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Saturday, May 03, 2008


Finally I am better. Missed 3 days of work...feel so bad...I know that they must have been short handed, but hard to feel bad for them when my head's was in the toilet..
I did my good deed for the day...one of the lady's I know from Bold Springs Baptist Church called me (I had given her my phone number in case she needed a ride..she had a stroke and can't drive) and needed someone to go to West Rest Haven where her sister worked and pick up her lunch..So I did, and then her little granddaughter Robin didn't want to eat hers as it wasn't fried Chicken..so I took her and Robin to Bush's Chicken and back home..While I was out, I picked up my check went to the bank, and on the way home, threw up in the middle of the road..yeah, that made my day..Came home ..leaned down to get Annie's food dish and got sick again..Boy did that piss me off..By dinner I had started to feel much better..Sara and her friend ?? what ever..I can never remember that kids name, came by to borrow the vacuum cleaner..Got to hear her hard luck story about how broke she was yadda yadda yadda..So I asked her if she wanted her graduation money now instead of when she actually graduated on the 31st of the month...So I wrote her a check and sent them on their way..Still waiting for her to bring back my vacuum cleaner..Went to Video World and got Sicko and Golden Compass...I decided for dinner I wasn't going to eat any soup, or more water, I needed some solid food..so made me a cheese burger that was almost as good as Bold Springs Baptist Church cheese burgers...Also got the fixings for the chocolate, marshmallow, banana sandwich and called Babs and invited her over for movie and chocolate sandwich...The movie was terrific...but we decided that the sandwich needed work...Didn't like the bitterness from the crispy marshmallows and the chocolate needed something..so we think it needed cinnamon raisin bread, bananas, marshmallow fluff, a Hershey candy bar and peanut butter..or Reese's cups on top of the bananas and the fluff...Remember the chocolate sandwich I used to make all the time before I became a diabetic(probably what pushed my diabetes over the edge..)like that but better..Sent all the fixings home with Babs as I didn't need the temptation..It only made my blood sugar go up to 162...see what it is in the am...eek!
We have great news for West..or great news as far as I'm concerned...Sonic is coming to town...They are going to level the old defunct Dairy Queen and replace it with a Sonic..I loooove Sonic..them foot long chili dogs and limeades..We are also getting a new Mexican ??? Sandwich shop?...I don't know what to call it..It's called Mexspresso..will be over by the Czech Inn and serve coffees, lattes, sandwiches, tacos and wraps. Plus the Los Compenaros' or Compenardo's???? will be opening soon too..In case none of you know...Sonic is a Oklahoma Chain..The guy that is putting it up lives in Prague, Oklahoma and owns over 20 Sonics in Texas, 8 i Mississippi and 5 more in Oklahoma. It should be in by the end of the year...I can't wait..
The library made almost $500 at the book sale..which is really great...What they didn't sell and what I didn't bring home with me for free they donated to the Waco Library for their book sale..They kept all the kids books and are letting anyone who wants them to take them for free...I brought some of them home and will send them to Buddha_Boy most likely..But if anyone wants some..let me know..
This Saturday we are having a Classic Chevy Show. There will be approximately 100 cars. It's sponsored by the Heart of Texas Classic Chevy Club of Waco. This cars will be from 1955-1972 and will be from all over the state. There will be 20-40 from Houston alone..So if you're out on the highway Saturday and see a bunch of Classic Chevy's headed in my direction, it's for the show. We have a local kid that is now stationed in Iraq. Pfc. Bryan Nors is stationed in Iraq with the U. S. Army. If you want to write to him his address is:
PFC Bryan Nors,A. 3-73 Cav-CSC S Cania
APO AE 09331.
I am calling Frankie G. so he or his grandson Joey can come rotor-till my little patch of grass so I can put in a garden..I know it's late, but I keep changing my mind..I want to plant some okra, onions, watermellon, carrots, radish, beans, peas, spinach and assorted lettuce's..
I no longer feel like pounded poo poo...thanks for all the get wells...Going to go watch sicko...that should piss me off good before I go to bed...nighty night ya'll..

well, fiddle fuck!.....Can't get the fucking blogger to allow me to post pictures ...so will add the pictures later...or something...bite me blogger..


Cassandra said...

I'm glad we're getting a Sonic too. Maybe I can pick up another man in Sonic parking lot and get some Jalepeno Poppers at the same time.

Nit Wit said...

So the way I read it you now have more than one head. See first paragraph.
I'm glad you’re feeling better.
Now I'm going to have to modify that recipe because I don't like that burnt taste. I haven't had Fluffer Nutter in years. I wonder how it would taste dark semi sweet chocolate and chunky peanut butter.
No Sonic here. You have to go to the big city for them. There is a Gas station here called Sheets. It has the store inside and they do burgers and more. They are about the best around here. They have computer touch screens inside and at the pumps where you order exactly what you want right down to the condiments. Unlike Wendy's or McDonalds they still use good meat and you can choose between several kinds of buns. I'm getting hungry now and I just ate.
There having the Hop-A-long Cassidy festival here this weekend.
It used to be pretty good with rides and lots of food vendors and just about anything you could think of Hop-A-Long wise. Now it's just a bunch of memorabilia vendors selling overpriced Hop-A-Long stuff.
You have to post pictures so I can see how many heads you have now.

unokhan said...

glad you're feelin like ydg again. that sure was a rough patch you went thru. stomach muscles sore?

speakin o patch, by all means get the garden spot prepped. that way you can change your mind several times back and forth and still have the option to plant immediately --or not. yep, it's gettin late -- but there are some varieties that are said to do well in heat. imagine how good a BLT is with a home-grown tomato.....mmm

billy pilgrim said...

good to hear that you're feeling better. too bad you don't have an arcanist nearby to give you a quick fix.


babs:we could put up little fliers at sonic..babs looking for young man with big hands..
oooh, poppers...
nitwit:oh kay, so i cant write..2 heads in the toilet..that would have been interesting..
hey, sheets sounds like my kinda place.. our gas stations are the czech stop, the tiger shop, and skinny's which makes the ickiest hot dogs ever...we have another one that has a bakery and a kitchen..but the last time babs and i went there they didn't have any kolaches...what?...a czech bakery with no kolaches..dumbassess..they have a sign that says 'looking for a smiling face?..come inside'...i drive by and scream out the window..but you don't have any kolaches you dumb asses...makes babs laugh..
ooh, hoppy..i loved hoppy..i used to have an all black cowboy outfit that was a hoppy outfit..i loved it..some day..i will make it and buy some of their over priced stuff..
unokhan:yup ..sore stomach muscles...and calling frankie g today to get him to come dig my gargen..will plant and do it this sunday if i can..or if i still get 2 days off will do it then..
billypilgrim:i think it was watching the golden compass that made me alllll better...if they don't make a part 2 and 3 im going to be really pissed...

Jan said...

Glad the bug has passed you by. However all the talk of food has made me really hungry, but i'm not sure if I can handle everything you wrote about without, you know, upchucking in the street.

tsduff said...

How was Sicko? My Bear and I should see it. He rants every morning when he sees Fox news... a rant in the evening would round things out.

We don't have a Sonic anywhera around here - sounds good though. You actually made and ate that marshmallow thingy! Ummm - Reeses...

Glad to hear you are feeling better. Cat food is enough to make anyone barf.


jan:yeah, upchucking right in front of the court house was not one of my finer moments...but it kind of was a statement as the police station is there too...my little message to the nazi cop..
tsduff:im embarassed to say i didn't watch it..i was in a good place good mood and didn't want to ruin it by watching it cause i knew it would just piss me off...
i sure hope they make a part 2 and 3 of that book..it deserves it...
I just hope that they make a movie of the name of the wind...now that would be a great movie..

Unknown said...

I once yakked behind a 7-11 after spending half the night curled around a toilet. This was after spending the first half of the night drinking green beer and cactus juice shots. St. Patrick's day 1992. Good times...

Mouthy Girl said...

1. SO glad you're feeling more like your normal self!

2. We have Sonics all over the place where I live. Buddha loves going there and being able to eat at one of the outdoor tables. High-faluting (sp?) and all that.

3. I don't want that sandwich. I just want some toasted marshmallows. I'm jonesing for a damn campfire, stick, and bag of Stay-Puffs!

Nit Wit said...

Didn't mean to be the Grammar Nazi but I figured that it was a side effect of that Texas flu bug you got.

mckait said...

OH NO! sorry that you were sick.. but ye gods that was a sandwich?

And I swear I love sonic!

Maybe I will move next door.. anything available down that way?

This past month has been hellish..
so busy, exhausted etc..

I did not mean to dodge your question of cost for dentures.. I just don't want to scare you.. hell it scared me and I know you are a tough old broad but .. well.. just in case you were having a bad day..

had quite a scare with them yesterday.... the surgeon adjusted the bottom ones, but did something very wrong.. they were literally falling out ...I was very lucky to find the lab guy at work on his day off.. the day before leaving for ten days.. imagine me having to go to my darling daughters wedding with my bottom teeth in my pocket?


Prairie Gothic said...

Glad you are feeling better and that you are getting a Sonic, try an Orange Cream Slush, deelish.

Sling said...

Happy to hear you are back up to snuff JS!
..We desperately need a Sonic here in O-Town.I love their pineapple shakes,and breakfast burritos.


lily:i didn't sick to much from drinkng...did get sick once when i drank 6 blended white russians...threw up foam...ick..
buddha:when i came to work today i was so glad to be feeling better and back at work i was singing and dancing and inky turned to tom and said 'for god sakes, man..don't leave me alone with her.'..
when you come down for westfest, i promise some toasted marshmallows..we'll make s'mores..and by then i will have perfected the 'sandwich'...i love sonics..they used to (40 years ago) make the best patty melt in the world..sigh*
nitwit:i didn't even notice it..and i actually checked this one before i posted it..duh!
kath:there are cheap and great housing galore here, great schools, and only 20 miles from waco...can't beat that..that is if you want to go to waco..haha.
kath:im calling the dentist moday and see how much he charges and how it can be paid out..if at all..gotta do something..
christi:an orange cream slush...hmm, now that does sound good..
sling:i was so excited when i read that we were getting a sonic..i wonder if i can get a car hop job there..old fat lady on skates...yeah, that's the ticket...

Anonymous said...

They don't have Sonic here in Ohio but we had them in North Carolina. The few times I ever went, sorry...not impressed. They always seemed to somehow screw up our orders too. Yeah...it was nothing special.

McRaven said...

Been working and doing over time again. Damn I said I wasn't going to do any more over time and here I am doing over time almost every time I work.

Glad you're feeling better, I need you to be healthy and happy or grumpy I love you either way! :)

Big Tex said...

Glad to hear you're feeling better. Chocolate sandwich? I'm going to have to try that one of these days.

Anonymous said...

You stop puking and the first thing you want to eat is a cheeseburger? Jackie, you are my hero!

Jez said...

So I take it you held the cheeseburger down? Glad your doing better! You always make so hungry.Or at least hungrier that I already always am! I LOVE Sonic. We have none here within at least 1500 miles but they show commercials here like crazy. Drives us NUTS!