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Thursday, September 03, 2015

Louis Mynarcik

This is the article telling about how the West Rest Haven was going to be opening up and how excited Louis was about going home. You remember Louis and his wife Eleanor, they were the ones that I would bake bread and then butter the ends and sneak them into West Rest Haven for.Eleanor passed away and right after that the explosion happened and all Louis wanted was to come home.Now read the next article.



I don't even know where to start without getting hit with a lawsuit..Because West Rest Haven won't pay their employees a decent wage(people that were making $13 an hour were told if they came back they would pay them $9 an hour.) The government won't allow people to go to nursing homes that don't pay the $10.10 hour to go to that nursing home.  I see in the paper they are asking for people to come fill out applications. Two weeks in a row so far..and no one will go to work there because of the low wages. The thing that I find strange is that they kept at least 5 people on payroll the entire time from the explosion to the opening..maybe if they didn't pay them for 2+ years they would be able to pay their help the $10.10 an hour. I am heart broken for Louis..I was going to bake bread and take him the buttered ends for a welcome home gift...sigh*

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