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Friday, May 30, 2008


Lots of news coming out of West, by Goddess, Texas this week...I'll start with the bad news...One of Inky's best friends died..He was 42 years old and Inky and him have been best friends for better part of their lives..Over memorial day he and his mother had come in and she was laughing about dragging his ass out to the cemetery to clean, mow, weed, etc. on the family graves..He had a little trailer out on his mother's land and he always came to the house in the morning for breakfast..when he didn't show she went and checked on him and he was dead..She is really in bad shape..She thinks she killed him by making him work in the cemetery all day in the hot sun. But he's 42, who would think that would do you in? Inky was one of the pall bearers and was in really bad shape last night..The funeral was today and he was really sad and not his normal give a shit self..Inky's 44 and I'm sure he's thinking this isn't how it was supposed to end for Chuck..Last night after work I went by Wolf's where I knew he and Anessa would be to see how he was doing..Getting drunk...and can't say I blame him..Maryjo had called from San Francisco as she had heard the news and she and Chuck were good friends too. The only part of the night(I stayed about 30 minutes) was I got to see a ton of friends I hadn't seen in years..Even living in a town this small, I don't see them as they still drink and party and I don't..Wish you could have seen the looks on their face when they asked to buy me a beer and I said I don't drink any more and haven't in 17 years..I got to see a good friends kid who is one of Jenny and Jamie's best friends..and for a while thought he was going to be one of those drug deaths..He's doing terrific..Asst. manager at a store and doesn't even drink..I was going to stick around just to catch up but....as much as I enjoyed seeing them...had no desire to hang around and watch them get drunk...and Inky said today...it got really drunk out last night...Been there, done that and have the swollen liver to prove it..
Enough bad news...the good news is ..Sunday they are having a special memorial reception to honor Miss Henrietta ....They even are going to hang an oil painting of her right by the check out desk. I will take a picture of it..I just wish they had done this for her so she could have been there ...I will be able to go as I have Sunday and Monday off..or maybe just Sunday..I'm still debating as I am now officially the day 'girl'....Tom fired A. today when she came in an hour late with out calling and letting anyone know...and brought her kid with her....??? What the fuck?....anyhow, it went easier than Tom thought...I think she thought she was bullet proof...
But the best part of the day is...I have started to corrupt Tom...hahahahah!Today some lady let her 3 year old kid have a full bottle of Sprite and when the kid started pouring it all over the floor got 'snippy' with Tom when he told her to take the kid and the drink outside..she said it was too hot and her little darling needed the drink...and Tom pointed at his face and said 'Does this look like a face that cares.'.....She got mad and took the little darling home...When Tom told Inky and I the story I almost fell on the floor laughing...Yup...it's working...I'm corrupting him..
This is graduation week in West. We have 122 kids graduating...and our kid Frito is one of them...His picture is so cute...He has more hair now but it's still short..I gave him my phone number and told him...'do not....do not..under any circumstances..get into a car with anyone who's been drinking or if you have. Call me and I will come and get you take you home, and take you to get your car the next day..No questions asked and I won't tell your Mama...'...he promised he would...He is such a great kid...and doesn't seem to care that I call him Frito either..

More West news?...I'm so excited...Community Grocery has their own bacon on sale and liver is on sale too...The bacon is usually $3.60 a lb. and it's on sale for $2.59...it's the best bacon in the world...and liver's on sale for .89 cents a lb. I'm going to make a big batch of it..some for me, some for Inky and some for the granddaughters mom...We all love our liver and onions..and no one else in the family does..
We have some great deals on houses here. This is one ad:"all you have to do is move into this superbly maintained homel. Beautiful landscaping all around. 2 bedroom,2 bath, appliances, built-in flat screen TV, green house, storage building and above ground swimming pool. $98,500."
Dang....and another:"Very nice older home with very spacious rooms, nice wood floors, large lot and big back yard. Guest house included. Priced to sell at $69,900."
Plus you can buy a 1999 Chevy Camaro for $4,500 and get a free border collie mix for free..
My garden is growing like crazy thanks to all the rain ...Hope to be able to fry me up some okra soon..
Annie dug into the dumpster and brought home a huge piece of cornbread and ate every bit of it..No wonder she won't eat canned friskies...
Guess that's about all from West...I'm going to do a stumble upon post soon and then I think it's time for the Goddess to answer some questions.
It's almost midnight..have to hit the hay...in the immortal words of Billy Pilgrim..."I love you sonsabitches."
Ohhh, before I forget...some kids from the high school came in the store a couple of weeks ago and wanted to ask questions and put it on tape for their class...they asked Inky if they could ask him a question..he said ..'sure'....so they said (camera rolling) "What is magnesia?"...and with out blinking an eye or a seconds pause Inky said "Ain't it that white stuff you put on white bread and baloney?".....I love that boy..


Anonymous said...

Magnesia! LOL. I think I might like your little town. What was it you invited me too?
Missed ya!

Nit Wit said...

A cat that eats cornbread? I thought they were bloodthirsty little things who didn't eat stuff like that. Now if you can train her to pick the cans out of the dumpster you can go into a competition with Leo.
It's always a shock when someone ten years younger than me dies. Especially with no warning. I haven't even decided what I want to be when I grow up.
My monster workload is done for a few weeks so maybe I'll be able to Post some stuff again.
My oldest son Graduated last night. I told him that now I would be able to kick him out of the house without any remorse so he better do the dishes when I tell him too. He thought I was kidding.
Six weeks and his classes at The Art Institute of Pittsburg start and I can look forward to being broke for a few years.

Anonymous said...

So, what's West Fest? And exactly where is Bab's? Email me....

Sling said...

Well dang about Chuck.
No doubt Inky is feeling like he just had part of himself amputated.
Still,you gotta love the 'Magnesia' line.

Mouthy Girl said...

I hope Inky can get to a good place after Chuck's death. I'm glad he's got you to lean on, Jac.

LOVE that you've successfully corrupted Tom. I HATE it when parets let their kids run wild in public. Pisses me off.

You can keep the liver and onions. My Dad was the only one in my family that ate that stuff. We'd all clear out whenever he cooked it.

BUT I'll take some bacon.


clance:you were missed also..glad your back...westfest..come on down...
nitwit:i still can't believe she ate that whole entire piece of cornbread and it wasn't a little slice either, it was the size of a brick..
oh, he's leaving the nest..art school...just how wonderful is that..congratulations to him...im getting pissy here..no posts from mr nitwit...comeon...i know you have a good rant in you just crying to get out..
sling:it's hard cause with a small town even if you didn't hang out any more, it's small enough that you run into each other all the time..he misses that..
ha..wasn't that a great line..he's so funny..
buddha:i feel so bad for him, he tries to act like he's fine and everything is ok...but he's not and it isn't...
i'm going to make a huge pan of liver and onion with bacon this week...i used to hate it when i was a kid..now i have to eat it or i feel like im missing something

KrisMrsBBradley said...

Good gosh, we need to move back to Texas. A house like that first one, with the pool and greenhouse would go for a million in NJ.

Good on you for being a good friend to your high school Frito. If more kids had that sort of offer, instead of just being threatened not to drink, we'd have a lot less end of the school year fatalities.

And my condolences on the loss of Chuck. So young! It's just a shame.

Heidi said...

That's great Henrietta is getting a picture put up in her honor.

As for Annie digging in the dumpster for cornbread, what's up with that? Maybe she's scared of canned food...don't blame her. LOL.

Cie Cheesemeister said...

I'm 43 and I've been thinking about mortality a lot lately. I haven't felt right for quite some time, in part due to the damn thyroid medicine building up in my system and creating artificial hyperthyroidism. Then it seems that I may have some kind of heart problem. It's always something.

unokhan said...

hard to stay true, hard to live fully. long may they run.

sageweb said...

Well give Inky a big hug for me. So young to experience death.

I love Liver and onions! I also like tht gravy my mom made from it. Yummy.