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Tuesday, May 05, 2009


oohh, I got some good stuff...
1. Natural Cures(Updated edition) hardback..by Kevin Trudeau(brand new copy...
2.Tales of the City by Armistead Maupin..quality paper and has inscription to a lady Jane from Jeff and Michael..I'm assuming its the same Jeff and Michael from the story.(.25cents)
3.Candy Barr by Ted Schwarz and Mardi Rustam brand new..I mean this one has never had a page turned..
4. DV. by Diana Vreeland and inside of it...is the owners name..Lady Jane..how cool is that?
5.Best Boats To Build or Buy by Ferenc Mate. big ass book. Will give it to Shady Lane's hubby Brewster the boat builder.
6. The Principles of Changes:Understanding the I Ching by
professor Jung Young Lee..
7. Crock-pot Cooking( accidentaly typed cock-pot and thought ..hmmm that doesn't look right.)
8. a small pamphlet type illustrated book..ALBI Cordes, la France Illustree . Which is just photos of statues, churches, etc. in France...25 cents..
9.The Drama of the European Jews by Professor Paul Rassinier translated from the original French. large quality paper size...25cents.
10. a Life Time Book :the Complete Kodak Book of Photography(was in a stack of books on how to take photos of women.)
11.Whirligigs by O. Henry..old and yellow but spine in great shape.
12.The Thurber Carnival by James Thurber.will go in my section of books on humor along with H. Allan Smith, Johnny Carson, Mel Brooks, Jack Parr, etc.
13.The old Man and the Boy by Robert Ruark..one of my favorite authors..When I was a kid I read alll his books..I used to pretend I was Zulu or Masai warrior hunting lions..I did the stooped over hunt with a stick jabbing it and making lion noises and click click sounds...Daddy would stand on the back porch and watch me, with a silly grin on his face, shaking his head...I'd get hot and tired and come in insisting my mother give me "Pombe"(Swahili for beer.) For some reason I couldn't get anyone else to play Lion Hunting with me..Now that I think back on it...I was a strange fucking kid..
14.The Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck(quality paper...25cents)
15. Fatal Voyage the sinking of the USS Indianapolis by Dan Kurzman.Almost new copy..
16. Darwin and the Darwinian Revolution by Gertrude Himmelfarb..25cents
17. Make Room for Daddy by Danny Thomas..I loved Danny Thomas. Always wanted to be one of his kids..ha
18.Texas History with the Constitution of the State of Texas. by the foremost historians of the state...(we do brag)...copyright 1949
19.Fifth Edition of Texas Guidebook..reliable information about the wonders of Texas edited by F.M. McCarty....25cents
20Time Capsule/1968 A history of the year condensed from the pages of time...Special issue 1968..quality paper...25cents.
21.I'll Take Texas by Mary Lasswell..hmm, thought this was non-fiction or about Texas, but it's fiction.
22.An Anthology of Greek Drama edited by C. A. Robinson, Jr.
23. a ooooooold teach yourself Spanish book.
24. Monster by Frank Peretti..I generally don't buy fiction as I just read them and give back to the library..But I keep a bunch of fiction books around that I think are good, like the authors, or for what ever reason for people who come over and want a book to read..no one wants to read most of my non-fiction books..
25. The First Heroes :new tales of the bronze age..edited by Harry Turtledove and Noreen Doyle..
So that's what I got for $40..gee with that I could have bought the paper for this month..but since It's the library, Nancy will hold my check until I get my SS check on the 27th..
One of these books is going to Rome..can you figure out which one Willym?...
ohhh, my favorite book..I almost forgot..In a hard case is my find...On the spine you see Voltaire..........then Candide then a sketch of a lady if puffy dress and hair piled on her head..at the bottom it says editions du demi-jour
on the front is a goofy looking guy cartoon type character.
says Voltaire............Candide then Dessine En Couleurs De Dubout.
it's wrapped in a clear plastic cover..Its in perfect condition..the pages are a little yellowed...but...it's all in french.none of the pages are the same size...there are the most terrific sketches inside...gorillas chasing naked women.pirates on a ship with a naked woman blowing a horn It's fantastic..I love it..don't have a clue what it says, but maybe I have a copy of Candide in English..hmmm, I think I do..will have to find it.
But the sketches are worth the $2 if nothing else..Dang..I did good..
Oh and just in case you didn't understand what happened to the Dallas Training Center, here is what I found in my DAM News...they explain it well...

I'm off..need to start dinner..going to have sausage and cabbage..Babs and I went to town today and since we didn't piss anyone off or get thrown out of a store, we consider the day a wash..But we did go to the Gerik's Smokehouse Bakery and got bags of day old kolaches for $2...holy shit..what a deal.
We decided since we ate so many kolaches and sausage that maybe we WERE Czech..so we're changing our last name..I'm going to be Jacque Denenesky and she will be Barbara Wilsonic..hahaha...gonna be 90 tomorrow..will have to crank up the AC..sigh*


Heidi said...

What great finds!

I've been thinking about buying The Grapes of Wrath - a very fitting books for these times!

themom said...

You've had a "Bargain Day" of monstrous proportions. Congrats to you. Great literary buys there yellowdog!

texlahoma said...

The Grapes of Wrath huh? I was thinking about moving to California because of too much rain.

Willym said...

I think I can guess but will hold on so it can be a surprise - I love surprises! What a wonderful haul of books - and the Voltaire sounds delightful for the illustrations alone!

You got your summer reading set out madam!

Willym said...

And by the way - mille grazie cara, and a big old abbracci too!

Gadfly said...

""..Now that I think back on it...I was a strange fucking kid.."

The most interesting people always were.

Roxrocks said...

My kids used to play "Inuit People" I hope they turn out as colorful as you!

Great finds on the books! The 1968 one sounds interesting...1968 was a good year. :)

yellowdog granny said...

heidi:I haven't read it in ages..is a great book..better than the movie.
themom:it's a sickness, me and books..i have no control...little old book junkie me.
tex:well, it would be perfect for you..they stopped the raids on the medical marijuana shops, and are talking about taxing it..so nows the time maybe take billy with you..ha
willym:i bet you know which one...but you dont know about the other ones im sending..if you'll send your address...is it the same one on the paypal id?
you're going to potz when you see them.
pizza, lasagna and penne to you too...(my only italian)
gadfly;i think i always knew my cork was loose ...
rox:send me your address..you might get a surprise too..

LostInColor said...

Wow great buys! 90 degrees already???