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Saturday, September 12, 2015


243 pictures of the parade..and not one of Abby..but 149-150 are Patsy Patsy Patsy and Andy with her family..
Mike Adamson(Snake) and his daughter and grandson on 195, and of course the first picture is of Preston and his niece...love them..


Claire Muska(the mayors daughter) was crowned Miss Westfest 2015..

We had  a pretty good year, not what I thought it would be which was around 25,000..so far I think the count is 21,768.Saturday is always the biggest day and we had 11,359 romping thru the grounds. 
The parade will always be the best part for me. Now when I was drinking Saturday night was my favorite..I would sometimes make Sunday but I was usually happily ensconced on my regular bar stool at the Capital..or bar hopping in my little blue jeep.
As usual Jeanne and her daughter Sharla were big winners at the kolache cooking contest. Sharla won grand champion..I think nosing her mom out of first place..ha..she had a great teacher.
But I know what your really looking forward to...the food..
1,985 hamburgers, 1,500 corn dogs, over 1,435 pound of french fries, 3,270 kolaches, 600 slices of strudel, 1.050 pounds of spudzillas, 168 dozen perogies, 5,325sausage sandwiches,sausage sticks, sausage baskets and sausage plates, 1,000 roasted ears of corn, 25 pounds of uncooked pork rinds, 1,080 skunk eggs, 1,050 funnel cakes, 146f funnel cake fries, 300 steaks on a stick, 250 chickens on a stick, 300 pork kabobs, 225 gator baskets,40 meat pies, 250 rib eye sandwiches, 100 mushroom sticks, 200 boudin balls, 50 crab cakes, 60 burritos, 1,440 tamales, 250 nachos,600 turkey legs, 100 catfish baskets, 42 gallons of pickles,105 cups of smoothies, 425 oven baked pizzas, 533 cups of ice cream,925 snowcones,1,1010 shakes, 44 ice cream floats, 318 ice cream cones, and 300 hot dogs..
feck, now I'm hungry.

Oh, and as usual..the Dulocks kicked ass in horseshoes..the only time they didn't win is when they weren't in it..
Also good news.....The Trojans and 2-0 in football..hot damn...

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