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Wednesday, August 02, 2017

my greats...really are.

so we're all at Peter Pipers Pizza and my greats felt bad for this little girl cause she didn't have anyone to play with ..they shared their tokens with her and Jamie bought her an ice cream when she got ours..look at those faces..Abby said she was her new best friend..kind of like the new best friend she made at the story hour at West Library..or the new best friend she made at Walmart(they actually got out of their baskets so they could hug( talk about an awwww moment. Abby loves everyone..Olivia's like yeah, whatever..and getting her to smile..she always looks like someone off camera range is holding a gun to her head..man I love those little shits..


Adam said...

She sounds like a people person. I've always been introverted so in school making friends was often a struggle

Jan said...

What great kids, you have reason to be proud


Adam she loves everybody..she will walk into a room full of strangers and start hugging everybody..I'm sorry you had such a hard time as a kid..I was like Abby without the hugging..but I was a military brat and we moved so much and I had to make new friends every time so I would either have no friends or I'd go make them..
I am proud of them Jan..they keep this old lady's heart pumping.'