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Thursday, April 30, 2009


The First of May...outdoor screwing starts today.
And it's great weather for it, since it quit raining..I got the West News and there is lots of good news for our little town. Had a nice article about our Main Street meeting and I managed to get the back of my head in the picture. Plus I talked to Cindy and they are putting me on the Farmers Market committee, the Promotion committee and the Organization committee. I figure they think I'll fuck up on at least one of them. I also see that we got 6 inches of rain in the month of April..This month's rainfall is the largest amount since June of 2007 when we had 11.10 inches.
The Trojan band got Division One ratings in Concert and Sightreading. Plus ...we won the Sweepstakes, which is the first time since we have been competing in 10 years..Hot dang.
The West Library is having our annual book sale..Which means I will probably buy back all the books I donated. Least that's what Nancy the Librarian said.
Marlie Rogers celebrated her 1st birthday with a princess themed party. Parker Kadlacek turned two and had his party at the Ice Cream Shop in Denton and a construction themed party in Tours. Kearstyn turned 10 and some one turned 40. No names, just a kids picture.. Kelly Lenart and Justin Kaska were married on December 27th. The paper is 3 months behind in most birthday news and wedding news..Especially during the school year when there is so much sports going on.We had 6 people pass on..from 37(cancer) to 95.
KJZT society donated money to two West organizations. The West Library got $1,200 and the West Volunteer Ambulance Association got $1,2000 also. (Nancy is the middle blonde on the right...she hates having her picture taken.)We had the opening day ceremonies for baseball season last Saturday. When they start giving scores and giving run downs I'll find out exactly how many teams we have and how many kids are involved. Every kid from about the age of 4 to 18 plays...The Lady Trojans won District 7-AAA Crown ...We're so excited..They are 21-4 for the season after finishing the district at 9-1. This is the 11th straight year for West to qualify for the playoffs and they are scheduled to play Bridgeport in the Area playoff round next week. Bridgeport placed third in District 5-AAA and had a bye in the bi-district round. The Trojans won second in the district, and are heading to the 7-AAA baseball playoffs. The Trojans will play Farmersville, District 13-AAA champs. Like I said..Baseball is king in West.
West Food Mart has lean ground beef on sale for $1.69 an pound. I bought a couple of pounds and made me a hamburger. Now as good as Bold Springs Baptist Church makes them, but still, pretty good.
Someone was asking me about the price of land and there are 2 1-acre building sites near Tours(4 miles or so from West). Paved road frontage and $15,000 each. There is a country brick home on 14 acres, 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, very large country kitchen, garden room, enclosed porch, stock tank, carport, separate shop building for $290,000. Plus there is a country home on 8 acres. Small pecan orchard, 4 bedrooms, 2 baths brick home, covered patio overlooking back yard, landscaped, new appliances, for $199,900.
Community Grocery has t-bone steaks for $4.59 a pound. sigh*
My veggies and flowers are sprouting like crazy due to the rain. My okra is starting to poke it's head out of the dirt.
Sara O. was looking for me today to tell me that her sister is going to have a baby girl. She drove around town looking for my truck.. Not that many places I could be..She knew I was in West as I had left the door open. Talked to her Dad David O. tonight and he's pretty excited about being a grandpa to a little girl. Said he can't wait to take her out on the golf course. My granddaughter Jennifer is planning her May 2010 wedding. She's starting to freak out..so much pressure. Now I have to make up a list of my friends and various out of town relatives to invite to the wedding. Gee, it's a year away..at our age, half of us could be dead by then. Ok...that's all the news that's fit to be news from West, By Goddess, Texas. y'all come back and see us..y'hea?


Willym said...

Puppies had me up at 0630 so I sat with a cuppa tea, two growling, scraping puppies and the West news. It felt nice, real nice.

Utah Savage said...

Thanks for reminding me that I can now screw outside. I forgot.

The Future Was Yesterday said...

"The First of May...outdoor screwing starts today."LMAO!! There's a reason you're confined to Texas, you know.:)

It's nice to see and read your obvious pride in your town, small, large, or otherwise. People don't seem to take much pride in anything anymore.

Yankee Girl said...

I'm gonna try and grow a green thumb this year. I've neglected my yard for the past three years and it needs some serious TLC. Hopefully it all works out and I can become a champion at outdoor screwing!

And farmers markets are awesome. Enjoy the committees!

Intense Guy said...

Those kids look like they are having a blast! Just living proof that baseball is way better than soccer. :)

Hey...which head is the back of YOUR head?

With all that rain you're getting - you best be careful with the water soluable sex lubricants... You could get chafted up now that you are outside.

mrsb said...

Hurray for outside screwing!

buddha_girl said...

*sigh* I love West updates.

The pics of those little kids in their uniforms made me misty-eyed. How pitiful am I?

The price of that fucking country house me howl in agony. How can that be? You can't get much of ANYTHING where I live for that price.

I love that you're so active on all of those freaking committees - they don't think you're gonna fuck up - they know you're not gonna let ANYONE ELSE fuck up. You're the sherrif!

tsduff said...

Now I feel great - having had the news from West it seems like I've heard from all my family on everything :) Woke up (and actually got up) at 4:30am... that is sleeping in for me because I usually wake up at 3:00am. What a great way to start the day. I've been watching the weather move across Texas with all it's flooding... and wondering if you were floating away. The price of a small orchard and house on 8 acres left me feeling like maybe we ought to pick up and move to West. Happy May Day Jackie Sue.

jan said...

People have stopped taking our local paper by the droves. They don't cover birthday parties or all the good stuff the West News does. They'd rather go broke than give people what they want to read.

LostInColor said...

Loved the update! Thanks for sharing and including the picts. I paid that much for my house and I barely have a yard. :(

joy said...

West sounds like a great place.

yellowdog granny said...

willym:I love reading my west news..I love my little town..and love the fact that so many people are starting to love it too.
utah:i have a feeling you didn't need to be reminded..hahaha.
future:i can't even imagine me living any place else. and even west finds me hard to deal with on occasion.
yankeegirl:the pagans say your garden will grow better if you get a little loving in your garden.
intenseguy:oh baseball is 'it' in west. and everyone enjoys it. the players, the parents, the grandparents, everyone.
i have an arrow pointing to my head..look close.
buddha:wish you could move here...we have cheap land, the need for good teachers and plenty of tball teams for robert to play on .
I can't wait for the meetings to start..I'm ready.
tsduff:we've had lots of rain and think more is coming this weekend. going to plant some more veggies before it starts up again.
come on down..plenty of great houses for even greater prices.
jan:i may not be able to take the DAM News any more(starting the 4th of may) but me and everyone else have to have our west news. for the grocery sales alone...plus who died, who was born, who got married, 'lordy lordy look who turned fourty'..i didn't know it..but the west news office prints 4 papers..one completely in czech and is sent all over texas and to czecheslovakia. huh!
LIC: there are a bunch of houses like that with land for sale..I don't think I have seen anything over $300,000...and that was with all the bells and whistles..pool, barns, tanks, pecan groves, etc.
Jan:west has a lot going for it...like i tell people when they move here. set your clock back 50 years..it's 1959 here.

rosemary said...

I wish i had a porch so I could sit outside and read your news....it is a whole lot better than my local news.

Stephen Rader said...

When I woke up today, I thought to myself "Outdoor screwing starts today!"

And not a minute too soon, either!!! :)

texlahoma said...

If they ever run me out of Oklahoma, I think I'll move to West.

Sling said...

It's always comforting to sit back with a double shot o' brown liquor,and peruse the West news.
Happy screwing!

Heidi said...

Ooh, I can't wait to hear about your adventures on the Farmer's Market Committees!

Anonymous said...

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