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Thursday, October 04, 2018

so I was watching tv the other niiiight(to be faaair)

(yes I'll get to the memes in a minute but this is funny)
and I have broken firestick..which means I get free everything..I have mobdro app for live tv which comes from Pennsylvania and New York..but I get it..free..anyhow..there are a ton of channels..and in all sorts of different languages besides English...Urdu, Spanish, German French..etc.I basically watch ABC, CBS, NBC AMC..etc..I have problems hearing people so I usually watch them on my kodi app the next day..so I was bored and I'm flipping thru the channels checking out what I have access to. Because I have shitty internet sometimes the channels won't pop up right away...it buffers..so I flipped to this one channel and I'm not paying attention and it starts to buffer..fuckit says I and I go to see if there is anything interesting in the refrigerator since the last time I checked 10 minutes ago..I have my head in the fridge and all of a sudden I hear the sound of skin slapping against skin and a lot of moaning and groaning.. holyfuckme..I drop the handful of moldy grapes that I had found in the back of fridge, ..and ran into the living room..why panic you say? I live alone with 2 cats who could care less about people fucking on tv..but my tv butts up against my neighbors living room..and my neighbor is a special needs guy and thinks I hung the moon..I know it only took about 10 seconds for me to get from kitchen to tv and turn it off..but it was the longest 10 seconds of my life..I still can't look my neighbor in the eye for fear he thinks I was having sex in the living room with the pizza guy..this and the fact that I drove to town and found a pig in the middle of the road and had to feed it dog bones I keep in the car for meals on wheels dogs so he would get out of the middle of the street..convinces me that  shit like this only happens to me.

I'm just going to post this as a treat for you and now work on the meme blog..


wibble said...

...vhat iss zis 'bro-kin fyar stick' u ar spikink off?

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Hahahahahaha, fun post, Jackiesue! Remember that channel and just watch with the sound off next time, eh?

Leanna said...

HAHAHAAHAHAHAAA! I bet your neighbor was listening with a glass up against the wall. This was way too funny. Question, so how did you break the firestick? I need to know.