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Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Blessings on you sweet inhabitants of the planet earth. I hope I have done all that was needed to answer all your prayers. Remember if your prayers weren't answered it's not because I don't care ..it was because someone else had a greater need.
If I eat one more kolatche and drink one more Dublin Dr Pepper, I will explode..I hope this holds me till I come back for Westfest. This keeps up, I'll be a full-figured Goddess.
Pom if Jesus had died today I'm sure Christians would be wearing him strapped to a bed with an iv in his arm or buckled into a electric chair around their rednecks.
Trish: The Goddess is most pleased that you are finding joy in the smaller things of life..Blue bonnets and a trip to Westfest just being part of them. Always remember you reap what you sow. You get back what you give out. Good things come to those who do good.
Sage: good friend to the Yellow Dog and well loved by the Goddess. I think you have surrounded yourself with people that love you and out of that will come love.
Billy, one of the Yellow Dog's favorite people on the planet..It's not that the Goddess doesn't like Easter, it's the stealing of the dates of most pagan holidays and Christians insistence of glorifying a time in Jesus life when he would rather not be remembered for pain, agony and death. He'd rather Christians would remember him by his deeds not his death. Take off the crosses, get out of the churches and worship him in the sunshine. The Goddess thinks the planet will be here along with her turtles, long after you humans are gone.
Intenseguy:The Goddess is a little concerned with your devotion to orange cone heads..She thinks you are about 3 steps from starting a cult of orange cone head devotees. Not sure that's a good thing or not. As long as you don't start sacrificing barricading barrels she thinks you'll be alright.
Omar:you are 100 % correct. It was the Romans and the Jews who nailed Jesus to the Cross...The Goddess has a tendency to just lump all of you non pagans together. Thanks for trying to keep me on the right track.
Rosemary: The Yellow Dog took offense to your 'really old' comment about turning 65 as she is already 65 and will soon be 66. Her advice is to save some spend some. I say blow it on every thing that makes your heart warm.
Daisy: Surely you don't need the Goddess to tell you how to use 'what you have' to entice your husband into buying anything? You have the goods...use them.
Bipolar: Jesus says it's too late for you and him now..But wishes you had been around back in the good ole days before the Crucifixion. Could have used you when he spent 40 days in the desert.
Jan:Goddess thinks Texas is already it's own country. Goddess thinks guns are highly overrated..What to show your skill? Use a bow and arrow. Goddess also thinks most politicians are in it for what's good for them, not what's good for the people they represent.
Heidi: Goddess knows as the Yellow Dog would say 'JackShit' about cars. But why trade in something good for some of the cars that are now being made that aren't as good as what you have? I would think someday those cars will be more valuable
because they were such good cars. What do I know.? I have a chariot drawn by blue cats.
Tex: I haven't thought going to Mexico for the past 10 years has been a good idea. If the Mexican government cared about their citizens they wouldn't make it so easy for them to leave. Seems like that fence is on the wrong side of the border.
Ted:most religious holidays are just dates stolen from Pagans. That was bad enough..but they used it to boost men's power and diminish women's. Bad Christians. Yellow dog says she comes by and reads but doesn't always comment.
Raspootin:Goddess thinks you have your life under control and don't need questions answered ..maybe it's because you use prayer.
Angel: Goddess thinks you humans put too much importance in bringing offspring into the world. Goddess thinks there are plenty of children already here that need loving homes, which she is sure you and your sweetheart are more than able to give.
Joy:Goddess thinks they world will be here, but not so sure about the human race.
Kim:welcome to the world of the Yellow Dog. She says you don't make a Dublin Dr Pepper. You buy it..But unless your within 200 miles or so of Dublin, Texas your chances of getting one are pretty slim. Although the Yellow Dog has been known to ship them to her favorites.
Future: The Yellow Dog cares enough about sports and politics to more than make up for my lack of interest. Easter is just one of the Christian holidays that piss me off. Easter especially as it's the one time a year that most of the Christians even see the inside of a church. I do like the chocolate bunny's though. There is no male version of Goddess...We still have a few Gods...Thor, Odin, Loki....but no matter what the story books tell you...they all bow to the Goddess.
kulkuri: The Yellow Dog posts pictures of what she thinks most people would like me to look like..I wouldn't wear those horns to save a pagan. The Goddess is all women. I'm fat, thin, long, lean, short, round. I am woman. I am Goddess.
MoreCowbell: Goddess thinks all summers, winters, springs and fall words will soon be obsolete. There will be less seasons and more continuation of one type of weather...I'd stock up on the Prozac if I was you.
Tina:Goddess blesses you and all of the friends of the Yellow Dog who helped her help Annie. You are all on a special list of the Goddess. She is very grateful and is making plans to give each and every one of you something special for all the love shown to her for her sweet Annie. Annie is repaying the love by peeing on the Yellow Dog's lap.
Wendy:do you mean will a kitty get you?.....yes.
Lilly: The Goddess knows there is an afterlife. It just may not be what you think an after life is.
Anne:The Goddess holds you in her heart for all the love you show to animals in need. She is especially fond of the love you have for fairies..I think your kitties will all be with the Goddess some day, but helped along the way by your love.
Goddess blessings on you, you good friends of the Yellow Dog.
Goddess suggests that you buy some medical masks if you go outside..Those ones you get at the hardware store, don't work.
I have much work to do....prayers to answer, hearts to mend, warriors to take home.


rosemary said...

Oh,oh....did not mean to offend....age is a state of mind I have been told and my mind feel about 90 right now....

sageweb said...

Yay that is always good news

Lilly said...

Ahhh, the Goddess has spoken. What a wise, yet humoress soul she is. I LOVE these posts!!!

Galt-in-Da-Box said...

This just in: 85% of The Word is self-explanitory, just like that road sign at the corner or down the highway, and needs no "interpretation"; religion is built on political exploitation of the other 15%, and the Scriptural illiteracy of those who just want to look or feel good.
In other news, a new study reveals water is wet, and an emerging 5-year-research project shows half a decade is a long-ass time!

Intense Guy said...

I'm going to start sacrificing barricading barrels... You're the goddess though... how do you want your barrels "served"?

billy pilgrim said...

i guess the goddess won't help me with the great turtle race next year since it's a sport. in fact it's the sport of kings.

texlahoma said...

My family sure wanted to go to Mexico. I'll just take them to Texas and tell them it's Mexico. Maybe I can get Yellowdog Granny and Babbs to search our car on the way back to make it more convincing.

Allan said...

Goddess should have a Dublin fer sure!


rosemary:u must remember, all the other 65 year olds are old farts..we are 'spring chickens'..hahah.
sage:you have it right within your reach.
lily:the goddess is not humorless, she finds you humans hysterical.
intense:i knew you were going to start a orange cone cult..haa we likes 'em rare..
billy: I helped your turtle find his soul mate. what more do you want?
next year pick a girl.
tex:come to texas, it's mexico light...and I promise to do the frisking my ownself.
allan:i'd fuck a dwarf for a dublin dr pepper..

The Future Was Yesterday said...

"Pom if Jesus had died today I'm sure Christians would be wearing him strapped to a bed with an iv in his arm or buckled into a electric chair around their rednecks."Either that or spaced out in a rehab. Those nail holes can be a bitch! I put one thru my foot once....I never did understand why I got two thousand shots in the ass when it was my foot that hurt!!

Daisy Deadhead said...

THANK YOU dear Goddess for your answers! :D

Raspootin said...

Wow you are good Goddess - how'd ya know that??? Really thats kind of spooky. I do not mention prayer typically...

Heidi said...

Yeah, I'm going to keep my car. What else can I do at this point.

Utah Savage said...

Crap, I missed out once again.

tsduff said...

Sorry to have missed my favorite Goddess... I've been away from the blog for too long, my own included. Unemployment malaise I'm afraid.

Rox said...

Fuck! I missed this! Damn life getting in the way!