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Tuesday, February 14, 2006


I am shouting it from the roof tops, will take an ad out in the West News, The Dallas Morning News and alerting google.Amid my flurry of weird hours of sleep, I managed to read my favorite DAM News...and what do I see, but my own Red Headed Stranger peeking out of the paper...and here's what it had to say...
Country music: Song shows support for gay rights..by Mario Tarradell(staff critic)
Willie Nelson's crooned cowboys songs before, from the signature "Mamas Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys" to "My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys."
But never like this:On "Cowboys Are Frequently Secretly Fond of Each Other," the Texas country icon sings about love among men on the range. Available exclusively at iTunes today, the song aims to show Mr. Nelson's support for gays, particularly to conservative country-music fans.
"The song's been in the closet for 20 years," Mr. Nelson said in a prepared statement. It was written in 1981 by Lubbock-born singer-songwriter Ned Sublette.
"The timing's right for it to come out. I'm just opening the door."
Mr. Neson recorded a song for the Brokeback Mountain soundtrack, the melancholy ballad "He Was a Friend of Mine." And the movie about two cowboys in love may have provided the perfect opportunity to release this new song. But Mr. Nelson also has a personal connection to the tune.
Two years ago, David Anderson, Mr. Nelson's friend and tour manager of three decades, told his boss he's gay. Last March, while Mr. Nelson recorded a bunch of previously unreleased songs for iTunes, he discovered the song in a stack of demos he had tossed into a drawer.
Singing "Cowboys Are Frequently Secretly Fon of Each Other" was Mr. Nelson's way of telling a longtime pal everything was OK, says Mr. Anderson.
"This song obviously has special meaning to me in more ways than one," says Mr. Anderson, who lives in Dallas."I want people to know more than anything--gay, straight, whatever--just how cool Willie is and ...his way of thinking, his tolerance, everything about him."
"Cowboys" includes lyrics such as "I believe to my soul that inside every man there's the feminine" and "What did you think all them saddles and boots was about?" But Mr. Nelson delivers them deadpan,which gives the song an air of seriousness.
Gay-themed songs are rare in mainstream country music. In fact, Mr. Nelson's is the first by a major artist. Before that, the closest is Garth Brooks' 1992 single"We Shall be Free," a cry for peace and equality with the pro-gay line "When we're free to love anyone we choose." Though it didn't forcus exclusively on gays, the tune stirred some controversy" some radio stations across the country wouldn't play it. "We Shall be Free" peaked at no. 12 on Billboard's country singles chart, ending a string of Top 10 hits for Mr. Brooks.
It may take a few days to learn the public's reaction to Mr. Nelson's "Cowboys". Programmers at KPLX-FM(99.5)"The Wolf" couldn't be reached for comment about the song, and Lorrin Palagi at KTYS-FM (96.7) "The Twister" said the station hadn't heard it.
"Garth Brooks said he didn't care what people thought of his song," says Alan Pierce, co-owner of the Round-Up Saloon, a gay country bar in Oak Lawn. "Willie is the same way. It acknowledges it as a reality in life. It could help straight America acknowldge this.
"The bottom line is we're ecstatic he's doing this."
"Cowboys" will be the guest of honor at a celebration tonight dubbed "Willie's Gay Cowboys Song Coming-Out Party" at the Round-Up. Mr. Nelson won't be there, but his spirit will.
On Sunday, a group of about 30 local cowboys spent the afternoon at the Round-Up learning choreography for the song's up-coming video. While the song played repeatedly, choreographer Darrin Davis demonstrated kicks and spins, boot stomping and slow, toe-dragging turns all in line-dancing style.
"I think it's groundbreaking," says J.D. Bay of Dallas, who works in accounting. "It's an incredible step for Willie Nelson. It says a lot about him, especially since he's from Texas. It opens a lot of doors, opens a lot of minds."
John Yancich, a chiropractor from Dallas, agrees:"I'm sure it will have some positive influence on some things."
Mr. Anderson also sees the song as a unifying catalyst.
"The whole thing is about tolerance," he says.
Over at Mr. Nelson's record label, Nashville's Lost Highway, there are no reservations or fear of controversy about releasing the song.
"Willie wants it out so we want it out,"says Kim Buie, a vice president at Lost HIghway."What this song does is give credence to something that I think a lot of people have known for a long time. Being gay is nothing new. It's gone through history, whether it's out on the plains or back in Roman times. Society puts its own standards on it, but that song makes it OK."

cause your're my Cowboy Hero....jac


Cassandra said...

Good job Willie!!!

Lauren said...

Have I ever told you how much I love YOU Jackiesue???

You just made my Valentines Day about as close to perfect as I could ever hope for. . .

I had heard rumors about this song, but didn't think it was true, until you posted this message and I went out and found the lyrics tonight. With full credit to you, those lyrics will be posted on my blog shortly.

Once I find video code for it, that will also be posted on my blog. . .

Thank you!!!!

BTW: If you haven't seen Brokeback Mountain, you should. It's a beautiful story. . .


Scottish Toodler said...

THIS IS AWESOME!!!! Thanks for posting it!!!

Lisa said...

what a wonderful thing. i wish more artists would record songs like that. now, don't get me wrong, willie is NOt one of my favorites but i think what he's doing is pretty cool.

Lauren said...

I'll post the lyrics tonight.

BriteYellowGun said...

It's interesting that this is even such a big deal. I guess it still amazes me that people out there don't realize that we (gay people) are EVERYWHERE, cowboys, bankers, sports stars, medical records technicians, you name it. Please! Like being a "cowboy" was off limits to gay people! America needs to wake up. Nevertheless, I commend him for releasing the song.

leo myshkin said...

when i need a rest, i often put on "stardust", it's one of the most peaceful albums ever produced.

then there's pancho and lefty, he does a killer version with bob dylan.

long may he run. i read his bio and he runs almost everyday.

BriteYellowGun said...

Hey Jackiesue, check out my blog, you've been TAGGED!!!!


uh...that's fond of each other..not fon of each other...do'h..

Lauren said...

I'll have the lyrics up in a little while.

Lauren said...

Lyrics are posted on my blog. . . HUGGSS!!