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Wednesday, April 22, 2009


and delivers kolaches to the Texas Legislature..I swear, next year I'm going..It just looks like a lot of fun.

The Main Street meeting last night was successful..only about 40 people showed up, but we were all eager and and enthusiastic about making changes for West, to boost the economy and beautify our little town. Anyone that was anyone was there...and of course me..Still don't know what I was doing there, except I love my little town and would like to see some changes made. The great thing is ...we all made up lists of what we wanted to accomplish and have done and we were all on the same page..We all want to make the main street of West(which is Oak St.) the actual entrance into town to be more appealing and easier to travel. Sidewalks, benches, flowers, etc. We all want to renovate the old theater(which is rumored to be on the list and is really beautiful inside) into something along the lines of a live theater..I think dinner theater would be a great idea and have mentioned it before. But who knows. We all want to make the town more Czech..have business hours the same..Maybe actually stay open till 7P.M. instead of closing up shop at 5P.M..Only business's that stay open after 5 are the grocery stores, dollar stores and the video store. We'd like a museum above the city hall, which has lots of room and is not being used. The library has lots of Czech heritage stuff that no one gets to see, as it's scattered around in the library(and lets face it, we could use the room).So we got a lot of ideas out and the Main Street team is going to compile it and come up with a plan. We all want a Farmers Market, and if you will look at the picture of the high school, there is a huge grassy field and it's not being used for anything. I think they could get the students to plant a green garden there, and be responsible for the planting and care of the garden and be allowed to use the money they earn for 'what ever.' We all go back tomorrow at 5:30 P.M. and I'm anxious to see what they come up with. I also think we should tap some of the rich Czech Americans for some help. Like Martina Navratilova for a start. Let her be a part of it and ask her to the Westfest and be the Parade Marshall.
So there is lots to do and I plan on being right smack in the middle of it..I'll keep you updated.
Went to the Dr. yesterday and got blood taken and blood pressure was waaaaaay up...So he gave me script for blood pressure meds. Said that was what was messing with my blood sugar and giving me the head aches. Plus I have gained 4 lbs. fuckity.It's from not working..plus worrying about Annie I was not eating as well as I should have been...Eating bad things..maybe even a bowl of Blue Bell every now and then.
When the nurse tried to get blood she couldn't get it form my right arm so dug around in the left arm..Last night after Babs and I got back from the House of Satan, I noticed that my left arm was all bruised and had a lump of blood next to where she had drawn the blood. It didn't look any better today so went to see Dr. E and he asked me if I took aspirin and said every morning. He said that was why ..it makes the blood thin and instead of clotting up..it bled out...Eek. Said to put ice on it and it would be ok.
Dropped by Family Dollar the other day to get my water and the new manager had quit and we had another one..I know her from speaking to her on the phone when I worked there. I haven't spoke to Inky yet to find out what happened to the guy. This makes ............I don't know..7 managers in a little over 3 years..? heheheee...
Last night after I got back from the Main Street meeting it was almost 7:30 and I usually eat at 6:30 P.M. and knew it would take 20-30 minutes to throw a dinner together, so I stopped at Jerry's Chicken and got some tenders. When I walked in I had to pee so didn't pet Annie, just ran by her into the bathroom. I put the chicken on the hall table..I'm sitting on the pot and Annie comes prancing in...listing a little but by Goddess, she was running..She smelled that chicken..ha..So I would say that she is doing much much better. I need to take her back for another check up and get her shots.
I'm going to make this short as I'll have an up date on the Thursday night meeting too. Plus for some reason, I'm sleepy..watched Lost and it was an hour long recap...feck!


sageweb said...

You are a busy beaver. That manager job at the dollar store must be the job to have. I am glad annie is doing better...when the animal eat they are doing better.

Junebugg said...

Yea for Annie and boo for you. Take better care of yourself, Lady. You know that you've gotta stay around for Annie, she needs you. Plus I'd miss you like crazy if you got too sick to write.

Intense Guy said...

Hugs. You take care of you will ya? Someday I'm gonna need a West Texas tour guide and I'm countin' on it being you.

So Annie's got a hankering for some good ol' KFC huh? :)

Roxrocks said...

Take good care of yourself Jackie! I know you've been so busy worrying about her, you're neglecting your own self! Smarten up! :)

Blue Bell, is that ice cream?

jan said...

Take out chicken is great medicine for cats, I have found.

Pom said...

See? You're needed and not just by Annie. Take care of yourself - the blog-o-sphere needs you too!

yellowdog granny said...

sage:more action than im used to, that's for sure..and the important thing with annie is, she's peeing in the liter box and not on me....hot dang
junebugg:i forget to take care of me sometime..think oh i eat ok, and take my meds, im fine...not so much.ha
intenseguy:you can bet you'll get a tour of west by me any time..
i wish it was kfc...it's jerry's chicken..jerry who used to have the largest chevy dealer in west(sold it), owns the chicken place, the old theater and other property here in town, plus he's the new mayor...who also got popped for a dui a few weeks ago..snort*
rox:blue bell is the best ice cream in the world..well, maybe not, but we love it..
jan:she likes every thing again..which is terrific..she's eating good, peeing in the box and runs every now and then..ha
pom:oh im sure if i croaked you guys would be sad for a week or so and then back to life as usual.ha

Heidi said...

So glad to hear Annie is running again! Yeah, I was all excited about seeing Lost last night, too, and then it turned out to be one of the damned recaps!!! BOO

Ted said...

Sounds like you autta run for president of the West chamber of Commerce: You make me want to move there (Are land prices reasonable?).
Is Lost still on? I thought it was in syndication.
Good to hear Annie's doing better. Keep giving her lots of water/fluids just to make sure, though I suspect the worst is over.

Ted said...

And another thing...*he said, saving the best for last*
You only got one you, so take best care of her - it's a better world with you in it, and I need somebody to keep me in line;)

yellowdog granny said...

heidi:dang recaps!
ted:oh land is pretty damn reasonable around here..land with tanks(ponds), barns, sheds, homes, every thing you could imagine..you'd love it here..
lost will be on till 2010 i think...
she's eating and drinking regularly and certainly can pee alot..
Oh, im not going anywhere..figure i have about 10 more years left..ha

more cowbell said...

I'm just so glad to hear Annie continues to do better. that's good good news.

Anonymous said...

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