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Sunday, May 03, 2009


fuckity fuck fuck fuck!...Buttroys!
Sigh* I'm not sure if it is Monday that is the last day of my DAM News or Tuesday. But this will be the last DAM News post...
I was sitting in my almost brand new $25 recliner(I have to tilt it up and kick start it to get the recliner part to swing out as the handle is broke...I like the idea of kick starting my chair every day.Wish there was someone to kick start my ass every morning.)
So I'm sitting in my chair....and I'm remembering back when I read in my DAM News about other papers that were going bankrupt and thinking "Oh, my Goddess!..I sure hope my most beloved DAM News doesn't go bankrupt, that would just be awful and what would we do, alas alack?"....(we because even though it's my paper and I will miss it, I think most of you kinda enjoyed my posts on the DAM News..)There I am worrying about them...and so like I said..I'm sitting in my chair thinking..."Hey wait a fucking NY City second....a month ago I was worrying about them...then out of the blue they jack up my rates($22)(after raising the price of the paper when you buy from the machine or from a store) and they not only didn't tell me...they fucking didn't care enough about me as a customer(been reading the DAM News since 1976) to work with me to keep me as a customer.. Oh they said they would make a reduction if I paid for 3 months at a time...yeah, on $706 a month, that's not going to happen. They said well, just take it on the week-end...excuse the fuck out of me...life only happens on the week-end?...What about during football season when they do the Cowboys fucking recap and the recap of all the other teams..How am I going to see what the point spread is on the games that comes out on Friday. Plus Tuesday is the day I get the final recap of the weeks games counting Monday night football and see how bad I out picked the expert sports writers(who I have out picked for the past 4-5 years...them no picking Buttroys)...But do they care....?
fuckno.....They were all very polite and all sounded veddy veddy caring..but the bottom line is..they didn't give a fuck. They didn't care that I've been reading the fucking paper for 33 fucking years...Subscribing since 1993...I told them I was a widow( I love using the widows card, and if they don't know that I'm a self-made widder lady, that's not my problem.) living on a fixed income.. even when I went 2 years without a income...I found some way to scrape up .50 fucking cents for my DAM News and $1.00 for Sunday..Really...I can't even begin to tell you what I gave up so I could have my DAM news.
I'd tell you, but I'm too embarrassed to mention it..It makes my kids look bad..One of the things I gave up?...I didn't have water for 6 months...My neighbor let me use their shower and got water from their house...6 fucking months..But I had my DAM News ....fuck!...Do they care?...fuckno...This is the really sad part...I cried...I fucking wept trying to explain how much the DAM News meant to me and how much I wanted to be able to keep reading it. They did what no one has ever been able to do..They broke my heart....
So...................on to the last DAM News...just for spite? I'm not giving the fucking reporters any written credit ...So there!
"Have you ever heard of anybody saying, 'Lets go to where all the debtors are'? It just doesn't happen that way." Investment guru, Jim Rogers, predicting the historical decline of over-leveraged U.S. and the rise of China. (check y'alls asses, I think there might be a made in China stamped on it.)
"It really is all of humanity that is under threat in a pandemic." Dr. Margaret Chan, chief of the World Health Organization, announcing that swine flu pandemic is imminent.(gee, think we should all join a end of days cult and croak our selves?)
"This virus doesn't have anywhere near the capacity to kill like the 1918 virus." Virologist Richard Webby, calling comparisons between swine flu outbreak and legendary pandemic that killed millions overblown.(I like that they are all on the same page with their news releases...)...(then you got ole Buttroy Biden running around crying 'the sky is falling, the sky is falling.'..stay in the house..)...So my suggestion? Don't eat pigs..
that means, Nancy Pelosi, Ann Coulter, Annie Duke, Sarah Palin....well, you get the point..You can skip the other swines too, maybe then the price of bacon will go down so low I can buy up 4- 5 lbs. of Wright bacon from Community Grocery here in West. Even if they told me I could get the swine flu from eating pig...??? I'd have to take my chances...I'd risk death for baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaacon!..
I'm sure by now you all have heard about the collapsing of the Dallas Cowboys facility camp structure. That was pretty scary. 12 were hospitalized and one assistant coach is paralyzed from waist down. I saw a picture of the rain right above the facility and it was freaky..it looked like a tornado but upside down. The winds were 6-70 miles an hour...I'm posting some pictures but if you go to the Dallas Cowboys website, you can see a video and a series of terrific pictures of the event before, during and after. I tried to copy but they won't let me..the structure is 85-feet high so it gathered some momentum coming down..There were lots of acts of heroism and no one just ran off and didn't come back..The all ran, then realized there were people trapped and all came back to lift pieces of the roof off of people. Some of the pieces were so heavy it took 4 of those big ass players to lift it..I'm just sick about the special team coach Joe DeCamillis who is the one that can't move from the waist down. I hope it's not permanent..but so far that's the report.
Lucky for us here in West, by Goddess, Texas we didn't get that much bad weather out of the storm. This happened about 3:30 P.M. and we didn't get anything till 4:30 A.M. I was still up and couldn't have slept any how as the thunder was really loud and the rain and wind was pretty noisy..I was ass deep in my book and all of a sudden I though..."Oh fuck!...you forgot to roll the windows up."...Had to go out in the middle of it to roll the window up wearing my "Bite Me" t-shirt and drawers. Was just soaked when I came back in the apartment.
Seems like there should be taps playing in the background for my last DAM News post.
Day is done, gone the sun,From the lake,
from the hills, from the sky;
All is well, safely rest, Goddess is nigh.
Fading light, dims the sight,
And a star gems the sky, gleaming bright.
From afar, drawing nigh, falls the night.
Thanks and praise, for our days,
'Neath the sun, 'neath the stars, neath the sky;
As we go, this we know, Goddess is nigh.
Sun has set, shadows come,Time has fled,
Scouts must go to their beds
Always true to the promise that they made.
While the light fades from sight,
And the stars gleaming rays softly send,
To thy hands we our souls, goddess, commend.
I took a few liberties...I'm sure you know why...ha
say good night jackie................


Heidi said...

Once readership drops off due to the increased prices, they'll lower prices again. Print newspapers are in dire straights - there will be specials so you won't have to go without water again!

PENolan said...

I've always meant to tell you that my little brother won a Pulitzer Prize back when he worked for DAM. The photogs won for their work on Katrina. He works for another paper now because DAM, who owns some TV stations too, required newspaper photographers to shoot video so they could run it on the TV. Money saving idea that compromised the quality of the photos in the paper.
No pulitzers since then, I believe . . .
My bro thinks that local papers, like your weekly in West, will become more important now that so many big city dailies are collapsing. Maybe small, independent papers will start cropping up like back when Ben Franklin and those guys told their neighbors what was going on. Maybe we can get newspaper shop somewhere cheap and do it our own damn selves.

I love it that you're a self made widow.

Intense Guy said...


Just DAM...


Kulkuri said...

I gave you the Bella Award, come by and pick it up.

sageweb said...

Oh that is horrible they raised the prices..I bet you are not the only one that cancelled. I am catching up on your blog..7 post in the last few days??? Wow you have been busy.

yellowdog granny said...

Heidi:I think they feel like they are losing money by delivery's outside of Dallas area...we're 89 miles from Dallas..figure they think for what it cost for gas, route drivers, drivers etc. that it's not profitable for them to keep it going..I bet if i lived in dallas city limits, it would be a different story..bastids.
pen:I remember when he got the award...didn't know him or you at the time but i remember reading about the DAM News writers wining pp for katrina..I read it and agreed, it was powerful stuff and well done..I know that our little town paper probably has a higher readership that DAM does per population.
Huh huh..I know it sounds tacky but I like the title self made widder..hah
intenseguy:my sentiments exactly..
kulkuri:wow..thanks sweety.
sage:yeah, them bastids.
I have had lots to say lately..I used to post like that all the time..when i first started i posted 4-5 times a day.was like a crazed person.ha

Woozie said...

A microburst

Roxrocks said...

Your kids should get you a subscription every year for Mother's Day. Just sayin'.

Is the DAM news online?

joy said...

It's online at Dallasnews.com. I've browsed through it a few times when something was going on there. Found it through newslink.org. You can read local newspapers from almost anywhere...even Dallas.

jan said...

I canceled the SF Chronicle when they raised prices and they continued to call me forever with specials when the saw that i was serious. The latest deal was lower than the price before the hike.

Just saw the Cowboys roof collapse. Horrible. I thought of you.