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Thursday, February 16, 2006


Here goes...
(1) what bloggers would you like to meet in person
a. Sooner/Babs..we all have to meet together....would be more better fun...
b. Denise
c. BYG of course(along with the family)
(2) Three movies that were so bad they were good...
a. Ishtar....I'm sorry but I laughed my ass off at that movie
b. Eric the Viking...had John Cleese in it...what can I say?
c. Cleopatra...Richard Burton drunk and Elizabeth's tits.....what more could you ask for?
(3) A celebrity that I most think is gay but hasen't come out of the closet yet?
I always thought Burt Reynolds was a tad ............in the closet....and if he was..what a beard Loni Anderson was..
(4)The most public place I have ever had sex and did anyone see me....Let me see.....well, there was the time back in the mid 70's that my steady fella and I used to ride on his motor-cycle..out into the middle of nowhere...and one time I decided to unzip his pants and see if i could distract him....so I'm all wrapped around him and working him up a little and so he pulls off on the side road....parked the bike..and we had on these overalls type outfits on and boots... we were both naked under them..so it was easy to get off...but we left the boots on and as we are fucking away we hear a helicopter and I'm on my back with cowboy boots up in the air.and these Calif. fire rangers are hovering over us and yelling and cheering us on...we waved and kept right on....I had chigger bites all over my ass for a week...
(5)Longest I have ever gone with out sleep....from Sept.69 to Feb. .70...speed....meth...acid..booze, etc.
(6).My 3 most favorite blogs...
a. Sooner
b. Babs
c. Dom's weird blog is fun..but I enjoy his comments on my comments the best.
(7)As an adult, have I ever been nude in public and if so, when and why?
Sugar, I'm from Texas...I have been naked and swimming in 'most every lake, river, creek, and tank since I was 2 years old...why?? Lonestar, Bicardi's, Jose Cuervo, Jack Daniels, orange sunshine, purple barrell, payote and the urge to pee in the water.
(8)my funniest childhood memory....oh my.....so many...lets see..it could be the time we killed and fried up my cousin larry Wayne's pet chicken Elizabeth...or the time we didn't feed the hogs for a week and then tossed Larry Wayne in the hog pen, or the time we played cowboys and Indians, and we hung Michael Ray by his heels, from a tree over a fire, or the time we convinced Larry Wayne to drive his bike off the back of our uncle's flat bed truck onto a stack of old mattress springs and he needed medical treatment for the slashes and cuts...or the...well...you get the idea..in our (my) defense..we had no tv when we were kids and had to find different ways to amuse our selves...which always resulted in either tears or blood..or both..
(9).Scariest (real or perceived) thing that ever happened to me...You mean like the time Jack stabbed me with a knive, or like the time he chased me into a bedroom with a gun? Those were pretty scary....but ................must remember too......I'm here.....Jack is not..
(10) Worse trouble I was ever in? see (9)...went to trial...not guilty...
3 people who I want to take this...?
Dom because all he does is post weird news...and great comments...I know there are some funny stories in there.
Sooner and Babs ..cause you know there is a wealth of great shit there....
thanks..byg...I think


Scottish Toodler said...

I loved ISHTAR!!! That rocks that you mentioned it!! I always love learning about you and all ofyour adventures and your rich life.

Beansidhe said...

Ooh, now this is the kind of quiz I like! I'm looking forward to reading more of these from folks.

And I didn't know there was a new Stephen King book out - need to have a wee trip to the bookstore this weekend methinks. :)

Nit Wit said...

You have lived a quite life. You should try to spice it up.
Actually you have had a lot more adventures than me. It's getting to be a big day if I go somewhere.:) Gotta go to the wound clinic in an hour and might be real brave and go to bingo with The Boss tonight . My bigest day of the week.

apositivepessimist said...

i bags being a fly on the wall at that meeting and then getting to blog about it and lets face it youse all won't have the time to do the reporting of this meeting...heehee. beware of the blowfly!

yeah i reckon burt has taken it up the clacker...i used to think he was just damn hot [made me moist] when he was young...think it was all his body hair. now that you mention it yes loni...beard...i can see it. liked her in wrkp [is that the right order] well liked that dj character more.

#4...oh i am still *cackling hard* five minutes later...read it twice...so far.

#8...i LOVE your larry wayne stories. i know i haven’t read them all...

#9...sounds like the ‘right’ one survived. pleased about that.

BriteYellowGun said...

Oh Jackiesue! LMAO! Obviously I tagged the right person when I tagged you. These were fucking hysterical! First of all, thank for being one of the people you want to meet!!! I'm honored!

The Burt Reynolds thing...LOL! Ron always insisted Burt was gay. We used to call Loni, "Loni Manderson" because she was so drag queenish with her helmet hair and giant "man hands" so you may have something there.

#4 and #5...still LMAO!

#8, too funny! Those poor kids that had the misfortune of knowing you back then! LOL!

Thanks for doing this. It was a great read. Hmmmm....maybe I have to make up some more questions?

Le Pixie said...

LMAO at the sex outdoors answer! Good one!!!

axshinjaxn said...

You're a wild woman, Jackiesue!

As for "The Cell" -- my mom bought it and is reading it now; I get it when she's done with it (so don't post any spoilers!).

I can't wait. I heard this is a good old-fashioned King horror book. Woo-hoo!

dom said...

(1) what bloggers would you like to meet in person
A. Debbie,Chew on this,mainly because she's my girlfriend
B. Dead Guy, coz he's a nutcase
C. Jackiesue, same reson as Deadguy :)

(2) Three movies that were so bad they were good...
A. Gregory's girl
B. Conan the Barbarian
C. The Princess Bride

(3) A celebrity that I most think is gay but hasen't come out of the closet yet?
Soooo gotta be Tom Hanks !

(4)The most public place I have ever had sex and did anyone see me
In a corn field at harvest time,we almost got rotovated !!!

(5)Longest I have ever gone with out sleep
48 hours ,most weekends :)

(6).My 3 most favorite blogs...
A. Dead Guy the cartoon
B. Chew on this ( I have to say that or Debbie will kill me)
C. My neighbours are hoors

(7)As an adult, have I ever been nude in public and if so, when and why?
University bar 1984-7 mainly during drunken rugby dances, but the funniest on was my 21st Birthday,after drinking a topshelf cocktail(a shot from every bottle) I got thrown in the steeplechase water jump,returned to the bar naked and asked for a pint of beer. Next day (afternoon) I returned to apologise to the Manageress and got a job


(8)my funniest childhood memory
Watching my sisters getting spanked for something I did hahhaha

(9).Scariest (real or perceived) thing that ever happened to me
Getting stuck on top of a mountain ,with my family,in the Lake district as the fog rolled in and it became dark.We then proceed to get lost and almost walked of the edge of a cliff,probably why I'm scared of heights now !

(10) Worse trouble I was ever in?
Drunk and disorderly as a student when a crowd of German students didn't see the humour in my Hitler salute.

Rocky (Racquel) said...

Jackiesue, Thelma and Louise have nothing on you! :-)

Babs said...

Ouch, why'd you tag me in the ass with a dart gun?
I plead the 5th.