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Monday, October 26, 2015


 Grandpa helping Abby open presents.. Jennifer made that tutu dress...well she made the tutu and attached it to a Peppa pig shirt.
 Abby and Laura(Jamie's best friend) Abby is a ham.
 The birthday party was held at Pikasso's..where there is a huge room full of ceramics items, like dragons, Disney characters, plates, cups, dolphins, dogs, etc. and you buy the one you like and then you paint it and then they cook it and glaze it.It's really cool and the kids had a great time..Had a chocolate cake decorated for Peppa Pig and all sorts of other foods, sandwiches, veggie platter and fruit platter..drinks..
 Abby, her daddy and Olivia..(who dressed herself)
 Grandpa and his girls..
 Jamie and the girls.
 Nana and the hambone.
 Nana and Olivia.
 Abby painting her bird..least I think it was a bird..
 Jamie, Abby, Zac, my step Grandson Scotty, Ava and Scotty's girlfriend Laurie.
 Jamie and Abby..who every time she opened it she said 'look everybody'...
 she got a ton of clothes and toys..almost everything was Peppa Pig or Frozen.
 see the little pink tackle box I got her to go with her fishing pole..her daddy takes her fishing out at his place.

 the great trailer/van for Peppa Pig..it is so cool.
 out like a light after a big day..with her little kitty and Dr McStuffin's little lamb.
oh, and while all this was happening? the cowboys lost to the giants.....


Jan said...

I watched the game. It was entertaining, but you were better off in a happy place

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Looks like a great party! I have no idea who Peppa Pig is but glad she's a fave! That little pink tackle box is adorable.

more cowbell said...

My younger daughter would be so impressed with that pink tackle box for fishing. Looks like she had an amazing day. Also, love Olivia's boots.

billy pilgrim said...

she's a real cutie pie.

is that hardy guy more trouble than he's worth?

yellowdoggranny said...

him and that fucking dez

MarkD60 said...

Maybe they lost because you weren't watching?

But it looks like you had fun!