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Tuesday, May 26, 2009


I'm going to do these in shifts as there are so many of them..
this is the road going out to the K.C. Grounds..wanted you to see there are trees around here..no hills, but trees.

These are just shots of the grounds with all the contestants. As you can see, we had storm clouds most of the day, but didn't get any rain..we got them the day before when I left the window down in the truck..as usual..more pictures to come.


Intense Guy said...

That place looks nice - too bad the clouds look kind of threatening - or at least off-putting.

Can anyone camp there? I'm not real up on the Knights of Columbus - I assume they are like Rotarians and the Lions?

Rocky (Racquel) said...

set up a midway with some rides and you have our county fair! :-)

yellowdog granny said...

Intense:oh yeah, anyone can camp...and it's really pretty and the clouds just hung around enough to make it humid...we didn't get the rain till last night..
rocky:set up some rides and fry up some sausage and you got westfest..come on down.