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Monday, February 20, 2006


Mojo had such a great time in China town watching the Chinese New Year parade..She kept calling me while it was going on and saying "listen"...and I got to hear the parade ,which sounded a whole lot like a drive by shooting...I told her to be sure and send me plenty of pictures....she send me 100 ....I swear she sent a 100..just ask Sooner, he is the one that has to wade thru them and cull out the good ones..well, I did some...I don't know which ones he is going to print..because she sent 100 FUCKING PICTURES.. silly girl..and puts a note on their about how hard it was to get all those photo's on there and I had better act grateful...and I was...got to look at 100 pictures...mostly of the parade which where taken at night time with a camera with the battery going down on it....plus there are some great ones of her, Rolf, Bailey, and her apt and yard....did I tell you there were 100 pictures....?so be surprised along with me and see what pictures ole Sooner boy has put with this post...
really....100 pictures..


apositivepessimist said...

fuck i'm glad you [sooner] didn't post the hundred woulda been here fer hours...well would be unless i got an attack of the 'impatients' and buggered off.

fuck...fuck dial up.

excellent photo choice!!...love the costumes in chinese parades...but hate them damn firecrackers they always use. reckon we should be allowed to throw them back...see how they like it.

"yeah dance you colourful but ugly heathen dogs"

Scottish Toodler said...

Your daughter is beautiful!! Is that picture in your sidebar of you? You too look a lot alike!!!