, couldn't see a fecking thing..my David Letterman gap..Abby is pissed caused the parade hadn't started and she was waiting for her candy.

 she wasn't allowed to cross the line or she would have been running out in middle of the street going after the candy.
 my beauty's
 I look much smaller standing....now that is one happy kid..candy in each hand and a tootsie pop in her mouth...it was sooooooo fecking hot...we were just dripping from sweat..
 she loved riding her horse with her daddy..
I saw the Ferris Wheel and said do you want to ride it? She said yes, do you? I said yes, cause it's the only ride that doesn't make GG scream in terror..She looked at me (as only a 3 year old can) and said I don't scream in terror and I'm not afraid of heights either.. she also informed me that her name was Abigale Breanne Galloway and was 2 years old going on 5. more like 15..
Sweet Preston and his niece Kiera ..
officially it's hotter than a two peckered goat.

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