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Friday, May 23, 2008



ok...you have to fucking trust me on this...everyone..and I do mean everyone must go to nitwit's blog and watch the video...I laughed so hard I not only peed on myself, I spit stuff out of my nose on the screen...I'm still howling....
While you are at it...you must check his posts out..Nitwit and Billy Pilgrim are my two very very favorites...http://ghostofruby.blogspot.com/
but right now.?...check out the video...damn...I wish I had thought of it..
I'm sure doing a lot of posts lately...have a great Memorial Day Weekend..


Jez said...

I am on my way. Hope you got some dry pants.

Enjoy your weekend.

Nan said...

Good one.

billy pilgrim said...

i like that nitwit son a bitch too.

Elizabeth said...

Ha! Loved her smile at the end!

Big Tex said...

What a coincidence, that's where I just came from. The video is hilarious...

Nit Wit said...

They like me, they really like me!

I just stole it on Stumbeupon.

Maybe I should put a warning on it.
Warning! Should wear Depends and cover electronics with plastic sheeting before viewing.

I survived the Memorial Day surge in bread and bun sales. I did about 3 times the amount of work I normally do and got paid the same while the company and commission earning salesmen make twice as much for a little extra work.

I now get two days off in a row and if I'm lucky I'll be able to lift my arms and stand up and walk in time to go back to work.

Maybe I’ll have the energy for my rant tonight.

mckait said...

hello friend! Emmie said thanks for the scritches, and she sends a nose lick....lol

hope all is well in your world....

Scottish Toodler said...

I left a comment over there- there is a scene like that in ROCK STAR. (But for real...)


jez:i should know better to go unprepared to nitwit's blog, never know what i'll find there.
billy:i think he likes you too..

elizabeth;ya, she's saying if that dont move your ass out of the bed..nothing will..
bigtex:it cracked me up and made my day..
nitwit;hope you are getting some much needed rest...you hold the buns of the world in your hands.
im ready for one of your rants...
kath:getting over cold, all is well..
scottish toodler:seems i remember that from the movie..

Nit Wit said...

I fell asleep! Between babysitting and three trips to pick up kids and grandkids I had no time and then when everyone was in bed and I had me time to vent the acid buildup I fell asleep.
I must be getting old. Still have a very large bile buildup.
Of course I like Billy Pilgrim, but being a guy I can't tell him.
Hey Toodles came out of the woodwork!

Anonymous said...

Oh Great Goddess, how I have missed.I am sorta back tho.
I will email you with the gory details:)

Anonymous said...

I shall check it out :)

Yep, VA Beach is about 90 min from me to the east. Navy, eh? good luck to her :) Lot of military down here as you can imagine. Va Beach is next to Newport News, Norfolk and Langley isn't far off..

Enjoy your holiday :)

AngelConradie said...

so did you have a good weekend!!?

Anonymous said...

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