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Sunday, May 24, 2009


This will keep you bus while Babs downloads the pictures from the Knights of Columbus BBQ Cookoff..I will tell you one thing..there is a reason why there's a shortage of judges for cookoffs....they know better.

this is for Ted.

This one is for Rox.
This is for Buzzard Billy.

this one is for billy pilgrim.

This is for Sling.

this one is for Tex.

This is for NitWit..where ever you are.

this is for 'oldenoughtomoan'

this is for all of you...if you'r going to get into trouble...call me..

.This is for Rosemary.

This is for me and Jan.

this is for Utah Savage.


billy pilgrim said...

we're all children of the universe.

except cops, they're children of satan.

Utah Savage said...

Thanks dear. But do I get the Viagra ring toss or the crazy talk from Nietzsche?

Caroline said...

Oh these always make my day... LOL, I need a let's talk about Jesus shirt!!

Sling said...

HA!..I'm getting that T-Shirt! :)

angel said...

I love your selection!

The Future Was Yesterday said...

I don't suppose this will enhance my standing in Mensa, but I once got so damn mad at a Rubiks cube that I did indeed paint the sumbitch to have matching sides!:)

sageweb said...

Oh I love the Obama one..I have to save it. We use that line at work all the time.

texlahoma said...

It works too, no more scratching my
"special area".

old enough to moan said...

I love the T-Shirt Granny, thank you. I may even get one made up!

yellowdog granny said...

billy:of course we are.
utah:you're the one dancing.
caroline:my luck, i'd wear that tshirt and everyone and their brother would want to sit next to me and talk about jesus..
sling:i knew you'd like that one..hahaha
actually knew everyone would.
angel:they made me smile.
future:i think i only tried the rubics cube about 3-4 times and got so pissed i just tossed it.
sage:everything can be fixed with duct tape..ha
tex:good to know.
oetm:i was hoping you would take that the good way and not be upset.ha

Ted, a/k/a Galt-in-Da-Box said...

How about an awkward retreat from war...Better than nothing.

Heidi said...

Oh-oh. So, the cooking at the cook off was less than desirable?

Intense Guy said...

Hmmm.... finally a cure for my jock itch...

:) thanks for the Monday morning smiles!!

Rocky (Racquel) said...

I love the Jesus hang gliding and the t-shirt too!

oh hell, love them all; love you too Jackiesue!

(hey, I rhymed! cool!)

Doralong said...

You have no idea how much I needed a laugh today- thanks!!

yellowdog granny said...

ted:works for me
heidi:one word...'gak'..
intenseguy:everyone needs a smile on a monday.
rocky:your a poet...didn't know it but your feet showd it..cause they's longfellows...(sorry)
dorolong:then my work here is done.

Gadfly said...

Heh ... Those rock :D