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Friday, May 29, 2009


Steve Graham's Rated PG cooking team from Waxahahie, Texas won Grand Champion, and Gerald Maynarad and his Kick'n Back Kookers team took second place. I forgot to mention the kids part of the cook off...I don't know who judged them...There were 2 divisions..the 4-9 category and the 10 and up ...Jenna and her brother Jarred Maler (kinfolk) won first and second in the 4-9 age group and Faith Spohn and Reagan Sembera won first and second in the 10 and up category. Plus they had dessert too. Which if I had paid attention to, would have entered...Maybe not my pecan pie but something.

We have one engagement between Marcus Justin DeVere and Ellen Christine McNamara. They are the grand kids of locals, not actually locals.. We had 2 births...cutest little baby girls..Kinley Carter Hurtt weighing in at 6lbs.7oz.and 19 inches long. Plus Abigail Veronica Smith, 6 lbs.5 oz. and 19inches long.(how the hell did a Smith get in town. Ahh, she's a Lenart from Abbott and married a Smith. I forgot to tell you when I was judging the BBQ that when I first sat down I asked every ones name and then they asked mine and I said (knowing the drill) Jackie...Marvin said what's your last name(meaning who are you kin to)? I said Denney. He looked at me for about 3 seconds and turned to start talking to the wild and crazy Czech brothers...I tapped him on the shoulder and said 'My granddaughter is marrying a Czech, does that count?' and he said 'It means you have a granddaughter marrying a Czech, that's all.)...If you ain't Czech you ain't for shit in this town..Even after living here off and on for over 30 years...buttroys....
Everybody and their brother croaked this past week. We had 9 deaths...Two were young..one guy Bobby Hurtt was 54 and Dale Dean Heitmiller(of the Heitmiller Steak House Heitmillers) was 43..He's been sick with cancer for a long time.
The rest were my age and up to 93..They live forever here in West.I still can't get my printer to work..somehow I disconnected it and can't figure out how to fix it..sigh* Have to call Babs over and have her see what she can do...There are 2 more engagements Tasha Smith to Daniel Lee Thompson and Robert Jackson to Stephanie Nicole Hurst.
50 years ago Janis Druse had several stitches taken in her foot after cutting it on a coke bottle at the wiener roast at Lake Park.
Best of all....the West Trojans knocked off(better than knocked up) Liberty Hill in the quarterfinals. They will play the Brownwood Lions this Saturday at 2pm in Mineral Wells. Hmm, wonder how far that is from here? Would be fun to go watch them play....nahhh, too hot..(score was 8-5)I remember my Daddy taking me there when I was a kid..they have the mineral wells and you can swim in it and it's supposed to be healing waters..All I remember is it smelled like my uncle Rusty's boot after he found a hard-boiled egg , left over from the Easter Hunt 3 weeks or so before.) Surpher I supposed. But judas priest it stunk.
It's back up in the 90's and humid as all get out from the rain we had..But my little cherry tomatoes are turning red and I have 4 types of lettuce growing like crazy. I also jumped all over Charlotte's ass for killing my grass..This is twice she's sprayed that one corner with weed killer so she doesn't have to mow it..I told her to stop it, that I was 'highly highly .HIGHLY pissed' and if she didn't want to do the yards to hire someone that would do it right, slammed my door and waited for her to come knock on the door and I was really going to ream her ass..But she skulked off to the office..Babs and I have decided that it's fraud..She's getting paid to do mow the lawns, rake, blow leaves, etc. and she goes around with weed killer killing all the grass so she doesn't have to mow it.. so we think that's fraud.
I bought 7 packages of chicken breast at .99 cents a pound so will be sprouting feathers soon. Food Mart has beef sirloin tip steak on sale for $2.59 lb. I keep waiting for Community Grocery to have the Wright Bacon on sale..so far..nada.
But they do have Blue Bell Quarts on sale for 2 for $5...and zucchini squash for .69 cents a pound..nummy.
There's a 3bd/2bath with 2 car garage on 11.75 acs. for $275,900.
Driving through town Saturday was amazed at all the houses for rent or for sale. 30 years ago when I lived here I had to move to Waco because I couldn't find a place to rent and there wasn't one house for sale..not one...Now? Every where. Lots of empty store fronts too. Every one at Family Dollar has had their hours cut back, because of the drop in sales. I think 30% of West citizens live below the poverty level..
Have to run to Old Corner Drug and pick up my diabetes medicine and go by Family Dollar and pick on Inky..Need to get a case of water..Will post some more stumbles too. Have a great week-end and Goddess bless you all.


jan said...

So you're not shit in West no matter how much you promote the town on the internet? You got a real caste system there, don't you? Are you an Untouchable?

sageweb said...

Hey what place did the cinnamon come in?

You should tell on the weed killer lady, that stuff aint good to be spraying around especially with Annie around.

yellowdog granny said...

jan:not untouchable, but I'm not on the radar of anyone cause i'm not czech..doesn't matter that my daddy married a czech, my 2 granddaughters are czech or my one granddaughter is going to marry one...I'M NOT CZECH...
but having czech kinfolk does count..when i first moved to west in 78 i wanted to buy a new tv from marek/garek, and the old man had a book the size of the white/yellow pages of greater newyork with everyone who had ever charge or bought anything...when i asked to buy it on credit he asked for my last name..he balked at denney..asked me who i was related to and said viola maler was my grandmother(step) and he said oh viola, ok, you can have credit...and 6 years later when i wanted to buy washer/dryer he looked me up in the book found me and that i had paid it off in time and he gave me credit again...but if i didnt have czech kinfolk..i would never have been in the book..

texlahoma said...

I think most of the rock groups I've seen in concert are Czech because before the concert, they would keep saying Czech, Czech, Czech into the microphone.

Rocky (Racquel) said...

ok, here's what you do (I know this because I'm part Slovak and we were lumped in as the same people as those Czech bastids all those years even though it can't be further from the truth):

All you need to do is add the letter K to the end of your name. The ignoramuses will not recognize it as a name they know, BUT it will sound so much like a Czech name they'll be afraid of dissing you if they don't pretend your cool.

Hence, "Denny" becomes "Dennyk" (pronounced Dennik). String 'em along and then after you've penetrated their circle of trust sock them with the truth. Little fuckers will never know what hit 'em.

Lilly said...

Err it is fraud, plus she is putting all that crap everywhere and who knows what affect its having. Great post, loved it. Czech eh, amazing really the hertiage of places and how we never truly assimilate entirely. Great post and hope you get your printer fixed.

billy pilgrim said...

who would pay $2.59 for artery clogging red meat when you can get chicken breasts for $.99

not billlyk pilgrim.

Junebugg said...

50 is young? Ah if it were only so, then I could pretend to be young in years instead of only young at heart.

Want me to come and pound on the posion spraying bytch for ya?

Intense Guy said...

You got my vote for Mayor of West... You could pass some ordinances

One saying No Buttroys Allowed (after 10 PM?)

And another saying, YDG is an honorary (if there is any in it) Czeck.

P.s., I like breasts.. You won't be sprouting feathers soon... you'll be sprouting breasts...

old enough to moan said...

Maybe this Hell is another World’s Heaven?

Roxrocks said...

I'm sorry but am I the only one who wouldn't trust an eight year old to cook my meat?!

Heidi said...

You have to put the weed sprayer in her place. That is completely unacceptable. Her job is to mow the lawn, not KILL it. Hmmpf.