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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

.......USED SHIT STORE.......

I think I have died and gone to heaven..Went to town for some groceries and thought .'what ell, I'll stop in at Caritas and see what they have.'....Holy shit..They have stacks and stacks and stacks of record albums..I would say there are close to 1,000 of them and all for the price of a $1 each or .....$150 for the bunch...I am seriously thinking of going to the bank and getting the money and buying them all...I bought 15 of them..this is what I got..
1. Tea For The Tillerman by Cat Stevens
2. England Dan and John Ford Coley ..Nights are Forever..
3. Question of Balance by Moody Blues
4. Madman Across The Water by Elton John
5. Johnny's Greatest Hits by Johnny Mathis(o.k.so sue me..I like Johnny Mathis)
6. Bette Midler Rush...Broken Blossom
7. Lily Tomlin..And That's the Truth
8. Heavy Sounds with Big Brother and the Holding Co., Blood, Sweat and Tears,Laura Nyro, Taj Mahal, Mike Bloodfield and Al Kooper, Johnny Winter,The Byrds,Chicago and Mongo Santamaria.
9.Delbert McClinton ...The Jealous Kind
10. Soundtrack from the Rose...by Bette Midler
11. Dr. Hook ..A Little Bit More..
12. Crosby, Stills,Nash and Young..So Far..
13. Double Album Queen Live Killers
14. To Lefty From Willie...Willie Nelson
15.The Plastic Ono Band-Live Peace-In Toronto 1969
Damn, I just noticed the Moody Blues Album is empty..will take it back and get something else.
I would have stayed longer and bought more, but the ac was broke and it was 120 in there and was about to pass out from the heat..I asked her if the ac was broken and she said "No, it's on but it's not blowing cold air."..I looked at her and said..."That means it's broken.."
Inky came by yesterday with Devon and I said "oh goody, I'm glad to see you..as your on the tippy top of my shit list."..So I went over all the reasons his ass was in trouble..and told him he lost access to the computer..asked him if he had downloaded anything else besides the im thingy and he swore up and down he didn't..but then last night I was looking through my documents and found two new files that he had downloaded..Don't know if he forgot or was just lying to cover his ass..but I deleted them anyhow..Computer is still running slow..but found a guy in town who will get rid of any virus or zombie and upgrade it for me for around $50.Think I will have him fix all 3 of them and give one each to the girls..Henrietta called today and wants me to work at the library for her tomorrow..woopee..
I have been having so much fun exploring all the new shows on cable..So far I love Rescue Me with Dennis Leary, The Riches,Gene Simmons show(he is a gigantic asshole and not the good kind either),Kyle XY,The Closer,and looking forward to several that are coming up this week..TV are fun...Plus I am mad about the home improvement channel and the cooking channel..and discovery channel is terrific and the history channel..Sigh*..I have to be hauled out by my "whatthefuckred" head to get me from in front
of the tv..
Asshole has discovered my shoulders..when I sit at the computer, he crawls up the chair on to the back and then gets on my shoulder, bites my ears, pulls at my glasses,and attacks my fingers when I type on the keyboard..he is SUCH a pain in the ass..he bites like a dog..and every time someone comes over he attacks them..bites and scratches..little fucker..

Sad news...Mr. Wizard died..he was 89 years old.

Wow..For all you youngin's who don't know who he is..he had a science show on TV back in the 50's..Think he had several but the one I remember is WATCH MR. WIZARD...His real name is Don Herbert.He would do all sorts of neat stuff and most of it was stuff you would have in your own home..it was a great show and all the tv shows that show you hows and whys of science owe their jobs to Mr. Wizard..

Texas is celebrating 2 anniversaries this year
Blue Bell is 100 years old..and so is The Frito Corn Chip and Frito Pies...C.E. "Elmer" Doolin paid $100 for the Frito recipe and the right to market it.His Mama Daisy Dean Doolin is the one that came up with the Frito Pie idea..Goddess bless them both..When I was a kid my lunch every day was the same while I was in school..Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich, moon pie,Dr.Pepper, apple, and a bag of Frito's..It's still my favorite lunch..but since I can't eat any of them anymore, I have made a pact with myself..If I learn I am terminal..I will eat that for lunch every day till I croak..
For all you Yankee's who may not know what a Frito Pie is..it's a bowl filled with chili topped with Frito's, grated cheese and onions.
Best way to eat it is to buy one of the small lunch bag size bags of Frito's open it up and scoop chili into the bag and then top with onions and cheese..it goes good with baseball.


Nit Wit said...

I hope the heat in the store didn't melt the records. You should have explained to the younger people out there what a record is.
I love my cable too much. But I like movies more than series shows. The only thing I have watched on network TV. is Letterman once in a while.
Mr. Wizard is responsible for more kids getting spanked and or grounded than any other show in history. All those wonderful messes made.
At the Little league snack bar here they do something like that with a bag of tortilla chips but no onions. They call it a Taco in a bag.
I love Frito's but not the aftertaste.

Nancy said...

reading you always brings me back to the sane world. Good music, good food, good friend. XOXOXOX

kath said...

well hah! who knew.....

I serve fritos with chili.. never knew it was frito pie...


would it be bad if you let yourself have some of the bad stuff... one at a time say each wednesday you eat something bad, like half a pbj?

or a tiny bag o fritos?


clearly your kitty loves you

despite his name

apositivepessimist said...

Ooer...good scores there JS.

I got into my father in laws good books…[yeah not that I’d left them]…the other night I made fritters and sausage rolls.

the rube said...

good work,

nothing saves the planet like buying used junk, saves money too.

jan said...

I wish I lived closer to get into the record selling. All of your titles brought back great memories. But you need to learn to suffer a little more to find great bargains like this. No sissy wimping out over a few high temps.

Kevin BYG said...

Blue Bell is 100 years old and you would think they would have found a way to ship the stuff up here to Ohio by now!!! Jackie, you need to get a job there, infiltrate their ranks, and make the bold suggestion of using refrigerated trucks to ship their ice cream to the millions and millions of people up here in the North who would be happy to plunk down our hard earned money for the best ice cream on the planet! Woman, you OWE ME! You and Babsy Jane are the two whose rapturous descriptions of Blue Bell piqued my curiosity enough to try it for myself. Like a junkie to smack, you two had me hooked on that stuff in no time flat. And then, BAM, I had to quit cold turkey. I've never been the same. Please, help me. Help a friend!

Sebastien said...

Buy all the records. It's always good to have it all, all, all!!!

Hey, so I can ask the goddess anything? Where do I ask the question, here in the comment section or do I telepathically ask her my question?

Sebastien said...

Oh, and I'm sorry about the Wizard guy passing away. Always sad when something or someone we liked from childhood passes on...

Sling said...

Holy crap!..What a bonanza you scored JS!..See if they have any "Monkees " albums for me would ya?

Lavender said...

"That means it's broken.."

No fucking shit! Like, duh!

You are sooooo funny!

yellowdog granny said...

nitwit:I'm telling you ..there's nothing like a bag of frito's filled to the top with chili, onions and cheese...chased down with a Dublin Dr. Pepper...Mr.Wizard is the one responsible for me sticking my tongue to our frozen metal ice tray when I was a kid..and having it stick, just because he told us kids not too..
Nancy:where you been?..I have been missing you..was going to call and track you down again..but figured you might me off healing and would come back when you were ready..
kath:nah, I'm too weak..I would not be able to eat just a little...would want it all..I'm a all or nothing type..
Apos;oooh fritters..them's good eating..have you had squirell yet?
the rube;yup..even if i had a million kazillion dollars i would still buy used shit...
Jan;yup..need to suffer to sing the blues..
Kevin:dang..no blue bell?...I will google the website of bluebell and see where the closest dealer is..or i could pack some in dry ice and send it to you..what's your favorite flavor?...I will do what I can...can't have you up there twitching cause your jonesing from no bb ice cream..
sebastien:I am going to get them..if the bank will let me ..ha..
you can ask the goddess anything you want..she'll be here till saturday night..just leave a question on the post...
sling:I'm going to get them all...and if there is any monkeys in there..there yours...along with the monkeys book i got at the library sale..
lavender:im still shaking my head over that one..duh...if it's not working......it's fucking broke....

BBC said...

What? No Roger Miller? Or C.W. McCall? The New Chrisy Minstrels?

Remember the Big Rock Candy Mountain?

One of my favorite love song songs is by Dolly Pardon (sp), Love Is Like A Butterfly.

Willie is great, and so is Boxcar Willie.

I don't watch much TV, just romantic movies I rent or get at the library.

Josh said...

Nice selection of music there. I love the Frito pie, you can get something similar at Sonic, except it's in a little paper boat thing.

I watched Mr. Wizard as a kid, during his stint on Nickelodeon. He's the reason why I wanted to be a scientist when I was little.

texlahoma said...

I had totally forgotten about England Dan and John Ford Coley.

Cheesemeister said...

I would like that record store too. And the chili sounds like the bomb. Fucking diet...it truly is Die with a T!

yellowdog granny said...

BBC:I'm not much into CW music..except by willie, waylon,kris, johnny,hank,bob,merle,george or old old country...and never was into folk music at all..
josh..I think people in texas are the only ones that have frito pie..or at least the way we eat it,
but then it was a texan that invented the frito ...
tex..how could you forget them?I'd really love to see you tonight.. and Everything's gonna be alright?..hooboy..

kath said...

lookie here


Cyberoutlaw said...

Those are some good record selections! We used to have great secondhand record shops down in Greenwich Village (or the Village, as we call it), and book stores too. I still have a vinyl collection of about 400+ LPs and about 200 45s. Still listen to them from time to time too. Hell, my parents still have their 78's!

Babs said...

I knew once you got cable, you'd find the Denis Leary show and like it. I watched a couple years ago. I love his accent. I can't stand those accents on women, but on men I think it's hot.