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Monday, April 20, 2009

More West, Texas

Annie giving me the 'don't fuck with me...I won't piss on you ' look.
My ole while Mazda during our rain..My view off the front porch..The building straight ahead is the office and the laundry room and the mail room and a small meeting room.

Don't know if you can tell, but that's hail in the pots and on the side walk..about the size of marbles.

this is the old Capital, now called Out West. I can't even begin to tell you how many times I've been drunk in that place..

The West Rest Haven, or as we call it..The Old Farts Home. Where my x-daughter-in-law works as the Activity Director.

Lone Star Hall. The Sign and the overhang are new.

The Gazebo next to city hall. Has 2 WW I and II memorials. It gets decorated every Christmas.

One of about 3 huge play grounds for the elementary school.

The front of the High School. Which is less than 10 years old..maybe 6 or so..

The entire High School.Plus some Texas clouds.

The original Depot for West from when the train actually stopped for passengers instead of just to blog the fucking roads. In the area behind the Depot is where they are planning on setting up the Farmers Market this summer.

The front of Out West. My little blue jeep used to sit right where that white truck is parked. Was hoping you could see the art work by Bobby of the trains, which are beautiful. He did them for the owner of the place when it was called the Depot.

upside down clouds..

the library and some more of them beautiful Texas clouds.
I took pictures of the middle school and the elementary school, but they didn't turn out all that good. Not that these are any great shakes. I also took a picture of the inside of the truck and the floor board, but not on purpose. Next time I'll take pictures of the down town and main streets. Plus there is one shot off Tokio Road that is one of my favorites scenes of the country side around West.


The Future Was Yesterday said...

"this is the old Capital, now called Out West. I can't even begin to tell you how many times I've been drunk in that place.."Nice photo show!! We used to have a huge C&W bar in Michigan, had a buckin' bull and all. The road it was on was pure hick wilderness. I mean, you had to drive for at least 20 miles from any direction to get to the bar. It was miles and miles of wilderness...and all of a sudden this huge building, with dozens of cars. When the band I played with was playing out there, it wasn't at all unusual for 40-50 customers to report their cars stolen, the parking lot was so huge. They were so fucked up they couldn't remember where they parked!:)

We (SC) can match your Texas clouds anytime. I sit outside and just stare at them, they are so beautiful. In the summer, it can be a cloudless sky....and in fifteen minutes it's so dark the street lights come on (if we still have power) and just all hell breaks loose!!

Unknown said...

Love the picture posts! I can't wait to get home and take a nap........I am soooooooo sleepy

Woozie said...

Texas is a flat flat place. I'll never know why so much of the South is flat.

Intense Guy said...

I'm a train-nut (but no so much as to be insane and foaming) and your train station looks to be in nice shape.

Maybe someday the trains will blog the roads again. :)

Mouthy Girl said...

I love small-town America.

I still want to swim in that pool on the previous post, dammit!

Rox said...

Canadian clouds look oddly similar to Texas clouds! :o)

yellowdoggranny said...

future:we have 5 bars in West. Out West, Strickly, Mynar's, Wolf's, and the Pool Room which is basically the Mexican bar.i don't think a gringo has stepped foot in there in over 15 years.Some people may go to Wolf's and Strickly, and then maybe Out West, but generally the same people go to the same bar. When I drank I would bar hop and would get so drunk I'd wake up in front of a bar trying to remember if I was coming or going.sigh*
I get teased all the time about pulling my truck over and parking on the side of the road so I can just look at the clouds..especailly if the hawks are out soaring.
junney:get some sleep and write a post about your chicken/egg adventure.
woozie:yeah, lots of texas is flat. But we do have what is refered to as the 'hill country' which are 'hills'..ha...but around here..it's flat flat flat.
intesnse:i just saw that I put blog for block, im a dufus.haha..the depot was bought by someone years and years ago and stored on his farm, when west started remodeling the down town area he donated it back to West and they completly restored it and the inside is full of West stuff, like our war heros, old pictures, etc. plus we also have an old caboose restored too.
buddhagirl:west is small town america alright..the population hasn't changed in 30 years...some die..some born..it evens out. come on down...i'll have jimbo save you a chair and raft for robert.'
rox:really?...who knew? ha

Jan said...

omidog!! You have actual schools in West. I was starting to worry.;)

pattinase (abbott) said...

Love that depot.

joy said...

Look like Okie clouds to me...they probably wandered across the river.

rainywalker said...

Am I gonna have to get a passport to visit my daughter in Houston? Nice tour of West but where's the place where they are gonna print the money? Wonderful images!

miss chlorine jackson said...

Oh my! Your train station would be practically an historical landmark around these parts! It's in fantastic condition from the looks of that photo. It actually looks very similiar to the one that sat right in the middle of downtown Souther Pines, NC when we still lived down there.

debra said...

Love that blue sky! Raining in NE Ohio.

Reb said...

Alberta gets those same intense blue skies with the puffy white clouds. Love the train depot, nice that it was donated back and is being preserved.

Linda said...

What is the pop. of West?

yellowdoggranny said...

jan:yeah, but nobody learns in them..ha
pattinase:the city paid to have it restored...it's in as good of shape today as it was when it was in business..
joy:yeah, but when they got to texas they got bigger.
rainy:the money will probably be peso's...ha
mrsjackson: it was really rundown and seedy looking when they first got it..but they spent a ton of money getting it restored...it really looks spanking new.
debra:we had rain right after these were taken..or before, cn't remember.
reb:I'm a sucker for clouds..i love me some clouds..
linda:less than 3,000

Gadfly said...

Heh ... I've been at that porch :D

yellowdoggranny said...

gaddy:yup, you certainly have..and sat in the chair that annie likes to pee on ..ha..

Daisy Deadhead said...

Just beautiful photos, damn, Texas is just so BIG. And I've always noticed how everything is SO far apart compared to the east.

Yes, the depot is great!