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Friday, June 25, 2021

well, I'm up to my ass in alligators on Facebook

 It's so fucking weird, one of my friends said that she wanted Trump dead and she got kicked off for a day. I said white people are stupid, and got kicked off for a week. I think the white folks at facebook took offense...oh well. I'm not sure how much I have in storage, but if I have enough will do today and next Monday. After that you'll have to wait till I get out of facebook jail. 

Which is sorta cool as I will have Olivia Friday Saturday and Sunday. Then Abby will come over Sunday and will have her till Tuesday evening. Hoping to have Dillweed at least one day a week but they are really learning stuff in day care. I saw him Tuesday and he was so excited. He took off his shoe and said kiss my foot. So I kissed him everywhere. Neck, cheeks, feet and he was loving it. When I had to leave I said "kiss me goodbye Eddie" and he said "bye Eddie.". I shut the door and I could hear him yelling  'hey, come back here.'...Abby said he was saying it all the way home. Ok...here's this weeks assorted memes and shit.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Well, Jackiesue, enjoy your time in the FB sin bin, LOL!

That zombie movie tweet is accurate! And I like the "special place in hell" one too, LOL!

Vivian Swift said...

Oh god, that one about not dying in my sleep made me laugh out loud, and lordy, I needed a good laugh. Have fun on your internet-free mandatory vacation!

pam nash said...

A good several days to play with the grands sounds - well - grand! Then a day or two to recuperate and back again. Seems like somebody at FB has too much time on their hands to be concerned over that statement.

TruleyTexan said...

Funny, on our community page trashing liberals is never addressed. Hmmm.

TruleyTexan said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
yellowdoggranny said...

Debra this is what my friend Allen posted. Jackiesue has been kicked off FB for a week for making disparaging remarks about the intelligence level of Caucasians. We shall miss her. Sympathy may be sent via Messenger.
haha.. special place in hell for them.
thanks Vivian, always want to brighten your day..
Pam can't wait to have them. I got reprimanded once for telling someone the title of Michael Moore's book was stupid white men.. wtf???
Truley Texan...there's that rock.

wibble said...

Fuck Zuck. Break Up Big Tech. Tax the Rich until they fucking squeal, then tax 'em some more.

Valerie said...

I was sidelined for 24 hours because I called Mitch et al. traitors and said "Hang 'em High" I was inciting violence. :-p Have a great weekend, thanks for all the good ones today.

TruleyTexan said...

Not understanding why my post was removed. I was implying that trashing liberals seems to be tolerated while saying mean things about trump or white peoples are flagged.

Nan said...

I've gotten banished to Facebook jail for sharing things I found on Facebook. If something isn't allowed on Facebook why would it show multiple previous shares? It makes no sense. Also have had posts dinged for violating community standards because somewhere in the post a word was lurking that the mindless algorithms reacted to. I've appealed a couple not because I really cared but because I wanted the actual humans at FB to see just how stupid the initial ban was. Latest weirdness was FB wouldn't let me tag my daughter when I shared a blogpost about her dad working on our well. I'd love to know what word in that totally innocuous post woke up the FB bots.

The Blog Fodder said...

Hi, Jackiesue. You managed to fill this up with some great memes. Middle Aged Riot is so good. Loved the "Liberal or conservative" communion questions. Time to tax HELL out of the churches

Grandma K said...

From a three or four time inhabitant in FB jail - use the word ignorant. Stupid hits the robot. I have learned a lot of new put downs to avoid jail. I think my next time, unlike the fat orange criminal, will probably be my last with such a few visits!

yellowdoggranny said...

truly texan it double posted so I deleted one..and I knew what you meant..the rock meaning the trump supporters..

Richard said...

They act like critical race theory is some weird radical leftist theory that is out to destroy them. I can swear to you that we never even heard of it.
We are just here trying to keep care of our dear ones.
They are perfectly fine when we make something nice.
Our food is fashionable. Now we have to worry about critical race theory? If all the bullshit yall ever piled up,
now we have to do critical race theory?
Now we have to apologize for not embracing this weird Republican fantasy?
Now we have to say ok fine, your sketchy views on history are the the best. You didn't try to kill us, we are not Americans.
We are sorry if we don't understand critical race theory.
We wanted to talk about what happened.
We don't care about the matt Gaetz opinion. We sure as hell don't care about critical race theory. We were there. We dont need a republican theory. It is a fantasy of theirs.
As a bonus, he likes to talk about sex a lot.
Most people are innocent, but that guy is a pervert and a liar.
Critical Race Theory! is bullshit.
I forgot to tell you that i don't agree with his ilk.

Richard said...

You, yellowdog granny, are in the hoosegaw? I am proud. Im super proud. I wanted to thank you for the space you create.
I have positive thoughts when i visit .
Alla en los juzegados.
Are you still too dangerous, or did they decide to let the old lady go home?