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Friday, May 22, 2009

.......WEST NEWS.......

Finally, some news worth printing..fist of all the Trojans advanced to the quarterfinals and the Lady Trojans lost to Gatesville..Dangit! They beat Bridgeport 9-0..Ashley Anz pitched a perfect game but they lost to Gatesville 4-0. The Trojans beat Fredericksburg 4-2 and now go up against Liberty Hill this Thursday. Hope they win. Rats...I had some pictures to scan and put in this post and for some reason it's not working..it lost the connection and I haven't figured out how to re hook it..feck!
The West Knights of Columbus is having their 6th annual Texas Allstar Barbeque Shootout this weekend..With over 60 cooking teams expected to compete..They need judges...hmm..
.................Ok..I just got through taking to one of the people running the BBQ and I am going up Saturday at 10 a.m. to be a judge..will take camera and will take pictures and do a post on it..oohh, this is going to be fun...all that BBQ...
The Senior Center is having a free screening for diabetes and foot ulcer screening next Wed. I think I will go up and have them look at my tootsies. Because........brace yourself..I think I'm going to go back to work at Family Dollar..they are
working on their 3rd manager who I happen to know from when I still worked there and she and I get along ok...This will only happen if I get the same day shift back I had before.. I am not going to be working Sundays and nights again like I did when I first started there. I am spoilt..So will keep you up on all the details..she will be there tomorrow a.m. so will go have a little chat with her..See what's up..If it doesn't work out I saw in the West paper that they are looking for volunteers for meals on wheels. That would give me something to do..How would you like to open your door and see my goofy grin and your lunch..".'howdy' Im Jackie, I'll be your server today."
Brazos Gibson celebrated his 8th birthday with games, a pinata, hot dogs and chips and a Madagasar Cake. Vivian Vonasek Weathers is engaged to Darrell Ray Whatley...They will be married June 6th..From the picture it doesn't look like this is their first walk down the aisle.
Playdium Pool will open up May 23 and Spivey Crossing will be playing the 29th. Spivey Crossing is a place along some river down the road going to the Dam, where every one goes and swims, fishes, drinks, bbq's and raises hell. This all happened before I got to West, so I have no tall tales to relate.
No births 3 deaths..But they were all in their 80's...so no spring chicks. Scott Benjamin Kapczynski got his Master of Architecture degree from Texas A&M. OH MY!..Reading his stats, I see that Scott was the Activities Director of the College Republicans. Wonder what kind of activities the republicans participated in? Waterboarding Sooners? West Columbus Club is having their 46th Annual Picnic this Sunday rain or shine.
Will be having a Czech style dinner which means chicken with sausage on the side..Sausage is served with every thing in West..You want ice cream? It comes with a side of sausage. If your lucky they will slide you some sauerkraut. Which by the way is sweet sauerkraut and I like sour sauerkraut.
Ethan Armstrong had his 6th birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese..A very popular place for kids to have their birthday.(all of my granddaughters have had at least one birthday party there...it's horrifying...80-100 screaming kids playing games and throwing food at each other....I'd rather be waterboarded than to attend another kids birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese's) Oh..Stephanie McNair was awarded a Bachelor of Science degree with a Master of Science degree in Accounting at Texas A&M University. She didn't belong to any republican groups.
Ten West High School students volunteered with Habitat for humanity in Waco on May 13th.Holy Shit!..There is an Asian, Hispanic and an African-American in the picture. Shocking!...I didn't know we had any...I don't mean that to sound racist, it's just that we had zip minorities, or anyone that wasn't blond hair blue eyed.. in graduation class last year.Yeah for us.
We have a section in the paper that tells what happened 50 years ago, 75 years ago, etc. Well, 89 years ago the J.F. Urbanovsky family rode got to ride around in style as they bought a Franklin Eight sedan. I have never heard of a Franklin Eight sedan. Have to google..That's what? 1920...jeez..wonder what that cost?
West Food Mart has Tyson split chicken breasts on sale for .99cents a lb. Plus 4 ears of fresh corn(grown here) for $1.00..I love my little town.
West Bakery is still for sale and there is a 2,530 sq. ft. living area with 3 bed, 2.5 baths on 3.67 acres in West. Has a game room with bar, large family room with built-in bookcases and entertainment center, spacious kitchen with island open to family room and 2 car garage with storage room. Home is located on 1 acre with fenced in backyard. Sprinkler system, large carport and lots of trees. 2.67 acres fenced with barn and stock tank. for...........$255,000.
Best news? Community Grocery has Blue Bell on sale..2 half gallons for $8. sigh*....Peaches on sale for .99cents a lb. Can get a half gallon of Home Made Vanilla and serve it on top of 1/2 a peach..Being a diabetic.sucks, bites and blows.
Oh..almost forgot..went by the other day to see my x-daughter-in-law who is the Activity Director at the old farts home..We had a great talk..I gave her a bunch of coupons(I trained her well) we googled for cheap fairs to Virginia to go see Jamie and just had a really nice visit. Which is a miracle in itself as she used to be the 'daughter-in-law from hell.'...I hugged her good bye and said I'm glad your not my daughter in law anymore..and she said me too..ha..I think Tom liked pitting us against each other so he could use it as an excuse to get the hell out of the house and grab a beer. Any how she said she had told the girls not to worry about me if and when the time ever came for me to go to the old farts home that she would make sure I got in there (the waiting list has about 50 people on it) and she would take care of me...I laughed so hard I peed my self..said well, there's a cure for cancer if I ever head of one..I'll be sure and take really good care of myself to keep that from fucking happening...Oh shit Mario olives are on sale..and cucumbers are 3 for $1. I didn't read the grocery adds very well earlier.
Have I mentioned that I have been having low blood sugar? Man, I'd rather be waterboarded than have low blood sugar..I hate how it makes me feel,'shaky, dizzy, weak, rapid heart, pulse, etc.'....and for 3-4 hours after wards, my fucking brain won't work..Which is why typing this is a chore. My fingers are faster than my brain and words come out taht instead of that..etc..feck. Anyhow that's the news from West. Have the camera and will be out haunting the citizens for closeups..
See ya later gators.


jan said...

I think when local newspapers stopped printing stories about birthday parties, that was the fall of American journalism. That and the 50 years ago stuff.

Bob said...

I expect that Mr. Scott Benjamin Kapczynski, in his role as Activities Director of the Texas A&M College Republicans, was probably waterboarding UT longhorns (hook 'em horns!) as they are (or were when I lived in Austin) arch-rivals. Stupid aggies.

Intense Guy said...

How would you like to open your door and see my goofy grin and your lunch..."'howdy' Im Jackie, I'll be your server today."?

Actually that would be so cool it would make my day. :)

yellowdog granny said...

jan:yeah, our paper has birthday party's, anniversarys, reunions, bake sales, car washes, etc. all duly reported.
i love the 50 years ago or the 75 years ago..pretty funny stuff.
bob:yeah, there is no love lost between ut and a&m...i bet i know 50 aggie jokes.
intenseguy:well, that made MY day...

PENolan said...

If you go back to work, will it fuck up your rent?
And do they make sausage kolaches? There are days when I'd go for a sausage kolache and a cold beer.

yellowdog granny said...

pen:yup, it'll raise my rent but things have changed so wont be going to work..will post about it.
and sausage kolaches are called klobasniki's...they have sausage links, ground and with cheese and with jalapenos, and are deliciuos.

Big Pissy said...

I read the post and loved it, but I loved that image you used at the beginning SO much that I'm stealing it. ;-)

Hell! I might even get a t-shirt made with that on it! LOL

rosemary said...

I wanted to volunteer for Meals on Wheels too but I will not drive in winter and it isn't a seasonal volunteer place. JackieSue.....while it may get you out of the house maybe working is not the best way to go.....it totally sapped you last time and then there was the foot issue too....go for the volunteer thing. You will be appreciated way more than you know. I have signed up for the local animal shelter.....if I have to scoop poop at home might as well scoop it for a good cause.

yellowdog granny said...

big pissy:dont you love that..i also like the one on the west post too..stumble upon...im telling you has the best stuff.
rosemary'well, not going to go back to work..will post about it..so will be doing a lot of volunteering.

Rocky (Racquel) said...

waterboarding sooners! hahahaha

Roxrocks said...

What the hell is up with your blood sugar?!

yellowdog granny said...

rocky:wonder if ole sooner read that..haha
rox:new meds and having to adjust my intake of carbs..need to eat more as i wasn't eating very healthy by not eating any carbs.