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Wednesday, February 13, 2019

BLACK HISTORY...amazing.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Love the photo of the little kid imitating the Obama cover on Newsweek. And the one offering him a big hug in the crowd. Wish he was still president. America was great then.

Leanna said...

Obama was the best president ever in my lifetime. He could have been and done so much more if we had a Democrat House and Senate for both his terms. Even though he's no longer our present president he is still sought after by everyone and applauded.

wibble said...

"DemocratIC". Don't fall into the linguistic trap those fuckers keep trying to trip us all into - they want to be able to spit the word "Democrat" out like a curse-word.


Debra I loooove all the pictures of him with little kids..you can't fool a kid..
Leeanne i weep for what could have been and how long it will take us to get back all that we have lost.
Wibble..I'm going to have a I'm proud to be a democrat tshirt made.