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Thursday, April 23, 2009


blessings on you my children..

Now that Easter is over I thought I'd stop by and see what's going on in my favorite little city by the big I-35...I don't like Easter...at all..I figure if Christians would nail the son of God to a cross, can you imagine what they'd do to a pagan Deity? Besides, the last conversation I had with Jesus, he mentioned that he thinks it's a sad statement to him for every one to remember him by wearing him nailed to a cross around their neck. He thinks a little necklace of him rolling a stone from a cave would be more to his liking. Why make a necklace to celebrate the worse day of his life. You Christians...so silly...That would be like pagans wearing a necklace of St. Patrick burning druids at the stake.

I'm going to be around for a week or so...it's spring time in Texas and I had to come check out the blue bonnets, and since they don't deliver, to stock up on some Dublin Dr Pepper. You will have from today till next Wed. to ask your questions. I'll answer them on Thursday...Remember..no POLITICS..NO SPORTS.. The Goddess doesn't give a shit who's going to win the Super Bowl, or the Basketball playoffs..and since your life's a crap shoot ...politics aren't important.


Pom said...

Dear Goddess,

If Jesus had died in these days would people be wearing small electric chairs around their necks?

Just wondering.


PENolan said...

Dear Goddess,
I just wanted to say "thanks"
The bluebonnets this year were amazing, and spring time in New York is shaping up nicely. My kid is great and my ex-husband has STFU for a moment. I've met lots of kind, caring, smart, interesting people through blogging. Your Child JackieSue is one of them.
Also Thanks for freeing up some fool's mind so that Southwest Airlines will soon be flying between LaGaurdia and Austin. That means I can almost surely get to West, Texas for Labor Day.
I'm a happy woman, Goddess.

PS: Last year some artist pissed off the conservatives by making a life sized chocolate Jesus for Easter. I thought it was a good idea since them Christians want to eat him up all the time anyway, he may as well be chocolate.

Thanks again,

sageweb said...

What are my chances in getting a lover this summer?

billy pilgrim said...

how can you not like easter? we get a few days off work, kids get away from enslavement for a week or so and candy goes on sale the next day.

and me gibson made a fortune showing us the real goods.

oh yeah. who will become extinct first, turtles or humans?

Intense Guy said...

When will government employees begin to waste more time putting out orange traffic safety cones and barrels and yellow crime scene tape than they do actually fixing the reason for the cones, barrels, and/or tape? Or have they already?

Omar said...

Um, wasn't it the Romans (on the prompting of the Jewish authorities) who nailed the son of God to a cross?

rosemary said...

I will be really old on my next birthday....65. Should I buy all the crap I have wanted for a long time while I can or save my money?

DaisyDeadhead said...

How to convince my husband we should buy the condo I want?

Be creative! I'll show him your answers! :P

Anonymous said...

Dear Goddess,

Jesus is so dreamy. He's got a great bod and seems like a nice enough guy, if a bit emo. I think he and I would really hit it off. Do you think you could put in a good word for me?


Midwestern Catholic Dude

Anonymous said...

Oops. That was suppose to read "Midwestern (Former) Catholic Dude". I might be willing to convert to Judaism for him tho.

jan said...

Goddess, do you think Texas should become a country on its own outside of the US? If so, what kind of gun control laws would they have? If not, why not?

Heidi said...

Apparently, the end of the road is here for Pontiac. (official announcement to be made Monday). My problem is - John and I both drive Pontiacs. (Yes, we were foolish and bought American cars because we actually wanted to keep people in THIS country employed...stupid us!)

Anyway, what should we do? Trade them in and try to prevent loss in value which will be inevitable or drive them 'til they die? Trading them in right now would cause a huge financial setback for us - plus, what would we trade them in for??? -- but keeping them doesn't seem much better as they are going to be worthless.

What should we do Goddess?

P.S. Getting rid of both cars and going without is NOT an option. We must have transportation.

texlahoma said...

Would this be a good time to take a trip to Mexico?

Ted said...

With you on religion's misrepresentations. I calls it Resurrection Sunday because that's the important part...Truth gives triumph.
Acks JackieSue why she no come round no mo/whazzap widat?

Raspootin said...


My question is why when someone in authority, such as yourself says I can ask a question why can't I think of one damn thing to ask?

Ummm maybe I really don't want you to answer that after all. Is my question one of "those" questions that fall under the category of leaving oneself open to an upsetting answer?

angel said...

My sweetheart and I desperately want to have a baby... but there are complications.
We're working on it, blissfully, but I was wondering if you know whether I'll be knocked up by the end of the year?

joy said...

If the world ends in 2012, what will replace it?

Kim said...

I just started reading your blog !! Love it !!
Pardon me if I'm an idjit, but what's a Dublin Dr. Pepper???

The Future Was Yesterday said...

I suppose saying us sports and politics fans don't give a shit about..nah, nevermind.:)

Hey - that Easter shit that's got you all steamed? Little wonder! It's Chocolate Rabbit Day! Nobody got nailed. At least, the way you think. But there's some chickens runnin' around shitting chocolate eggs that did get nailed - like a three story house!!

What's the male version of "Goddess." Himness? Doesn't get it done for some reason.:)

Kulkuri said...

Is the Goddess Nordic or is the drawing a generic one??
I second the what is the male version of Goddess??

more cowbell said...

Dear Goddess, will there be anything even close to resembling summer this year in Seattle? Or should I just start on Prozac now?

tina said...

Hey Hon,

Just made a donation to you and Annie for her ScienceDiet foodies :) Let me know ya got it. I saw it over on FB but wasn't sure it was legit until I saw it on your blog here.

Hope it helps a little bit. :)


Wendy said...

will I get a kitty this summer?

Lilly said...

Goddess, do you believe in an afterlife?

Anne Johnson said...

What is the ultimate destiny of the kitten I just fostered for the animal shelter? His name is Herbie. Not to be confused with Casey Jones, Purr, Blur, Skink, Tinker Bell, Danika, Creampuff, Andy, Floyd, Isabelle, Violet, The "M" Tabbies, Ickle Blackie, or the other 45 whose names I can't remember.

Ted said...

Goddess, I'm asking the most baffling question in all the universe...
Why aren't there any bartenders in Fort Wayne, IN that know how to mix a Dublin Dr. Pepper?
Surely it's not rocket science!