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Tuesday, October 09, 2018

cause I fecking loves ya sonsabitches

fuckface..or a face I attached to a body I wouldn't fuck.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Well, now my Tuesday is starting off right! We got snow on the weekend. I hope it melts though -- I need to take all my balcony furniture in and it's a pain in the ass to do in the snow.

Pinterest, LOL! And those Melania Trump ones! "Same shit, different century" says it all, too.

But my fave is the "I sharted" licence plate!

Vivian Swift said...

I love you, Yellow Dog Grannie...but you have mis-read the first meme. "The last time we had to take women's word about sexual assault, black men were hung from trees" means that Kavanaugh was lynched by a lying white woman. It's a fascist right wing meme -- it's not supportive of Dr. Ford, or women, at all. It means that men are the victims when women speak up about assault.

But otherwise, I love your corner of the internet and I'm here often when I need signs of intelligent life in America.


people keep telling me to quit picking on Melania ...yeah, not going to happen..
Vivian you're right ..I read it the wrong way...thanks..I deleted it..bless you my child..thanks for that and thanks for stopping by and saying howdy..ydg

wibble said...

Fuck Melania. She had her chance to prove she wasn't like all the others around her, and SHE FUCKED IT UP. Birds of a feather.

Unless he =really= gets lucky, Barron will be just as broken and fucked-up as the rest of his family.

I keep having to suppress the urge to sell everything I can and buy something chambered in either NATO 7.62 or .300WinMag...

Adam said...

Impeach Mr. Drunk Judge and the Uncle Tom while we are at it.