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Sunday, February 19, 2006


(more h. allen smith..)

NASCAR.......racin'......cars a smashin'....around and around they go..who'll win the race...?
It wasen't Babs heart throb Matt, but not for lack of trying and some underhanded whacks by Tony Stewart. I watched like the good friend that I am...until Maryjo called and we talked smack about her ex-boyfriend and her new boyfriend...who compared to the old one came out smelling like a rose..so I missed a lot of the race..but if you read Sooner's post on the race...it is so detailed..you will feel like you were right there.
It's still ass freezing cold here in my little hamlet...but not like it is in northeast, so won't even bother whinning...it is cold enough that even Rocky goes out ..pees and comes right back in.
To all you Monty Python fans......pbs...Feb. 22nd and Feb. 23rd....they will be showing the favorite shows of the group in 4 different shows....they will rerun them but I want to see all of them..ha..
If any of you are Neil Young fan's ...he has a new album out(yes I know they don't make albums any more..but to me..they will be albums and records..)..called Prairie Wind...and there is a song on it called "Falling Off the Face of the Earth." It is just fucking perfect...try it, you'll like it..
Oh, and something I just found out in reading the article in paper about Monty Python's Flying Circus....did you know when it first was shown in the usa...it didn't open in N.Y., or Chicago or L.A......it opened up the first time in 1974 in........Dallas, Texas...Eric Idle said they were stunned...not just that American's loved it so much..but Dallas, Texas loved them....go Dallas..
I normally don't read Shoe in the paper..I know I used to but for some reason I quit reading it..but for some reason I read it today and loved it...
Cosmo is stitting on his stool in the resturant and the waitress says:" what's happening in our world today, Cosmo?" he says:"widow jones passed away...................and according to this, when the coroner removed her remains..... there were more than a dozen felines living in the residence.".....she says..:"I'm not going to be one of those gals who dies alone surrounded by cats! I'm going to be one of those gals...who dies alone surrounded by empty boxes of chocolate."...
I thougth of all of the women on bogspot....that is us...
Going to go make me some cinammon toast and a cup of tea...(and some chocolate)


Rocky (Racquel) said...

I'm so glad I don't have to pee outside! It would probably freeze mid-stream!

Re: how I got my name - apparently I made the birth process no easy task for my mother and I got fairly beat up in the process. When my uncle espied my bruises he remarked that I reminded him of Rocky Graziano, and well, 'Rocky' just kind of stuck! :-)

Nit Wit said...

Followed my normal habit of sleeping the day away so I don't even know what happened in the race. You think I might find out something when I go to Babs site?
It's still too cold here and I found out from the Sunday paper that it did snow some here yesterday morning. It's sometimes hard to tell down here in the woods.
Now I'm craving chocolate and my blood sugar is already to high. :)

apositivepessimist said...

i'll be surrounded by empty chip packets.

JDaaris said...

Ummmmmm, cinnamon toast! Haven't had any in years... I love the way that waitress thinks... clever cartoon, sorry I missed it. I'm not much on reading the "funnies" as we call 'em.

PJ said...

Ah yes now I want chocolate too. At least Tony Stewart did us all a good deed and slowed Mr. Gordon down to a crawl. Hehehe. I liked that part of the race.

leo myshkin said...

i picked up prairie wind, it's like a poor man's harvest moon.

i saw eric idle being interviewed years ago and he was totally trashing graham chapman for drinking too much while they made life of brian. ever since then i've thought eric idle was a pompous prick.

it's the code of the west, you never bad mouth a dead drunk who protrayed jesus!

Scottish Toodler said...

I will be surrounded by the young boys used as sacrifices to keep my lust sated.