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Friday, February 01, 2019

T.G.I.M.T. thank Goddess it's mueller time

 every smart democrat..fuck no.


Valerie said...

Have a great weekend, Jackie Sue!

Ol'Buzzard said...

I go with you on sleep: I'm sleeping like shit.

Anyway; great memes
the Ol'Buzzard

jono said...

Some good ones in there, Jackiesue!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

The Trump Prison Pool, LOL! Camelflage -- stole it! The "all organic diet" one is true. And so is that accurate definition of the Trickle-Down Theory. Stole ABBA & Costello too!

Have a great weekend, Jackiesue. Sleep well!

carolyn said...

Thank you Ms. Yellowdog. You always lift my day.


Valerie..always do..thanks
Ol'Buzzard..some nights I sleep like a baby and others? can't go to sleep till 4 a.m. feck.
thanks Jono.I try.
Debra I am having so much fun with the puns...thanks for getting me started..
thank you very much Caroline..I appreciate it

wibble said...

Doctors sez I have sleep apnea.

So now I'm trying to figure out how to fall asleep with a fucking gimp-mask on my face, trying to blow air up my nose...

Sandy said...

Soooooooooo many good ones. Don Jr...next, lol Wouldn't that be grand. Mueller...man of the year.

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