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Monday, April 06, 2009

POST #1580

This is one of those 'a little bit of every thing posts'...First up
Sidewalks...I found this in my DAM News yesterday.."People walk in hotter places and in colder places (than Dallas). There are more walkable streets in four cities in Canada than the entire United States. "It's not the climate; it's the (city's) physical design." Architect Andres Duany, founder of the New Urbanism movement, telling a Dallas audience to quit blaming the climate for the city's lack of walkability...
That and the fact that we're fucking lazy...I live in a town that end to end can't be more than 4 miles if that..I'll have to drive it one day and see for sure. But the only ones that walk to town are the ones that just don't have a car..I could walk to town..I could walk to the library..Hell I can damn near hit the library with a rock from my apartment. Do I walk? Hell no..But I think about it all the time..ha..sigh*
Something else from my DAM News..."I think it's significant because Iowa is considered a Midwest state in the mainstream of American thought..As they say during the presidential caucuses, 'As Iowa goes, so goes the nation.'...Richard Socarides, former White House gay rights adviser, on the broader meaning of the Iowa Supreme Court overturning the state's ban on same-sex marriage. First of all...I agree...now the rest of us Buttroy States need to follow through, and do the same. Second of all..when was Richard Socarides the White House gay rights adviser? Certainly not during the Bush administration....Did Bush even say the word Gay during his entire 8 years in office?...Buttroy.
Sunday DAM News had a lot of interesting stuff..They had a great article on Left Handed people..Pretty interesting..Some notable people that are left handed are Albert Einstein, Charlie Chaplin, Jimi Hendrix, Babe Ruth and the Olsen Twins. Five of the last seven presidents have been left-handed: Ford, Reagan, Bush the elder, Clinton and now Obama. Carter and Bush the Buttroy are not..So what does this mean? No one knows, could be a fluke it could be that left handed people are smarter..New research shows that left-handers tend to be more intelligent, and have better vocabularies(that definitely leaves Buttory Bush out) Lefy's are better problem-solvers, more forgetful and live an average of nine fewer years..Wow.
Even the animal world have lefties. Chimps, marmosets, cats, chickens, toads(now how the fuck did they figure THAT out), mice, rats and other species. It is also present in animals that don't have hands (fish) and in some that don't have backbones(honeybees). In biology, this phenomenon is known as "lateralization." It is the preference for doing or perceiving thins more with one side of the body than the other. It appears to be an important consequence of having a brain. (thus explaining why Bush is right handed).
About 27 percent of sons of left-handed parents are left-handed, compared to 10 percent of sons of right-handed parents.However, about 20 percent of identical twins have different handedness. So...genes count for something but not everything. The word 'left' comes from Anglo-Saxon word lyft, meaning weak, broken. The word 'sinister' means left in Latin.
People also use one foot, eye, ear more than the other. One of my beast is bigger than the other..The right one is bigger. Think it's from being right handed and built up the right breast more.???? But..I bat left -handed, golf(if I did golf) left-handed, but fish and play tennis with right hand. Lefties have a competitive advantage in one-on-one sports such as baseball, tennis and fencing. Right-handers are not used to playing against someone who favors the left side. This is the piece of information that I really find interesting. The more violent a culture, the greater chance left-handed inhabitants have of surviving. Left-handed combatants are familiar with fighting right-handers, but right-handers are much less familiar with battling a lefty. Remember that when you want to punch some one.
(article written by David Brown The Washington Post, with ad libs by moi)..
Ok..for the home town news...I should NOT have bragged on the 80 degree weather and all the sun shine.It's in the 50's now during the day and down to the 30's at night. It's still sunny out but it's windy...Which makes it seem like it's a lot colder. Plus it will be fecking freezing tonight and in the morning..so now I have to drag all my pots of veggies in the house..judas priest.
Its spring time dammit..But at least it won't be snowing like it did 2 years ago. First time in my life to see bluebonnets with snow on them. That was plum freaky.
Jennifer and Jason came over for lunch yesterday. Was going to make home made chicken pot pies, but Community Grocery had smoked turkeys (regular $1.79lb) on sale for .59cents a pound. So I bought one and baked in the oven and made chicken soup, baked potatoes and the turkey..Garlic bread and Spinach Dip. It was really great..Her dippy mother didn't give her all of the birthday present I had for her..I swear Kathy's not to be trusted with anything..She either loses it or leaves it in the car and 3 months later will find it(there is a family from India living in the back seat of her car).I'm going to go to her house next Friday and help her do some re potting ...and help her with her plants. Plus I want to go to Lowe's or Home Depot and see their knobs for my dresser in the bathroom..
Annie got up in my lap last night while I was reading emails(she never does that) and I petted her and loved on her one handed ) and how does she thank me for all my love and attention?..She deposited a giant tootsie roll size turd in my lap.Tell me that's not intentional... Plus this a.m. while reading the DAM News I heard this thunk, thump noise...Got up and she had tipped the garbage can over and was attacking the turkey carcase. When I went to take it from her she made a 'aaaath' noise at me.. She just stiff legged walked by me to go outside.
My friend Michael (Snake, from the Heart of Texas Snake Handlers) (Inky's brother) came over too..Nice visit with him...I've known him longer than anyone in West. His birthday is Nov. 1st and mine is the 12th and we used to go get drunk and celebrate our birthday's together. Some of those stories can't be told till the statue of limitations run out on the crimes..Like the number 6 we kept stealing from the ...well, never mind.
I have to go get gas in the truck today..The last time I put gas in the truck was 1-22..I had less than a 1/2 tank of gas..put $20 in and it almost filled it up ....and I have been running around town for a week on a empty tank ...I fucking love my truck.
Well...I'm off..I'm officially in mourning...ER. is gone...and because JayfuckingLeno is taking over the 9pm slot M-F they are going to cancel Life. I love that show...well, I love Damian Lewis...who has the greatest mouth in male history. He was in Band of Brothers also. Plus..motherfucker..they are canceling Guiding Life. Well, they didn't have to kill it..it committed suicide...But it's the longest running show in TV history. It started out as a 15 minute show on Radio...and now, because the soap industry hasn't moved with the flow and realized that this is the day of twitter and 30 second shots of information, and are still taking 6 months to close up a story line...they are going to be shut down. Serves them fucking right..and I hope they kill Reva Shane Lewis off at the end of the show. Sigh..Yeah, I know no one cares about soaps...my point exactly.
I had some killer pictures to go with this post, but blogger is being a Buttroy.
fuckme I'll never smile again.


Intense Guy said...

Wow, post #1580 was about 4 or 5 posts all wrapped up in one.

I guess there is something wrong me that the most memorable part to me was the tootsie roll giftie and that chickens and toads can be lefthanded. And yes, just how did they figure that out??!?!?

Must be a gubbermint job somewhere... complete with window office and staff for someone to determined "handedness" in animals that don't have hands... Am I ever so glad pay my taxes for something worthwhile.

rosemary said...

Please tell me LIFE is not going to be canceled. We have to find Dani, figure out who that black haired woman really is and if Crews will find his yoga equal......tell me NO!!!

sageweb said...

Oh I cant believe they are cancelling Life..that is the best show ever...assholes. What the hell will Jay leno be doing on tv with his big ole chin at that time? Now I am bummed..maybe another network will pick that show up..it is too good to stop.


Raspootin said...

I never watched Life; and now I am glad. They always cancel the shows that I like. Its unfair to expect a viewer to invest like 20 hours into watching a show, become interested then simply cancel it.

buttroys indeed !

Kulkuri said...

I'm right-handed with most things. If it has a short handle I'm right-handed, if it has a long handle (axe, shovel, sledge hammer) I'm left-handed. I can bat either handed or at least I could when I was younger. Go figure!!

Utah Savage said...

You have your finger on the pulse of everything.

And I can attest to the ambidextrousness of squirrels--the little bastards can throw shit from the tops of the trees with wicked accurateness using either grubby paw and hit me on the head.

Mouthy Girl said...

Ha ha ha!! Annie SO shat on you on purpose. And the turkey carcass? *snort* I had a cat when I was kid who would beat the shit out of you if she dragged a chicken bone out of the trash and you attempted to save the bone. Very good times!

I will admit to being sad about Guiding Light. I used to watch that shit as a TEENY kid when my drunk grandma took care of me and my three sisters. I was RAISED on the soaps, sister! I called my mom (she worked in labor and delivery at the time) when Lujack died in the boat explosion. I was crying like a big dog - as if SOMEONE REAL had died. What a wuss.

If they don't kill Reva, they don't have hair on their asses! Kill the bitch already!

billy pilgrim said...

i'll bet 50 cents that annie makes smile within the week.

Jan said...

Both of my kids are left handed and we have to go back three generations to find the genes that caused it. I hadn't realized all the challenges they have that the rest of us don't have. Try using left handed scissors and you get an idea of what their life is like.

Galt-in-Da-Box said...

Damn, I'm not even to 150 posts yet.
There was a readers' digest article about south-paws, but I can't remember all the points it made other than there are lots of famous people through the last century that had 'em.
Great to see that cats are a little more grateful and appreciative than human beings..."No good deed goes unpunished" and all.
Are you referring to Love of Life or Guiding Light? My mom tried to get into that stuff when I was little, but liked game shows better. I missed so much school in the 7th grade I took up Days of Our Lives for a bit...Checked back 20 years later and picked up right where I left off! Cindy - one of my ex-girlfriends - says that was because "there are only five soap opera/daytime drama episode plots: Who's screwing who, who's engaged to who, who's marrying who, who's screwing around on who, and who's divorcing who." Ah well, you know who.
Try some new stuff: I'm really getting into Kings, Heroes and SouthLAnd. Seems like all that talent Hollywood ain't using anymore has moved to TV.

Heidi said...

Left handed toads? I didn't know toads even had hands.

I don't watch soap operas anymore, but I was so sad to hear about Guiding Light because I watched it with my grandma every summer from K-12 when I stayed at her house. It feel the way I felt when Bob Barker retired -- the last traces of my grandma are disappearing. Grandma was a huge fan of the Price is Right (or Wrong as I like to call it).

Do I have to send you kitty diapers? You gotta get some!


intense guy:same guy that did the research on animals with left hands also counted all the trees in texas..
rosemary:i think if we wrote a 'lets keep life' campaign it might help.
crews is such a great character..plus i still want him to get with reese.
sage:who would rather see leno than life..raise your hand...no fucking body..i'm writing a fuck you letter to nbc..
raspootin:go to hulu and watch them..it's worth it..
kulkuri:i can bat left or right, but im way better at left. still don't know why..
utah:i put out coyote urine around my yard to keep that bastid squrrel from my bird feeders. hates the little bastid.
buddha:today..? she peed on me..i hope she's done with her revenge by now.
it's hard to believe that they will cancel GL...I'm still pissed at nbc for canceling another world..sigh*...times are a changing..
yeah, kill off reva...I've been pissed every since they kept her with jeffery instead of going back to josh..bastids.
billy:no bet..ha
jan:it always looks like they are in pain when they are writing..gotta be tough.
ted:nope..GUiding Light..supposed to be gone by sept?...yeah, i used to run home from school to watch bandstand and my mother would be watching guiding light..we'd have knock down dragouts over that time slot.
heidi:where do you get the kitty diapers?....I need them for sure..

PENolan said...

Haven't you ever had a cat leave a dead mouse or rabbit in the middle of the living room because she loved you so much she had to bring you a gift? Same with Annie. Her gift to you was the turd - especially meaningful since she's had such a hard time pooping recently.

And Bush the Buttroy? Now THAT'S funny

Unknown said...

Who said that cats don't have a sense of humor 8-}

Glad to hear that Annie is doing better, is she left pawed?

Don't know yet about Westfest, but our Chicken & Egg Festival is in a couple of weeks. What size men's T shirt do you and Babs wear, If I get to go I'll send u both one

KrisMrsBBradley said...

I know you don't really "do" blog awards, but I gave you one on my blog, anyway.

Rox said...

Oh that Annie, she's a bugger! If Kamir dropped a dookie on me, he's be living outside. Well, except I'd let him in at night. Ah, who am I kidding?

My dad is left handed. Out of four kids, my sister is the only lefty. She's also a bit of a drinker, something else she inherited from dad. Genetics.

Anne Johnson said...

I'm left-handed. Enough said!

Big Pissy said...

My first husband and my current husband are both left handed.

Hmmmmm...... ;-)

Pom said...

For you - an award

mckait said...

Hey there...
Annie must be doing okay to wrassle a turkey carcass. Good !
I thought of you recently. I live in Pa, and we here have been dealing with an invasion of stinkbugs... nasty brown armored little motherfuckers ( see why I thought of you?) and I went out and bought a rechargeable hand held vac with which to suck them up and contain them . (It is impossible to kill them. If you toss the in the toilet they do the backstroke, I kid you not, ) Thus it was dubbed the mother fucker sucker upper.

nuff said

Daisy Deadhead said...

Don't forget Paul McCartney, left-handed bass player!

Wendy said...

I shoot archery as left eye dominant...I was the only one in the class that shot like that. Made all the other kids look at me kind weird. hahaha


pen:buttroy bush..has a nice ring to it huh?.hah
i'd rather the dead mouse than the tootsie roll turd.
junny:chicken and egg festival..sounds cool..large for me and you'll have to ask babs what size she is..
mrsb:i find it hysterical that you and pom gave me a mommy award..for being a good mommie to my cat..im sure my kids will find that extremely funny..i sure do.
rox:yah, she's a riot..i can't think of anyone in our family that is left handed..hmmm.
anne:ahh, that explains everything.
bigpissy:like them lefty's huh?
pom:hahahahah another cat mommie award..snort*
kath:oh man..i hate them stink bugs..we have them here too...they are buttugly and really do stink.
daisy:ah, forgot about him.
wendy:wow, now that is weird..you freak you..hahah

Nit Wit said...

My older brother is left handed and so is my Number One Son, You should see him when he's doing his art work.
I'm ambidextrous and I sometimes surprise myself by using the opposite hand I would normally use. I started school when there were still teachers who would force all students to be right handed because left handedness was evil. It says so in the bible. I'm also a little squirrelly.
They forgot to mention that a large number of lefties die using right handed products every year.
Just be thankful Annie hasn't got diarrhea.