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Thursday, April 16, 2009


Look at the little girl in the middle..she took 2nd place..that's not a happy little girl..hahah

Normally I wouldn't post another West News post so close to the last one, but there is lots going on. A group of West citizens will deliver 105 dozen kolaches to the Texas Legislators. They do this every year as this is "West Day" in Austin, Texas at the State Capitol. The West City and Chamber of Commerce officials along with the West High School Junior Historian members are all going to make the trip. Actually the residents of West are all invited to join the West group at the State Capitol as they deliver the 105 dozen kolaches to the various state representatives' and senators' offices, which will include 'ole good hair' Perry.
In addition to the delivering of the kolaches, a proclamation is to be read in the House of Representatives' chamber proclaiming it "West Day at the State Capitol." Members of the West contingent are also to be recognized in the chamber's gallery. The West High School Junior Historians are also going to dance that morning in the rotunda at the State Capitol. This has been going on every year since 1997. That was the year in which West kolaches were named the "Official Kolache of the Texas Legislature" and the city was named the "Czech Heritage Capital of Texas." I would go, but I start jury duty the 20th, and don't know if I will be picked. If I don't I'm tempted to go..But then I would have to behave myself, or embarrass my little town. Every one knows I like proper manners at a shindig like this, so best I opt out..hahah..
We also had Easter activities this past weekend..It finally stopped raining long enough for all the kids to see the Easter Bunny and have the annual Easter Egg hunt. I circled all the people I kno
w in the picture...Looks like a family reunion..
The State Main Street is coming to West, to help us decide what we're going to do to make our Main Street beautiful. The
y are also working on a Farmers Market to be open every Saturday of the growing season. Which I think is wonderful and have already called and asked to be a volunteer. They must know me as they haven't called me back. I think they are envisioning me telling visitors to 'sit your ass down' on our new park benches. They are working on what kind of benches(we already have some), trash containers, planter boxes,and lamp posts to use for the new Main Street. I hope the people really come out and help with this, as it's going to take a lot of volunteers.
We had 4 people pass away this past week...and 2 new births, which is helping to balance it out. Caroline Nicole Menefee weighing in at 7 lbs.1 oz. and 19.5 inches long. Bryce Ethan Nemec is a big baby..he weighed in at 9 lbs.5 oz.and 21 inches long. He is sooo cute. Looks like he's 4 months old already.
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Kucera celebrated their 50th Anniversary and Jamie Lynn Crumpton is engaged to John Emil Jaska and will be married on May 2, 2009 at St. Mary's Catholic Church in West. the most lovely Miss Ava Dees had her second birthday on April 7. She is really a pretty little girl..and how cute is the name Ava.?
The Lady Trojans moved into first place tie in 7-AAA. We always have great baseball teams in West. Like I said, baseball is the number one sport. A
lthough we also have great volleyball teams too. We used to have a great football team but now we're just good. The Trojans took over second place in the district with a 13-5 win...hot dang..
West Food Mart has a special of round steak for $2.49 per pound and Dr Pepper 3 for $10. I always think Dr Pepper should be cheaper in Texas than any place else, since we made it and still make the original in Dublin,Texas...
There is a $200 reward for information on who ever shot this man's dog. Some asshole shot his dog with a pistol. They have a description of the truck and in a town this small, they'll catch him..Bastids..
Some nice homes for sale. One in Ross, which is 6 miles from West..It's on 8 acres. House has 2 mater suites, 4 small bedrooms plus 2 living and dining areas. Has an in-ground pool with deck and gazebo. Metal horse barn, hay barn and large storage building. Just reduced to $221,995. Now that's a good buy.
We also have a guy who is selling dried manure. He 0nly loads on Saturday form 9 a.m. to noon. $75 per dump truck and $50 per pickup truck load. Buckets or tubs, load yourself for $1 per container. I love small town ads.
The paper is full of little signs saying "got meteorites?"...Some one found one about 10 lbs. and they won't tell how much they paid..but both the people quit their jobs.ha.
Community Grocery has Idaho Russet Potatoes for 39cents a pound. Too bad I don't eat potatoes any more..But Chow Mein is on sale for 99cents so can make Chinese food for dinner.
Ohhh, I almost forgot..I had bought 4 large jalapeno peppers...the real long ones? Didn't know what I was going to do with them but figured I'd think of something..and I did..First I grilled them and peeled them...then I made a cream cheese/sour cream with chopped up avocados mix. stuffed the peppers with the mix and then breaded them and deep fried them in canola oil. Oh my Goddess, they fucking rocked. I made 2 and took one to Babs. I ate mine and wanted to make the others right then and there. But I have to limit myself to one a day because of the breading ..let me tell you...them suckers are good and they are easy peasy to make..
Family Dollar lost another manager. She quit last week, and no one is sorry to see her go. Every time something went wrong she pulled the race card...Customers were rude to her because she was black, someone called her a nigger...I personally don't believe that..they have a name for black people in Czech and I'm sure they called her that..what ever it is..any how..she's gone..Now we have a 27 year old black guy who Inky says works hard and keeps his head down. So Inky's happy. I'm going to have to break down and tell them I'm not coming back to work. They have kept it open for me to come back if I wanted, but not going to ..as much as I would love to..I love my toes better. Gotta run....need to go to town and get some glucose testers and melatonin from Old Corner Drug. Say my howdy's to Kirk...


Willym said...

It is never too soon for West News. It reminds me of our newspaper back in Aylmer, the small town we lived in until we moved here to Roma. And its good to be reminded! Thanks.

billy pilgrim said...

i thought all dollar store managers were asian. they are up here.

Sling said...

Do we get to keep West if Texas secedes from the Union?
Can I get honorary citizenship??
..I hope so!

Heidi said...

That guy selling dried manure might be onto something. They had bags and bags of dried manure stacked up at Wal-Mart in the gardening department. No joke.

It would be fun to be a volunteer at the Farmer's Market. I hope they call you!


willym:i never take for granted all the great things about living in a small town..we need more small towns and less big cities..
billy:nah, not in texas..or at least in west, texas..
sling:that buttroy, i swear to goddess, he's dumber than a pet rock.first of all it's not possible..no state can seceed from the union..second of all, hes a dumb fuck..
I'll make you an honorary westite..
heidi:we should buy it all up...bag it and sell it for twice the money at garden supply stores.ha
they did call me back and im going to the meeting tuesday at 6pm..she sounded excited about some of my ideas and that made me feel good..so im ready..

Intense Guy said...

I was just reading about the (mindless) flap " 'ole good hair' Perry" started with his remarks. Actually his remarks as I understand them aren't stupid. I think he meant to say, "Hey Federal Government, clean up your act before someone does if for you, perhaps with violence".

I love that 2nd place Easter Egg hunter's expression! :)

All those egg hunt pictures are cute! Made me feel like I was there and watching and enjoying it.

Good luck with the new "job"!

Kulkuri said...

It's only fair that Dr. Pepper costs more there as Coke products cost more in Atlanta than the rest of the country.

As for your fair-haired boy, if he keeps making noises about seceding, the feds should tell him, fine go it alone and stop sending money back to Tejas. All these southern states bitching about the stimulus plan get more money back from the feds than they pay in federal taxes. It's the other states that are subsidizing the southern states.

rosemary said...

What a wonderful look at West. some day I will have to post some of Sandpoint's articles....so looking at the circles, you pretty much know everyone in that photo, right?

Raspootin said...

I think when I am ready to retire Im going to move to West. Of course I will be working until I die so maybe I will have to do it sooner. Any art galleries in West?


intenseguy:if the guy of the past 8 years hadn't created such a shit storm for us, maybe the government wouldn't have to bail everyones ass out..
i loove that expression on her face..she is PISSED.
kulkuri:dr pepper should be .49 a liter and 1.50 a 12 pack.in texas..
if we're going to seceed from the nation, then we should say we're turning communist..then we can really get some federal aid..to keep us form coruping the rest of the country..ha
rosemary:i love my little town...yup, i not only know them...im related to most of them.

Mouthy Girl said...

I am SO glad you're not going back to work. I like your damn toes better as well!

Kolaches? Bastards. Do they ship well? I'm going to have to talk with you about this summer. If I can't make it down this summer, I might have to throw a fit.

Anonymous said...

LOL...can't believe you made fun of that girl getting 2nd place. Well, I laughed along with you...that picture is priceless!

tsduff said...

I'd really like some of those peppers right now. xoxo

Nit Wit said...

I can't remember most of this post because my brain kept shouting, JACKIESUE ON A JURY! JACKESUE ON A JURY! I don't remember anything read after that, and my ears are ringing from the inside.
I can't wait for a post about that if your chosen so lie when they question you.

Galt-in-Da-Box said...

Thanks for keeping us all in touch with the real world...a/k/a America as it should be.
Of course, don't be surprised to be falsely accused of "clinging to guns and religion" by some collectivist geniuses who shall remain nameless...The more I hear of West, the more I want to visit.
Texas's stock is rising on my exchange the more word I hear of it's prominent position in the sovereignty movement, though it may need to change its moniker to "Galt's Gulch" before too long:)

Galt-in-Da-Box said...

Melatonin, eh? Geez, YG...That shit'll knock out a fkn mule team!
Oh well, it's also hangover free:D

The Future Was Yesterday said...

Dr. Pepper a.k.a. God's Ale.:) LOVE the stuff!!