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Friday, October 26, 2018

I'm falling asleep and not sure what the fuck Im doing.

 I'll try and do another post tomorrow..my forehead has hit the keyboard about 5 times..ok..maybe once..laters.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

George Takei, you national treasure! And I always knew that Linus was smoking SOMETHING! A great lineup today, YDG, thanks!

Sandy said...

Loved them all, some were new to me; but above poster Debra...George Takei!!! Priceless. I wish the media would call these assignation attempts just that. Stop calling them incidents, packages, call them Bombs! Stop calling the dude in the white van the one who mailed the packages, call him the one who's attempted multiple assignations. Then when donnie john starts in again, talk about how he is making fun of people who's lives where threaten. They're making it sound less than it was.
Sandy's Space

Adam said...

No such thing as free beer, free traps however.

Ol'Buzzard said...

I just don't understand how Republicans can buy into any of this shit... well maybe Christian fundamentalist...racist...self serving politicians...easily manipulated, poorly educated...
Hell: never mind
the Ol'Buzzard

yellowdoggranny said...

Debra I just love George Takei and you're welcome
free stuff makes me antsy Adam..it's always in the back of my head..what do they want?
Sandy..I just wonder how many more people are going to die before Trump shuts the fuck up or someone shuts him up.
yeah, ol'buzzard...we're fucked.