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Monday, February 27, 2006


Sang to the tune of Tomorrow.....ahhh, there is nuttin' better than Texas Sunshine......looking out my door..which if you're wondering how I can do this as my computer and damn near everything else is in the bedroom...it's easy. This is one of those old houses with two doors...one for the living room and the bedroom has a door too. I am not sure what the reason is ..but lots of these old houses have two doors...Every since I had all the back operations I have limited my living to the one room and use the living room for storage of all my books, knick nacks, assorted crap....so my computer is right by the door and I can look out and watch Rocky play kitty opposum and lure the birds into the yard and then try to snag them.Normally he would be out there doing his 'dead cat ' act but he got into a cat fight last night and had cat urine all over and I had to give him a bath..and then sprayed him with Tabu and he is so pissed that he is hunkered down on my bed refusing to have anything to do with me. man is he pissed...but he smells so good..ha..The yards are starting to turn green and there are iris's blooming by my house.So it is a beautiful day in West .......days like this I just feel sorry for anyone that doesn't live here. The only draw back to this lovely day is............................I have to do fucking laundry. I don't want to...I have to...I am wearing a tshirt that advertises "zeke's social club in Hillsboro, Texas..a place no longer in business..and it is damn near the last clean tshirt I have and that is saying alot because I probably own one of the largest collections of tshirts in Texas..my idea of getting duded up to go out is a tshirt that has no paint stains on it..this tshirt is so old the shirt actually says 'ekes ocial lub'..the letters have rubbed off...Ok....I've stalled long enough....time to haul my ass and the 4 baskets full of dirty clothes to the laundry mat.....I will be back later on whimpering about how my back hurts...hope it's sunny and bright where you are.....


chattymoon2012 said...

Jacki I can sympathise because my laundry is crawling up the walls also and I need to visit the laundry mat myself. Gace up beating myself up because I don't have a washer/dryer, no hookup...I always go after work and buy myself some scratch tickets to get me down there. I can't afford to buy scratch tickets like I used to so this plan works...wash on, hugz Linda

Babs said...

Laundry sucks ass!! I just did a load of bathtub laundry. Hanging on my balcony drying in this sunny and windy day now.

Roaches are on their way to NC.

Danika Patrick is in Formula One or Champ car racing. I foget which one, not NASCAR. Those people are nuts. They drive cars with no roof over their heads. So, it is also called open car racing. The Indy 500 is their big race.

Brilliantmadness said...

Bright and Sunny Yes, but colder n' a Whore's heart!!!11 degrees in the sun-
I love T-shirts! I used to have quite the collection, although when I was a youngster Mom wouldn't let me wear half of em.Like the Busch Beer one that said "Wrap your hands around my can"..Sigh...the good ole days :)

Nit Wit said...

Gee, laundry is tough for me. I walk about 40 feet from my computer and load the washer and dryer. I hate it no tv in there. I do about 8 or 10 loads a week for The Boss and 2 teenagers. I sometimes even wash my own stuff. I wear pocket T's all the time. Just got some that are long sleeve fruit of the loom.
Oh by the way it snowed here today and I had to scrape Ice off my car to go get a paper tonight. Yuk!
Time to go load the washer.

Scottish Toodler said...

I HATE LAUNDRY!!! It was raining here today, but it is getting green here too.