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Monday, May 18, 2009

DAM NEWS...sigh*

I love Jesse Ventura, he's sort of a buttroy, but he does have his good moments..his latest quote:"You give me a waterboard, Dick Cheney and one hour, and I'll have him confess to the Sharon Tate murders." Jesse Ventura, former Minnesota governor who endured waterboarding as part of his Navy SEAL training, on the unreliability of information gained through the tactic. (on Larry King Live)

oh yeah?...Give me a waterboard, George Bush and 30 minutes and I'll have him confessing to every crime he ever committed started with the first grade.. who gives a fuck if it's true or not..I just wanna waterboard Bush...hmm, is that against the law to say that?...Don't know but I think it would be worth the jail time for a shot at him.
This was not only scary but ...well..reallly scary. The estimated number of nuclear warheads around the world, including non-deployed warheads. U.S. has about 5,400 of the little suckers and 2,260 non-deployed(someone tell me exactly what non-deployed means)..Russia has about 14,000 and about 8,800 non-deployed.(hey Ivan! whatcha got in that truck?).. United Kingdom has about 160.(You talked about the Queen? I have something for you in my little truck.) France has 348(you speak french like a foreigner monsieur, look what I have for you in my little truck).China has about 240(you think our toys laden with lead poison were bad, wait till you see what I have in my little truck ) Israel has 100-200(what do you mean you didn't plant a tree, I have something for you in my little truck.) Pakistan has 24-48(they don't need a reason they're just fucking nuts) India has 50-60(you don't like your tech support? I have a little support for you in my little truck). And North Korea has about 10(but the whack job over there is so sick I'm not sure he could load his little truck). Countries that used to have arsenal? Belarus, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, and South Africa...Gee, wonder what happened to them?...In someones little truck maybe? I sorta wish Ireland had a bomb...they would be free of England in a NYCity Second.
But the best is saved for last..GRACE UMC PASTOR'S MESSAGE:GAY IS OK
Sermon response draws fire from First Baptist leader, but no protesters.(he makes a point to mention the Gays protested, but the good Christians didn't...snort*)

By Ed Housewright staff writer for the DAM News
The pastor of little Grace United Methodist Church took a swipe at big First Baptist Church of Dallas on Sunday with a sermon titled "Why Gay is Ok."
The message was delivered as a counter punch to "Why Gay is Not Ok," a November sermon by First Baptist pastor Dr. Robert Jeffress.
"I knew I had to preach about this," the Rev. Diana Holbert said Sunday.
She told her diverse East Dallas congregation that homosexuality is not a big issue in the Bible and that Christians should be more focused on subjects such as health care, green in the corporate world, and the welfare of children.

About a third of the church's membership is gay or lesbian, she said.
During her sermon, Holbert said, "God doesn't discard or discriminate."
"The Bible has often been used to attack gay and lesbian persons," she said. "Lets put a stop to that."
Jeffress issued a rebuttal to Holbert's sermon even before her service began.
"I wonder if her follow-up message will be 'Why Adultery is OK'
or 'Why Incest is OK,' he wrote last week in an e-mail to The Dallas Morning News.(gee, compared gays to adulterer's and people that have sex with their kin folk....nice job pastor)
"The Bible says sex is reserved for a man and a woman in a marriage relationship," he continued. "Once you reject God's Word as our absolute authority in all matters, then any perversion is permissible." (oh my....don't you just LOVE people that quote the Bible?...I got one for you 'Jesus Wept'. There's my quote for you."
Holbert, whose husband is a professor at Southern Methodist University's Perkins School of Theology, chose her words slowly in responding after her sermon. She said she had never met Jeffress. "I want to be careful," she said in an interview."I don't want to call him anti-scholastic. I don't want to get in a fight with him."( can I ?...please ..please...let me..I'll let him throw the first punch.)Then she added, "I kind of feel sorry for him,"(yeah?..........not me...I save my pity for people with incurable diseases)
Just as Jeffress had done, Holbert publicized her sermon's title.
"For years, gay people have given up on organized religion because it has condemned the," she wrote recently in the Dallas Voice, a gay newspaper, "At Grace this simply does not happen."(who knew they had a gay newspaper...yeah Dallas.)
Jeffress' sermon six months ago drew about 100 protesters outside the downtown church. The sang "Jesus Loves Me" and carried signs with messages such as "Christ Taught Love Not Hate."
On Sunday, no one protested Holbert's sermon outside the 106-year old church on Haskell Avenue. Inside she spoke to 186 worshippers , a fraction of the number attending First Baptist, which had 10,000 members last year. She based her sermon on Acts 10:9-28, 34-48.
"'What God has made clean, you must not call profane,'" Hobert said, reading from verse 15.
Andy Smith and his long time partner, Paul von Wuipperfield, began attending Grace United Methodist church more than a decade ago, in part because of its acceptance of gays.
"This is not about a battle with First Baptist," Smith said. "It's about Grace and what the church has to offer all children of God."
Gays and lesbians in attendance made little effort to hide their sexuality, nor did they flaunt it. (this sentence is so offensive to me I can't even begin to express myself.) Several put their arms around their partners shoulder during the service. (gee ..just like heterosexuals....gasp*) Two men held hands discreetly as they returned to the pew after taking Communion at the front of the sanctuay.(discreetly?...how the fuck do you hold hands discretely?...does this mean they didn't hold hands, blow kisses and skip down the aisle?)
Penny Camfield, a lesbian, said she had stopped going to church before discovering Grace United Methodist about 15 years ago.
"I was getting conflicting messages:Jesus loves you, but...," she said."You could do everything right, but still be judged because of who you were."....
Sigh*************.First of all, I used spellcheck and corrected about 6 misspelled words..Second of all....I think the guy that wrote this article was a homophobe...or maybe I'm just pissed off at the way it was written...
Anyhow...that's the DAM News for the day..Going to take the camera around town again and take some 'people pictures'...see if I can get Patsy Patsy Patsy to pose and not give the finger..Gotta go..have 3 loads of wash going and have to go put them in the dryers...I fecking hate laundry..but the good thing?..low of 50's tonight...spring is still here...dang!


susan said...

I love Jesse and will have a piece of pecan pie while we discuss waterboarding Rumsfeld. Thanks!

buddha_girl said...

I want to meet Diane! What a great church!

And Jesse? Oooooooh he rocks!

mrsb said...

I found the best button the other day. It says "I love Jesus, but in a gay way." Made me laugh.

Kulkuri said...

If any of those war criminals get waterboarded, they should put it on pay-per-view and help pay down the national debt!!!

Roxrocks said...

I wonder if Canada has any nukes? We're pretty friendly anyway, so it's not like we'd be much of a threat...

The whole God thing? After watching Religulous, everytime I see the word God, I want to replace it with Jack and the Beanstalk. Seriously, I think the whole God thing is illogical. But that's just my new opinion. (I don't need the Fundies chasing me!)

Rocky (Racquel) said...

I think we ought to send you and Jessie to the United Nations, Jackiesue. That would be some diplomacy worth watchin'! *snort*

sageweb said...

I wonder if that pastor is a lesbian..and if she is single...I think they should water board the anti-gay people to get them to admit they are gay.

yellowdog granny said...

susan:waterboarding and pecan pie...goes together like ham and eggs.
buddha:now there's a church i would attend..yeah, jesse do have his moments.
mrsb:i love that button..
kulkuri:you genius you...what a terrific idea. waterboard the entire bush administration on pay for view, all money to for health care.
rox:if canada had a bomb it would be sparkly clean and have a bow on it..ha
why do you think i made up my own religion and diety?
rocky:oh, that would be fun..i'll pack my bags.
sage:she's married to a professor at a theology school...i like the waterboarding idea too..

Utah Savage said...

Can I sit with you and Susan. I'll have what she's having. And Patsy Patsy Patsy sounds like my kind of gal.

Sling said...

I'd be happy to pay to watch Cheney get waterboarded!
..I'll even bring snacks for every one.

Nan said...

Non-deployed means sitting in a warehouse. Deployed means sitting on the nose cone of a missile or at a base somewhere ready to be (or already) attached to a bomber. And, yep, it's definitely mind-boggling to hear US politicians go on and on about the dangers of North Korea having ONE fucking missile, or Iran having a theoretical one when we've got enough to turn the entire globe into a sheet of radioactive glass with minimal effort.

I do like Jesse. Have you seen the clip from the View where he puts the blonde butroy in her place?

rosemary said...

You go Jesse......I'd like to go to that church....what a breath of fresh air and the truth.

jan said...

I was waiting to hear that Mexico had nukes. Oh, and Venezuela. That would kind of round out the world.

Heidi said...

Sometimes Jesse Ventura makes a lot of sense, like when he says things likes this. Other times... like when he was governor of Minnesota, I just wanted to cringe. (Had been a huge Roger Moe supporter!)

Can't wait to see more pics!

yellowdog granny said...

utah:patsy patsy patsy is one of a kind..
sling:that would be a great pay for view ...we'd make enough money to pay for everyone to have free health care.
nan:wonder how many are unaccounted for?..i saw him on the view and slap down elizabeth..i was cheering so loudly annie ran outside
rosemary:yeah, my kinda church
jan:you'd think with all the money the cartels make on drugs they would have acquired a nuke by now...
heidi:think he got smarter as he ages..

DaisyDeadhead said...

Jesse did us all proud.

discreetly?...how the fuck do you hold hands discretely?...does this mean they didn't hold hands, blow kisses and skip down the aisle?HAHAHAA, you kill me! :D

old enough to moan said...

Iraq had a truck but it was empty! Didn't stop Bush. Should’ve water boarded him and Blair over their 15 minutes claims.

Anne Johnson said...

I've been a Jesse Ventura fan since he was a wrestler wearing boas. Let's give him a chance at what he'd like to do. I'd go to a stadium to watch and pay for a ticket too.

When he's finished with Cheney, how about that blowhard Hannity? Lie down, Sean. We're gonna talk!

Lilly said...

Patsy Patsy Patsy sounds great - hope she agrees to get snapped...

Jesse Ventura - what a great name and good on him, I would like to see him loose on these criminals. The list is long.

You need to get into audio or video as I would love to hear you say what you write!! Love old enough to moan's comments - Iraqs truck was empty yet it still didnt stop Bush. Oh and why all the problems with Afghanistan and Pakistan? Because they are using all the weapons the USA gave them or tried to bribe them with to fight the Russians. Its like a very bad fucking dream.

Intense Guy said...

Ah.. skip the waterboarding... actual drowning would be better... just think of all the taxpayer money you would save us eliminating at least two pensions....

Ted, a/k/a Galt-in-Da-Box said...

About the big preacher debate: Alright, worst case scenario: If homosexuality is a sin, it's not a big one (think whacking off, picking your nose & eatin' it, something like a cultural faux pas)...Read anything about it in the 10 Commandments?
*crickets chirping in the dead silence*
Go fkn figure (pardon the pun).
Even if it was some huge issue, it was dealt with at the cross and especially at the empty tomb.
Rev. Deadfish needs to get the fuck over himself. Living the Word is supposed to be joy and peace, not some salvation-by-adherence-to-WASP-CULTure ego trip.
I used to make a big deal about it too, but then I did a lot of stupid shit when I was younger...
Who hasn't?

yellowdog granny said...

daisy:i just disliked the whole tone of his article..
oetm:no shit!...they should start a list of people that need to be waterboarded..starting with blair and bush and working down.
anne:did you watch the view when he was on? he bitch slapped elizabeth and i was cheering and this morning 3 of them took that weepy guy on fox news(can't thnk of his name) and woopee calling him a and i quote' a lying bag of dog crap'...i almost fell out of my recliner...soo funny..he lied..they asked why and instead of denying it..said 'duh i dunnno..'...barbara snatched him bald headed..i really had a great time this morning..
lily:I have skype and a friend is going to give me a camera so thinking i might do a video post every now nd then..oh patsy will pose alright..everyone in town is a ham except nancy the librarian..and she didnt forbid me to show her picture but asked me politely not too. so i wont.
intenseguy:nah, i'd just like to see them get waterboarded and watch them weep and cry and confess to all.
ted:i have a list of mistakes i have made...a long long long list..still making them...but never used the word, gay or nigger............but have called many assholes.

Midlife, menopause, mistakes and random stuff... said...

Waterboarding.......I want to do that to my ex-husband(s) while Bush watches. I'm going to tell him he's next........

Steady On
Reggie Girl

billy pilgrim said...

i've been hypnotized by pro rasslers for years. those guys can work there mouth prettier than a $20 whore.

Ted, a/k/a Galt-in-Da-Box said...

I'd hire Rumsfeld to "take Bush, Cheney and Rove waterboarding"...he'd probably do it, too...Well, if he was paid enough.
Making fun of or discriminating against homosexuals is like doing that to someone who was born without any legs or blind or something: It doesn't disparage the targeted individual as much as it shows the shallowness and vanity of their detracter(s).

Ted, a/k/a Galt-in-Da-Box said...

++Little-Known Fact about Nukes++
The shelf-life of uranium and plutonium - the fissionable material that gives them their punch - is mercifully short. They become inert after 3 years and must be destroyed and replaced, as the casings are sealed.
A lot of this nuclear terrorism scare is hyperbole.
That doesn't mean the political class wouldn't light up a city just to have a chance to take the rest of our liberties away "because it's an emergency/we're at war/place convenient sales-pitch excuse here".