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Wednesday, June 23, 2021

humpity do dah day.



Debra She Who Seeks said...

"Humpity Doo Dah," LOL! Good lineup this morning, Jackiesue, thanks!

Valerie said...

Adulthood, no kidding! Good stuff, Jackie Sue. Hope you are enjoying the grands

yellowdoggranny said...

Debra.....whoop there it is..
Valerie...I waited 21 years for this shit????
it's going to be a busy and fun summer. Wed story hour is so much fun.. had Abby and Delilah for it today. Nana brought them. This entire summer story hours are about space...it's so cool...they colored rockets and had rocket race outside.. yeah, 30 kids shooting rockets outside in 90+ heat.. Abby said it was child abuse. Ha.

Richard said...

I understood the one about zip-loc bags. Gods help me but it makes sense. Within reason, of course.
Thank you for your posts. Thank you for acknowledging pride month. It makes no sense to me and sounds like a fad, or a new favorite thing. I have bags and baskets full of fear and anger about how it used to be, until they decided that we are cool and interesting. I have mixed feelings about Pride.

Mildred Ratched said...

Stole your "Live out the colors of the pride flag" and as always all your stuff is right on! It's scary we live in a world occupied by so many frigging dangerously stupid people.